artist scanner

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

Illustration made for the @sink-fanzine exhibition at the Batofar in Paris.

(If by pure coincidence someone here has too much money and want to get rid of it, I’m selling the original :v You can send me a private message or an email at

Inktober Day 21: ‘The Lost Explorer’

Who isn’t lost because he doesn’t know where he is (because if anyone is familiar with Martian geography, it’s Mark Watney), but rather is ‘lost’ in the sense that NASA misplaced him.

Fun fact: I almost never cry at movies, but The Martian gets me (repeatedly, I might add) every single time. I’m such a sucker for optimistic space movies.