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LIMITED RUN!! NEW PINS AVAILABLE NOW!!!!! Mr. Pointy and the Sunnydale Varsity Letter want to go home with you! Click the links below to get your very own Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pins! (Designed by me!)

Mr. Pointy 

Sunnydale High Varsity Letter

Both (The Set)


I’m an independent artist trying to support myself through my online shop. 

It’s not easy, so please check out my items, like them, get one if you can afford it, and please signal boost. Every reblog counts.

And if you have a little change to spare, please consider purchasing a sticker. They don’t cost much and they only give me about 40 cents, but, as I said, every little bit counts.


Good news! I have been getting so many enquiries about buying art prints of my work that I’m finally setting up an online shop!!!(coming soon xD)

This is a (kind of) master post of my drawings, I’m wondering if you guys could help me identify which pieces of work you’d be interested in buying a print of if you were so inclined!? :)

This will really help with market research and identifying which is worth stocking and selling on Etsy!

& so many fandommmmmsssssss :3

Please drop me a message/reblog/comment! Thanks!

My contract work is suddenly flaking and I have several unexpected, large expenses that won’t go away (literally) so I’m stressing a bit.  Besides bills, both of my parents and Ernesto have birthdays coming up in early November and I am trying to scrap together some sort of funds to get gifts.  So ETSY SALE!

Use the code ‘INKTOBER’ upon checkout to receive 10% off.   Sale runs until October 31st.   If I can manage to sell some of the Inktober sketches I’ve listed already I’ll add more.  Every piece of art shown is available at least in print form (some of the originals also) and there are dozens of other pieces.

I’d appreciate any help spreading the word. Thank you!

Liza//Freya Flavell

There is not much Liza can’t do. She does it all quietly, when no one is watching, and does it well. Sometimes she thinks that maybe everyone has forgotten how to do things quietly and privately. Sometimes she hangs paper stars over her bathtub and stays in the bath playing with toy boats and eating lime sorbet until her hands turn to prunes. Bath quiet time!

Liza is waiting here quietly for you, if you wanna be her friend! >