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How Disrespect Drove One Artist to Leave Tumblr (Important, Please Read & Spread This)

One challenge of being an artist is managing how and where your artwork can be shared. Most often, artists will give permission to share their art if they are politely asked. 

However, when they discover that their art has been reposted without their permission, problems can quickly pop up. One such case is this artist below, who was notified that someone reposted one of her works, and went to contact the one responsible, not only to be rejected but also treated so badly that they decided to delete all their art and actually leave Tumblr for good.

The artwork that was asked to be taken down is posted below. 

At first glance it seems like a direct link to the artist’s twitter, but the thumbnail image is fairly large. Upon downloading it from the proxy site, it was 506x731, large enough for it to be reposted and further redistributed. 

Above is the response that the artist received when they asked the individual to remove their content. Even though the person made it sound like they would delete it, they in fact did not.

It doesn’t stop there. The individual then created a video, and told the artist to watch it to learn how links worked. So not only did they not listen to the artist to have the link to their OWN WORK removed, they also treated them as if they knew little to nothing. 

Not having any rights to control how their own work is shared, and being made to feel bad over bringing it up with the site owner, imagine how the artist felt when they scrolled down and saw this message unmistakably directed at them, even though it opens with plural ‘artists’:

Likely demoralized over the refusal to have their artwork link removed, and their mind reeling after reading the person’s rude message directed at them, the artist wrote their thoughts down, shortly before they deleted everything on their tumblr:

((For this part, I sought the assistance of some individuals who were fluent in Korean. With their help, we were able to make a direct translation of the artist’s last messages)):

As one can see, they were clearly upset. From reading their last few words, it seems that part of the conversation between the two parties that were submitted to me are missing, as it seems that there were further accusations from the site owner. 

I asked one of the native translators if they could describe the overall feeling expressed in those words, and here is what they told me:

Keep in mind that repost or link, it matters not when an artist asks for their work to be removed. They made it, they own it. 

Below is another message written soon after: 

The proxy site owner told the artist that if they didn’t want their artworks to be shared, then they ought to either publish them on a private blog, or to change the settings of the artist’s blog so that no public sharing links are visible. There are two errors with this argument. The first one is telling an artist they should set their works to private. How then, are people (respectful people) supposed to find the artist’s work, if none of their work can be seen, either through a recommendation from the artist’s host site, or through the site’s own image search? 

Secondly, how is the artist supposed to meet other people who also share their desire and interest for what they draw? Neither of those points take into consideration of the artist’s feelings on the matter. Besides, telling an artist what they should or should not do counts as overstepping boundaries. Artists do not draw for people. They draw because it’s their passion and they want to share that with others. They should not have to go out of their way or change their routine just because there are people who refuse to be decent and respectful.

The argument that artists should change the setting of their blog so that public sharing options are not visible is also inconsiderate. Is it the artist’s fault that the site they use does not carry the option to customize how their art is shared? DeviantArt is the only one that gives the power to control whether or not sharing through the site is allowed or not (artists may disable the share options). However, sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Pixiv do not have that option, unless the artist sets their entire account to private, which brings back the first point I made. 

It puts a lid over the artist’s personal freedom and they will get virtually no feedback of any sort if no one can see their work because everything is set to private.

The ‘public link’ displays the artwork in nearly full dimension (instead of a small-sized thumbnail image preview like the ones that Google uses). If the artist allows public linking through thumbnail, then one ought to make sure that the thumbnail is small enough that potential viewers would have to visit the artist’s own site to enjoy the artwork. The artist is the one who deserves the credit, feedback, and number of page views. They are the ones who poured hours of work and time, and the ones who strained their wrists, hands, and eyes to create the picture.

Though there is a link to the direct source, how is there a reliable way to know that people are treating it more as a link rather than an image, if the large thumbnail size nullifies the purpose of redirecting the viewer to the artist’s own page? Put simply, why would I, the viewer, care about seeing how the artwork looks from the artist’s own site, since I can already see everything fully on the proxy site that I follow/visit?

This, combined with the fact that the full thumbnail was completely downloadable if one right click ‘save image as’, makes the link post behave almost the same as a repost that is linked directly to the art. 

None of this would have been an issue however, if the artist was asked for permission. They also wrote ‘Do not repost without permission’ on their blog. But aside from not being asked first, their request was met with refusal. They were patronized and accused falsely of ‘owning the internet’ over simply wanting to control how their artwork was shared. They were directed to watch a short video demonstration:

…which likely felt insulting, considering that the artist can understand English well enough to communicate with this person.

It’s not unusual for artists to abandon their tumblr when enough is enough. What is particular with this scenario is that it is not the repost-like link itself that deeply hurt the artist, nor were they hurt that they were not asked first ‒ more than likely, it was the rude manner in which they were treated and dismissed.  

It is impossible to control every single artwork that is published on the web, however people ought to listen when the artist contacts them personally and requests that their work not be used. With this case, the artist’s feelings were brushed aside, their rights were completely ignored, and their polite request dismissed without any consideration

And so, the artist likely thought that it would be less stressful if they shared their artwork on a site where they have better control. If they weren’t respected where they are, they may have felt that taking their hobby somewhere else would be better. Not long after those messages, all work was deleted. 

What had happened was one of the points in my post about What Art Theft Does to an Artist. Even though the proxy site owner did not claim the work as their own, they acted as if they did.

This is the first time I’ve seen an artist leave a fandom because of something like this. 

If doesn’t matter what the excuse is. When the creator of a work, whether it be an artist/writer/translator/scanner/editor makes a request to have something that belongs to them removed, regardless of whether it’s a full repost or a link, whether they gave permission to you previously or not ―

You Remove It. 

Simple as that. 

And before it is brought up: artists and such creators do not go running around asking people to take down their work for no reason. When they do it, it’s because they are not okay with how you shared it. Nor do they spend their time looking up who reposted their artwork; they are reported these things, and that is how they know. 

It baffles me where do some people get the gall to treat what they never made themselves, what they don’t even understand the process of making, like it belongs to them in any way. Artists are not machines that regularly dispense pretty pictures for you every few days for you to take and make your blog/site more attractive/interesting to people. 

They have lives too, and they feel deep pain and depression over things like this. They even feel anxiety before they publish their work, because they know there’s always a risk that comes with what they do. But they still do it because they love drawing, and they love to share it with friends.

So why don’t they have the right to control their work? Why are there some who are so engrossed in their narcissism that their own website takes precedence over the artist’s own feelings and welfare? 

As a community that seeks to protect artists, we need to be more educated about this issue. 

Therefore, once you read this, please reblog and spread this as much as you can. 

If you have a favorite artist or few whom you follow on Tumblr, think about how you would feel if something like this happened to them. 

It’s really disheartening that the main reason I have to come back to tumblr is because my artist friends keep notifying me that my art keeps getting stolen; edited used and uncredited by mcfreaking rp blogs.

nikifrouv  asked:

apparently that post by victorakaniki that you reblogged was actually a repost, i just checked out their blog and they're stealing a lot of art from other artists on tumblr and deviantart as well

thank you for letting me know! i just deleted the reblog. usually i always check these things, but the one time i don’t…….. of course this happens. this is the post in question so if you reblogged it as well, please delete it!

oh and if anyone knows the original artist please notify me so i know who to sell my soul to for creating such a masterpiece

anonymous asked:

Hello! I found an Instagram account called "darkibae23", who reposts a lot of others art and there was one of yours too. Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you. I don’t have Instagram, so I’m not sure how to sort it out. As long as people credit me I’m ok with people posting my art elsewhere off tumblr. But if they’re not it would be nice if people on sites I don’t go on could tell them to either take the post down or credit the artist. Thanks for notifying me. 

promos appreciated

this is a blog that keeps track of all homestuck weeks during the year. there’s a calendar on the blog and i post reminders to every upcoming week! 

this blog’s goal is to hopefully notify more artists so they can participate in all the events people arrange on here!

Art Theft

To all of my Monster High and Ever After High fanartists,

There is apparently a user on Etsy who goes by the name of EeVon Cliparts who is selling transparent graphics of not only my work, but the work of others as well: EAH listing MH listing

I know that @freshplinfa-ivy and chunk07x have also had their work stolen, but unfortunately I am not able to pinpoint who the other works belong to. If anyone recognizes the other artwork, please reblog this and tag the artist or notify them! 

I have contacted the owner and await a response, but this still needs to be addressed publicly. If you could be as so kind as to spread the word, that would be most appreciated!

Huge thanks to @kara-realm for informing me of this!


I honestly broke down into tears when I saw this, please don’t do this, ever,

Not only is this incredibly rude, but it’s also copyright infringement. If you know the artist, notify them. They can contact the admin of the website and have their work removed.

I’m gonna cry 

I just spent the past hour looking through a tumblr so that I could take a screenshot of everytime they reposted art and notify the arts that they steal from. Not all the art was sourced and some was sourced incorrectly. I couldn’t find all the artists and there was just so much that my phone crashed. 
The even had the nerve to reblog the fanart then repost it with no credit.
They know the source but did nothing.

I’ve already sent them a message but if they respond by saying they didn’t know I’m gonna break something.

I’m sick of this

Stop reposting art that isn’t yours.

Just stop.

Fanartists work hard and deserve all the recognition they could get. Don’t take that from them  

I’ll post later the screenshots so hopefully I can find out the names of the rest of the artists a notify them.

The roster is picked!

Nicole and I spent 6 hours yesterday going through nearly 700 applications to pick the final roster for this art book. It is done! All confirmed artists are being notified today.

Let me say very clearly that we were completely floored by your love and applications. If we could accept every one of you we could, however if we did it’d probably crush you with the weight. If you do not receive an email today, you were not accepted.

Please remember if you were not accepted, the sheer volume of applicants made it very difficult for both of us to choose. We made it as fair as possible with open application, and we hope that shows in the variety of artists we have chosen. It’s going to be an amazing book!

The roster will be public from tomorrow, can’t wait for you all to see them :D

- Jenna


There are so many pieces of Sherlock fan art that are being reposted. So, please if you’re reblogging a piece of fan art that doesn’t have many notes and you’ve seen it circulate before check who posted it and usually you can see that the blog is either a) the artist or more likely, b) a blog that reposted it and you can find several other pieces of art/edits stolen.

I have found three blogs like this just in the past two days. Please do not support these blogs by reblogging their reposts!

I know several artists on here do not want their art reposted, so if you see a piece of fan art reposted please notify the blog that they are reposting or notify the artist. The artist won’t be mad at you for telling them! They will probably thank you.