artist sink

I think what makes this so downright disgusting is the fact that in the article, it mentions Taehyun feeling responsible for WINNER being on a hiatus. For WINNER being unable to continue their activities. How dare you make Taehyun feel as if this is all on his shoulders? As if his mental health and safety should come second. This was YG’s responsibility to manage his artists, to promote them properly, to ensure their health and safety and all he did was leave Taehyun and the rest of his artists out to sink. I’m glad he’s left, I hope he gets nothing but the best possible help because he sure wasn’t gonna get that shit from YG

blurry kitchen, yes i know that kitchen sink is not from the blurryface album, but i thought it would be cool to combine the two albums in a weird art form. in reguards to the background that is meant to be vessel ( sort of) 

please do  not steal my art reblog it though please!

some simple but important art advice

I thought I could share some ideas on how you can help yourself become a better artist!

First of all, consider this: technical knowledge and skill don’t matter and are completely irrelevant if your mind is not in the right place. 

You will never reach your true potential if you think about art as a chore, as something you have to do everyday “or else”. No, friend! Art is your self expression! It is about communication and fun! If it feels like a chore, STOP! You will not get anywhere with that mindset.

Consider this: Art blocks DON’T exist. Shocking, right? I know it sounds wild, but bear with me. These periods we often call “art blocks” have nothing to do with ART. But they have everything to do with your thoughts! It is your mindset while doing anything that will dictate how that will go. If you think you will fail, that you will never amount to anything, then guess what? That’s exactly what’s gonna happen!

The solution is to get to the root of your problems! You won’t cure your “art block” by forcing yourself to learn anatomy or perspective. Save that for when you’re already IN THE ZONE. 

To get in The Zone, try to remember the times when you would draw just for fun. You weren’t worried about technicalities. It was all just something you did to ENTERTAIN yourself! It was not an obligation. It was not something you had to force yourself to do. You did it because you WANTED TO. And that’s how it should always be! 

It is okay to take breaks! It is okay to do other things! However long that might take! As artists, we tend to put far too much pressure on ourselves. There is so much information out there, with the great majority of it being technical. But the most important thing about art has nothing to do with getting it “right”. What really matters is loving what you do! Find out what it is you’re REALLY about! Your passion! What is it that you LOVE? It’s alright if you don’t know that yet! But keep looking. And once you find it, once you have that passion, that driving force, you’ll have everything you need to become a great artist!