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Race is not black and white — and this artist’s striking portrait series is proof 

Born to parents from the West Indian island of Nevis, Canadian artist Stacey Tyrell grew up calling herself black. But her family’s heritage is also a mix of Irish, Scottish and English — identities others often overlooked because of her skin color.

Now, she has created a fantastic photo project, “Backra Bluid,” that delves into the quagmire of racial identity through a series of portraits in which Tyrell poses as white women — ostensibly representative of her ancestors — to dismantle rigid concepts of both “whiteness” and “blackness.”


Tales of Alethrion is now released on Sun Creature Studio´s Channel! Check it out and be sure to share or support the new Kikcstarter for the rest of this epic animated series!

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Here’s something new - I have not seen one of these before.  Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster® in “Oxblood” with matching headstock.  The colour doesn’t come through very well in these photos but I assure you it’s lovely…and so different!  It’s MIM, and for roughly 800 clams Canadian  (if I remember correctly…) you can take it home.


Characters in The Reward: Tales of Alethrion animated series

Who should be the next characters to follow in the lands of Alethrion! Back the project and vote for the ones you would like to follow in the next episodes:) Awesome portraits by Even Mehl Amundsen, Bruhn the naked hero by Jonas Andreassen and lizards Blenn and Jarna by Kenneth Ladekjer and Mikkel Mainz.

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From the top:

Amerath & Alethrion



Epic Vito & Wilhelm

Mik & Ken

Sylvia & Tatiana

The Thugs: Mira, Tira, Uruth & Zit

young Vito & Wilhelm

Blenn & Jarna

Learn more about the characters on the Kikckstarter, we put out updates everyday with new content about them and their stories.

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