Trust the process. First the pencils, then the watercolor and colored #ink, then the slow, slow application of fabercastell Polychromos colored pencils on top to finish. I added the header last due to an abundance of white space. Almost like I planned it that way.
This is for sale if anyone’s interested. Best offer

Portraiture has always fascinated me, and in particular self portraits. Those of you who have been following me for a while, know this about me. What is the essence of me?? Is this really how I come across. In this photo I don’t think I have captured that at all, but I like the softness in this photo. Apart from that, I feel really distanced from it …


I’m Finally Open For Commissions!

Ever wanted a Rock ‘N’ Roll obsessed cartoonist to draw you something? 

Well,  here I am to fulfill your wacky fantasies! 

I’ll draw whatever ya want, but I specialize in cartoony pin-up art, punk art, zombies and Hot Rod fink art inspired by the almighty Ed “Big Daddy” Roth!

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