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“[#OggiBangtan] I BTS hanno davvero vinto il premio Top Social Artist (o è un sogno)!?😂 Diamo tutta la gioia e l'onore che derivano da questo premio ai nostri ARMY~💕✨ #BBMAs2017 #RagazziPremio"

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How would they inspire their artist s/o?

Denmark: Gets right into whatever art they create with them. I imagine Denmark as a casual painter and writer anyway and he’s just such a hands on guy you know?

Sweden: Finds and creates these extensive music playlists with music he finds pretty or lyrics he thinks are inspiring

Iceland: He just likes to remain a silent but comforting presence. When the s/o is done, he’ll be the first one to read/look at/etc the finished product. His critiques are very honest but he’s not mean.

Norway: Takes his s/o out for long walks or car rides through nature and they have conversations about everything from the meaning of life to what piece they’re working on currently

Finland: He likes to draw beside his s/o. They both feel like simultaneously working creates a lot of good energy and helps them both out artistically and in their romantic relationship

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civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously

someone tomorrow: bru-

bruno mars? peter gene hernandez? born october 8th 1985? my lil dad? lil father? lil man? whom i love with his whole 3'2 tall ass? whom i would die for? n take a 24k gold bullet for? every day? For 24 days? Every day week month year and century?

Halloween has been over for some time already, but it’s never too late for a cute pumpkin head! I’ve been drawing this from time to time when taking a break from other animations I’m working on. 24fps, some ~35 drawn frames in total. The teeth of the pumpkin almost drove me crazy!

Let Tim lighten up your dark, dark November!

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in

everybody warned that easing dysphoria about one area could exacerbate it in other places and i thought they were talking shit. I’M SORRY I WAS YOUNG AND FOOLISH NOW I KNOW BETTER

(It’s been a rough bodypart day today so I thought some of my other dudes might like to know that they’re not alone if they’re having one too.)