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Hey guys! @lauwurens​ and I wanted to post this while it was still 4/20 (ha). In honors of this day, we’re co-hosting a Hamilton MAP together.

We are looking for 11 enthusiastic, dependable artists to collaborate with us! Each artist is expected to do two parts (each part is roughly around 10-20 seconds long; about 30 - 40 seconds total). We will be accepting portfolio submissions until May 13, 2017. Anything afterwards will be deleted.

The parts don’t have to be fully animated, but we do want something in an animatic format (this means legible drawings, no stick figures). Let your illustrations shine out for this project! This also means no text in your shots (to maintain consistency throughout the video).

This does not need to be colored, and shading is definitely a bonus.

Portfolio Submission Guidelines:

  • Email with the subject “REEL SUBMISSION”
  • Tell us your name (and the name to use for the credits whether it be your real name or your username)
  • Include a link to your portfolio/showreel
    • Basically anywhere we can see your work without rummaging through a bunch of stuff
  • Rank of preferred shots you would like to do*

*Note: if you are interested in doing this project but have no idea what parts you want, still apply - we’ll assign you a part if you are chosen

Shot Submission Guidelines:

  • Final output must be 1920x1080, 24fps, .mov or .mp4 format
  • Name your shot Ham_part### (### as your part number)
  • Frame length must match song length
  • Email with your completed part 
    • Subject: [Your shot number]
  • Attach file or send us a link where it can be downloaded

Selected artists will be notified after the submission period closes (most likely a week after). Final shots are due August 12, 2017.

It must not include:

  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Non-canon ships
  • Excessive gore
  • Gender bending
  • Whitewashing (keep the characters close to the Original Broadway Cast!)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me 8O! I look forward to working with you guys. Let’s have fun!


Hey Scrublords, we’re looking for artists like YOU for a volume 2 of the Super Best Friends ZINE-batsu, since the last was such a hit!

SUPER BEST FRIENDS ZINE-BATSU VOL. 2: Best Friends Summer-slam!

It’s summertime! Summah-summah-summah-time! And we want YOU! That’s right! YOU. to submit your Super Best Friends Summer-Slam themed artwork. Just like last time this will be a PDF only release available for free.

I want to submit!

That’s awesome, but how do you do that? How does this submission process work?

By submitting your portfolio for review via this submission form.

We’ll need your name (real or user name), links to your art blog and / or portfolio, a brief summary of who you are and why you’d like to join. We’d love to get to know you a little!  As well as what your idea might be if you have one.
(* If your idea changes from the initial application, that’s A-okay. This is not meant to be concrete, just to get a feel for what ideas are coming in. The creative mind is ever changing!)

Please submit your application form by 06/30/2017

A week later on 07/07/2017 accepted artists will be notified and on 07/08/2017 they will be announced publically.

What kind of art can I submit?

Any and all works related to the Best Friends and Zaibatsu lore will be accepted.
(** Make sure to keep the theme summer related.)

Allowed: Woolie stealing pies on the beach, Matt wrestling David Cage at a picnic,  Pat and Elmo taking a trip to Japan, but Pat’s too short to ride any of the rides so Elmo has all the fun without him.

Not allowed: Random crossovers not related to Zaibatsu Lore or relate to their individual interests of the Zaibatsu  NSFW, underage, derogatory imagery, and shipping of the Best Friends themselves. ( *i.e Woolie randomly in a dress while eating a banana lustfully…or something … like that.)

Accepted Artists: Please make sure your submitted works are 150 DPI and 8" x 10’’ (portrait preferred) as a HQ PNG file.


06/30, 12:00 am - Portfolio submissions end.
07/07, 10:00 pm - Notification of acceptance.
07/08, 5:00 pm - List of artists publically announced.
08/04, 12:00 am - Final submission due.
08/11 - Release Date!


Announcing a Persona 5 fanzine -  Great Days

Calling all artists! Announcing a fanzine for the latest installment in the Persona franchise – Great Days

What is the Great Days

  • Great Days is a fanzine focused on how the in game characters spend their days off. We want to focus on what everyone does in their spare time to relax and just enjoy themselves. This could be going on a date, eating ramen, cooking, drinking coffee…etc.

How does this work?

  • Applications will be open until June 23rd. Within a week the artists who have been selected to contribute to the fanzine will be notified.
  • Artists will have until September 23rd to complete their work.
  • The fanzine will then be sent to a printing company, and be shipped out to everyone who pre-ordered a copy as soon as it arrives! (Everyone who contributed will get a free copy obviously)

For more information about the fanzine and the application process, visit our blog! Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have!

EDIT: We’ve started processing applications and counted each character and setting to give artists a better idea of what fanzine consists of so far so they can adjust their applications accordingly. It will be updated on a daily basis (or at least whenever we get new applications) so be sure to check it out! Remember we are more likely to accept the application if your idea(s) have settings/ships/characters we don’t have a lot of!

Applications are Open!

Applications close on June 23rd

Our Weird Family (artist unknown, please notify me if you know!)
They may be weird, but in the end, they’re always there for each other. 📓🐐🐷😃



They are editing other people’s art by adding typography and selling it on redbubble WITHOUT PERMISSION. They’ve specifically targeted Boku no Hero Academia art. There’s so much frickin stolen art I don’t even know where to begin. Yo, if this seems like a crappy thing to do, be a pal and help notify any artists you recognize on the blog/redbubble, and REPORT AND SHUT THIS BUSINESS DOWN





  • 5/15: Applications Open.
  • 6/4: Applications Close.
  • 6/6: Chosen artists will be notified and confirmation emails sent.
  • 6/11: Confirmation response to e-mail due. Any artists who do not respond will have forfeited their spot, and we will be contacting runner-up choices instead.
  • 6/18: Completely Confirmed List of Artists will be Published.
  • 6/25: Ideas for artwork due. (This is separate from WIPs because we will need to discuss your ideas and which one to go ahead with)


  • 7/16: First WIP is due (sketch, rough draft, etc. Anything showing your progress)
  • 7/30: Second WIP is due (a confirmation that you’re further along in progress. No penalty if it’s not by much, just looking for SOMETHING)


  • 8/13: All artwork is due. Final deadline. Any extensions must be put in at LEAST a week in advance.
  • 8/18: Artworks with extended deadlines due.
  • 8/21:  PreOrders Open.
  • 9/4: PreOrders Close. 
  • 9/25: Production finished.
  • 10/2: Everything is shipped out.

 Afterward the first round of orders, I’ll see if interest in the zine warrants a second round.

Dates are tentative and subject to change. All participants will be notified of changes to the timeline.

Turtles 4Ever (artist unknown, notify me if you know) (pinterest)

1985, 2003, 2007 and 2014 turtles! The most well known incarnations in one big pic! I hope I see the ultimate turtleverse crossover movie, “Turtles Forever” soon!

Like seriously, as The Ancient Magus’ Bride gains more popularity, we will be seeing more and more art reposters and we need to shut that down now. 

How to spot a reposter: 

  • No source and the blog clearly isn’t the artist’s
  • Captions like “Not mine” or “Credit to the artist”
  • Sources linking back to common art reposting sites like zerochan, weheartit, etc. rather than actually linking back and properly crediting the actual artist.

If you see a reposter:

  • Do not reblog or like the post! This encourages reposters to continue what they are doing while simultaneously discourages the original artist. There have been way too many times where I have seen a reposter get more notes than the original artist and as an artist myself, it is a tiring thing. If you can find the original art post on tumblr, reblog from that instead. 
  • If you can find the artist, notify them (Usually using google image’s “image drop search” can take you to the original artist quite quickly)
  • Report the post

Also some links that go into detail on why reposting artwork is overall a shitty idea that can harm artists: 

x x x

I really enjoy this fandom so let’s not continue on the path of reposting other people’s art pretty please. Give credit to where it needs to be given.


+*+*+*+ SCHEDULE +*+*+*+

♥ Timeline: GMT +8

♥ Artist Applications OPEN: May 20

♥ Artist Applications CLOSES: May27

♥ Artist List Announcement:  May 29

♥  WIP submission deadline: July 15

♥ Final submission: August 15 

+*+*+*+ Artist Applications +*+*+*+

♥ Are you accepting artists? 
Yes! We have a couple of invited artists but applications are also open. We’ll only be selecting a few but we’ll expand our roster depending on interest.

♥ How many artists will be participating?
The zine will be comprised of 25 artists

♥ How many illustrations can we submit?
Around 1-2 per artist

♥ What will artists receive for participating?
All artists will get a copy of the zine as well as an equal cut of the profits

♥ What are the portfolio requirements? 
You can link us any portfolio site or even your art tag are acceptable as long as you can provide multiple polished samples of your work.

♥ How will the artist be chosen?
Once applications ends, the 4 of us will be deliberating on which artist will be chosen. We will choose the artist depending on the quality of their completed works that was asked for in the application form.

♥ How will I know If I’m selected?
All selected artists will be notified via email if they have been chosen a week after artist application ends. An artist list will be posted on the blog once all have been notified. 

♥ Artists keep the rights to their work and can do whatever they want with it AFTER the book is launched to be fair to everyone who preordered. We encourage posting WIPs and previews as well as linking it to the blog. 

+*+*+*+ General+*+*+*+

♥ Who are the organizers?

This zine is organized by these 4 confidants @alktomycin @cobraidy@tokwa@buttercreys​

♥ Contact?

You can send us an ask here
or email us at
or send us a tweet   

Casual reminder

99% of all my friends are artists and if I catch you posting their work and claiming it’s your own, you can guarantee an earful and to be reported. Not only are you stealing work but you’re stealing an identity. You’re stupid blog is. It worth pissing off an entire community, and hurting an artist. Just this morning I found a blog who posted a friends work and got blocked when I tried to say “knock that the fuck off”
I notified the artist and am trying to get it resolved.

Art theft is a crime.
Think about that next time you wanna post something without sources (or with incorrect sources) because someone WILL find out and we will take action.

(Artist unknown notify me if you know) (pinterest)
I think this is part of a series where all the lions are like housecats to the Palladians. But I couldn’t find the rest of the set nor find the artist.

Hunk’s my favorite character from Voltron! He’s such an underrated character and I barely find any fan art of him. So I hope I can find more to post and keep!


On Facebook there is a user by the name
YangYellowDragonXiaoLong who has a bunch of art on their pages without the artists permission, one of which is an artist known as @ellelehman

Please, if you recognise some of the other art on this page please notify the original artists. Help spread the word. EDIT: there’s a second page with the same intentions known as BlakeTheBellabootyBelladonna This is not good. Please notify original artists and do beware as there is NSFW content on these. EDIT 2: We’ve found more artists on these pages. @fjtiko @dashingicecream These artists are just the one of many whose arts been stolen. Please, if you recognise any art on the pages, immediately notify the artists.

sadnprecious  asked:

i'm super anxious to find out who's participating! is there now an exact date where artists are notified, or is the list still being worked on?

The list is still being narrowed down! I received a few last minute sign-ups, so those have been tacked onto the list that I’ve been steadily reviewing of all the assorted blogs, art tags, portfolios, you name it! The turn out was tremendous! I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days, so that’s hastened by progress a bit, but I aim to have the official list of the artists that have been accepted posted here sometime next week! In the meantime, everyone should give this page a follow to keep tabs on the Zines progress! ^^

anonymous asked:

Why do you support batmanrogues? They're an ugly abuser who bullies other users off the site. She caused the Batvillain fandom to split aside and take sides. She's literally a textbook abuser.

omfg no she is not…………. you realize you’re talking to a child abuse survivor right? a survivor who knows exactly what an abuser looks like, has seen the face of evil, and it’s not hanna who helped me out of an abusive situation.

hanna is my friend irl so maybe i am coming at this from a bigoted perspective, but she is one of the sweetest and kindest people i’ve ever met. she has a temper, she’s mentally ill and yeah: sometimes she flies off the handle. sometimes she posts dumb stuff and makes mistakes. it’s easy to do when you’re under pressure from a swarm of angry fans who don’t know how the unfollow button works. 

i don’t agree with all of hanna’s actions and i’ve told her this and she has agreed with me. she has deleted posts and apologised where necessary. but do i think she was in the wrong for putting that blog’s name under a read more and letting people know what the artist was doing so lgbtq+ fans and fans of colour could stay safe? no, i do not. 

that post was never supposed to attack the artist. it was never supposed to get back to them. hanna made some unrelated negative posts about ships and headcanons around the same time, so maybe that’s where things got murky, but it was the choice of others to notify the artist and their supporters to what hanna had done (or what they believed she’d done.) then the narrative changed: hanna was a bully/abuser attacking people over headcanons rather than trying to keep lgbt+ and poc safe. it was other people who made the choice to go into bloggers asks and scream “PICK A SIDE!” even though they had nothing to do with the drama. then instead of actually looking at hanna’s explanations, people continued to push the bully narrative, rather than criticize what hanna was pointing out in the first place. even in the face of evidence and the opinions of other lgbt+ people.

so after some name drops @ hanna and some stupid ones by her in return, it should have simmered down and ended. then someone had the bright idea to create a hate blog for hanna, so it started up again. 

anyways, hanna didn’t want others stringing this out any longer so this is going to be the last ask i answer on the subject. those bloggers who are against hanna’s message can keep their……… comments…….to themselves, i know who the real hanna is and she has been nothing but unconditionally loving to me.

Submissions Officially Closed + What Now?

Hello everyone!

So, as I’m sure you all know by now, our submission period is finally over. We did get quite a few last minute entries that squeaked just past our deadline, but we weren’t about to reject people for being a few hours late – things come up. 

Thank you so much for your pitches! It’s been incredibly exciting even just taking a cursory glance 

All in all, we received 92 unique submissions from across the fandom.

How cool is that?

Some of you might be wondering: what’s gonna happen now? Here’s the rundown:

Our team will take the next week to sit down and carefully curate the submissions, selecting a group of 25-45 artists that will be in the zine. Sadly, this means that only a relatively small group from our submission pool will be selected. This is because many of us are new to zine-making and we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. If this project is successful, however, we will indeed try to attempt similar projects in the future!

Once this is done, we will begin sending out e-mails to the artists that we have selected. We will only be sending responses to those that have been selected for the project. When we have finished this process, we will announce both on here and on our twitter that all selected artists have been notified, so keep an eye out! This should be happening within the next two to three weeks!

If you are selected, we will be sending you instructions on how to follow through, as well as a deadline for your final piece. During the “work period,” we might occasionally be in contact for whatever reason – say, you wanna request a change to your pitch or show us a draft – so please keep an eye on your e-mail accounts!

Please feel free to continue to direct any further questions to our inbox.

Thanks for all your time and support!

-TTZ Staff


Hello! Due to some scheduling issues and life things, I’ll be moving the deadline for applications up to the 17th of June! Participating artists should be notified shortly after. Hopefully this length of time still provides enough notice for artists wanting to participate to apply.

The vast majority of the reasoning behind this decision is to give the participating artists more time to complete their pieces, and for me to have more time to compile and print and ship everything more carefully.

As always, if you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Announcing a Persona 5 fanzine - Great Days

Calling all artists! Announcing a fanzine for the latest installment in the Persona franchise – Great Days

What is the Great Days

  • Great Days is a fanzine focused on how the in game characters spend their days off. We want to focus on what everyone does in their spare time to relax and just enjoy themselves. This could be going on a date, eating ramen, cooking, drinking coffee…etc.

How does this work?

  • Applications will be open until June 23rd. Within a week the artists who have been selected to contribute to the fanzine will be notified.
  • Artists will have until September 23rd to complete their work.
  • The fanzine will then be sent to a printing company, and be shipped out to everyone who pre-ordered a copy as soon as it arrives! (Everyone who contributed will get a free copy obviously)

For more information about the fanzine and the application process, visit our blog! Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have!

EDIT: We’ve started processing applications and counted each character and setting to give artists a better idea of what fanzine consists of so far so they can adjust their applications accordingly. It will be updated on a daily basis (or at least whenever we get new applications) so be sure to check it out! Remember we are more likely to accept the application if your idea(s) have settings/ships/characters we don’t have a lot of!

Applications are Open!

Applications close on June 23rd

How Disrespect Drove One Artist to Leave Tumblr (Important, Please Read & Spread This)

One challenge of being an artist is managing how and where your artwork can be shared. Most often, artists will give permission to share their art if they are politely asked. 

However, when they discover that their art has been reposted without their permission, problems can quickly pop up. One such case is this artist below, who was notified that someone reposted one of her works, and went to contact the one responsible, not only to be rejected but also treated so badly that they decided to delete all their art and actually leave Tumblr for good.

The artwork that was asked to be taken down is posted below. 

At first glance it seems like a direct link to the artist’s twitter, but the thumbnail image is fairly large. Upon downloading it from the proxy site, it was 506x731, large enough for it to be reposted and further redistributed. 

Above is the response that the artist received when they asked the individual to remove their content. Even though the person made it sound like they would delete it, they in fact did not.

It doesn’t stop there. The individual then created a video, and told the artist to watch it to learn how links worked. So not only did they not listen to the artist to have the link to their OWN WORK removed, they also treated them as if they knew little to nothing. 

Not having any rights to control how their own work is shared, and being made to feel bad over bringing it up with the site owner, imagine how the artist felt when they scrolled down and saw this message unmistakably directed at them, even though it opens with plural ‘artists’:

Likely demoralized over the refusal to have their artwork link removed, and their mind reeling after reading the person’s rude message directed at them, the artist wrote their thoughts down, shortly before they deleted everything on their tumblr:

((For this part, I sought the assistance of some individuals who were fluent in Korean. With their help, we were able to make a direct translation of the artist’s last messages)):

As one can see, they were clearly upset. From reading their last few words, it seems that part of the conversation between the two parties that were submitted to me are missing, as it seems that there were further accusations from the site owner. 

I asked one of the native translators if they could describe the overall feeling expressed in those words, and here is what they told me:

Keep in mind that repost or link, it matters not when an artist asks for their work to be removed. They made it, they own it. 

Below is another message written soon after: 

The proxy site owner told the artist that if they didn’t want their artworks to be shared, then they ought to either publish them on a private blog, or to change the settings of the artist’s blog so that no public sharing links are visible. There are two errors with this argument. The first one is telling an artist they should set their works to private. How then, are people (respectful people) supposed to find the artist’s work, if none of their work can be seen, either through a recommendation from the artist’s host site, or through the site’s own image search? 

Secondly, how is the artist supposed to meet other people who also share their desire and interest for what they draw? Neither of those points take into consideration of the artist’s feelings on the matter. Besides, telling an artist what they should or should not do counts as overstepping boundaries. Artists do not draw for people. They draw because it’s their passion and they want to share that with others. They should not have to go out of their way or change their routine just because there are people who refuse to be decent and respectful.

The argument that artists should change the setting of their blog so that public sharing options are not visible is also inconsiderate. Is it the artist’s fault that the site they use does not carry the option to customize how their art is shared? DeviantArt is the only one that gives the power to control whether or not sharing through the site is allowed or not (artists may disable the share options). However, sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Pixiv do not have that option, unless the artist sets their entire account to private, which brings back the first point I made. 

It puts a lid over the artist’s personal freedom and they will get virtually no feedback of any sort if no one can see their work because everything is set to private.

The ‘public link’ displays the artwork in nearly full dimension (instead of a small-sized thumbnail image preview like the ones that Google uses). If the artist allows public linking through thumbnail, then one ought to make sure that the thumbnail is small enough that potential viewers would have to visit the artist’s own site to enjoy the artwork. The artist is the one who deserves the credit, feedback, and number of page views. They are the ones who poured hours of work and time, and the ones who strained their wrists, hands, and eyes to create the picture.

Though there is a link to the direct source, how is there a reliable way to know that people are treating it more as a link rather than an image, if the large thumbnail size nullifies the purpose of redirecting the viewer to the artist’s own page? Put simply, why would I, the viewer, care about seeing how the artwork looks from the artist’s own site, since I can already see everything fully on the proxy site that I follow/visit?

This, combined with the fact that the full thumbnail was completely downloadable if one right click ‘save image as’, makes the link post behave almost the same as a repost that is linked directly to the art. 

None of this would have been an issue however, if the artist was asked for permission. They also wrote ‘Do not repost without permission’ on their blog. But aside from not being asked first, their request was met with refusal. They were patronized and accused falsely of ‘owning the internet’ over simply wanting to control how their artwork was shared. They were directed to watch a short video demonstration:

…which likely felt insulting, considering that the artist can understand English well enough to communicate with this person.

It’s not unusual for artists to abandon their tumblr when enough is enough. What is particular with this scenario is that it is not the repost-like link itself that deeply hurt the artist, nor were they hurt that they were not asked first ‒ more than likely, it was the rude manner in which they were treated and dismissed.  

It is impossible to control every single artwork that is published on the web, however people ought to listen when the artist contacts them personally and requests that their work not be used. With this case, the artist’s feelings were brushed aside, their rights were completely ignored, and their polite request dismissed without any consideration

And so, the artist likely thought that it would be less stressful if they shared their artwork on a site where they have better control. If they weren’t respected where they are, they may have felt that taking their hobby somewhere else would be better. Not long after those messages, all work was deleted. 

What had happened was one of the points in my post about What Art Theft Does to an Artist. Even though the proxy site owner did not claim the work as their own, they acted as if they did.

This is the first time I’ve seen an artist leave a fandom because of something like this. 

If doesn’t matter what the excuse is. When the creator of a work, whether it be an artist/writer/translator/scanner/editor makes a request to have something that belongs to them removed, regardless of whether it’s a full repost or a link, whether they gave permission to you previously or not ―

You Remove It. 

Simple as that. 

And before it is brought up: artists and such creators do not go running around asking people to take down their work for no reason. When they do it, it’s because they are not okay with how you shared it. Nor do they spend their time looking up who reposted their artwork; they are reported these things, and that is how they know. 

It baffles me where do some people get the gall to treat what they never made themselves, what they don’t even understand the process of making, like it belongs to them in any way. Artists are not machines that regularly dispense pretty pictures for you every few days for you to take and make your blog/site more attractive/interesting to people. 

They have lives too, and they feel deep pain and depression over things like this. They even feel anxiety before they publish their work, because they know there’s always a risk that comes with what they do. But they still do it because they love drawing, and they love to share it with friends.

So why don’t they have the right to control their work? Why are there some who are so engrossed in their narcissism that their own website takes precedence over the artist’s own feelings and welfare? 

As a community that seeks to protect artists, we need to be more educated about this issue. 

Therefore, once you read this, please reblog and spread this as much as you can. 

If you have a favorite artist or few whom you follow on Tumblr, think about how you would feel if something like this happened to them.