portals for past lives! thank you all SO much for coming out to the open studio this weekend, some of you came from very far away and it is truly truly appreciated. I had some wonderful conversations and I am feeling the love. All of the prints from the new collection will be available in the shop today at 4 Pacific Time. There’s a lot of prints at various price points so make sure you figure out what you’re looking for before the drop! Everything today at 4PM

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Hey guys! I’m working on finding a job now that we’ve settled into the new place, so I still need to work on commissions. I’ll be lucky if I find part-time. I’ve moved up from sketch, I found that lineart is easier to complete in a short amount of time. I’m also saving up for another possible move in the near future.

To make it clear, these commissions are for lineart (bust/waist/full) and full body monochrome/grey-scale illustrations. There are some perks such as: I may toss in a dash of color, but if you would prefer me not to let me know! Small pocket sized companions I may add without the Extra Character charge. I may add small details around the character depending on special attributes such as magic. I try my best to pay attention to small detail and personality of the character.

I am willing to draw a variety of things; anything from humans, kemonomimi, anthro, feral, closed species, fan characters, etc. I would like to ask that people refrain from sending me overly complicated characters. The more simple, the better! My struggle lies in mechanical and heavily armored beings. I am considering doing NSFW illustrations for those interested. I’m non-judgemental with many kinks/fetishes, though there are some things that I will not draw. Please respect this.

There is no limit to these until further notice, so feel free to PM me through tumblr’s messaging system(preferred) or email me at if you’re interested. If you can’t afford to commission, simply reblogging/spreading the word is more than I could ask for and I appreciate it greatly.

I do have a ko-fi button, if you would like to toss me spare change to support my work. You can also support me on Patreon, where you can get access to some concept art, sketches, illustrations, and even a few comic pages not posted to the public.

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Would you tell me something good? It's been an awfully gloomy day. x

I found her on the floor. She seemed much more than usual. I lifted her, arms above me, and I tested her underarm with my tongue to be sure of her. “I am a dense dense moon” she told me. And she lifted her legs and clambered ever up, and she settled massively in my mouth.

And I keep her there