artist sketch book

Quick Aelin sketch I’m gonna be building up in the coming weeks :) 

Someone called me a nerd the other day because I draw ‘women with pointy ears’ - it was, of course, all in jest. But it made me think about all the times I have been called a nerd and it was meant as an insult. Am I supposed to be insulted that I admire strong, powerful women? Fictional or non? And not to mention the author behind these incredible characters. So call me whatever names you want but I will compile them together and make a dam crown out of them and wear it with pride because I am the queen of nerds. 

Anyway… update on this soon! 

Character copyright of Sarah J Maas

Can you believe that I have to wake up in 4 hours for class but instead of sleeping I’m here doing Armageddidn’t fanart ?

Also I can’t remember if Crowley had an iron tire or a crowbar I might have fucked up

I can never decide which one of them I love the most, so I drew them both cause they’re inseparable anyway.

Trying to get Rowan out of my head has turned into a dangerous game and now I cant stop - here’s a few quick sketches from this evening’s session! I went for the whole Assassin’s Creed vibe ….

I think the top left is getting close to how I picture him!