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Monday Murals

Artist Sasha Barr recently completed an “immersive wall-to-floor installation ‘Cosmos’ for the Facebook Artist in Residence Program in Seattle, WA.  

 He sees this artwork as an opportunity to think beyond the every day, past the struggles of the world immediately around, and to the pure wonder of the unknown. 

You might recognize his art from the the bowl at the Vans US Open 2015 and US Open 2016 of Surfing

Photographs courtesy of FB and artist

Oct 2016, Ankara


Woo, another piece done!

My SO is a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise. One of his childhood crushes was actually Claire Redfield (ʃƪ¬‿¬).

I’ve been meaning to do this piece for a long damn time, but I’m glad that I waited until my style had evolved to this point (also, with RE7 being out, it seemed like an appropriate time). There’s still a lot of progress I wanna make, but I’m pretty proud of this!