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Hey guys! @lauwurens​ and I wanted to post this while it was still 4/20 (ha). In honors of this day, we’re co-hosting a Hamilton MAP together.

We are looking for 11 enthusiastic, dependable artists to collaborate with us! Each artist is expected to do two parts (each part is roughly around 10-20 seconds long; about 30 - 40 seconds total). We will be accepting portfolio submissions until May 13, 2017. Anything afterwards will be deleted.

The parts don’t have to be fully animated, but we do want something in an animatic format (this means legible drawings, no stick figures). Let your illustrations shine out for this project! This also means no text in your shots (to maintain consistency throughout the video).

This does not need to be colored, and shading is definitely a bonus.

Portfolio Submission Guidelines:

  • Email with the subject “REEL SUBMISSION”
  • Tell us your name (and the name to use for the credits whether it be your real name or your username)
  • Include a link to your portfolio/showreel
    • Basically anywhere we can see your work without rummaging through a bunch of stuff
  • Rank of preferred shots you would like to do*

*Note: if you are interested in doing this project but have no idea what parts you want, still apply - we’ll assign you a part if you are chosen

Shot Submission Guidelines:

  • Final output must be 1920x1080, 24fps, .mov or .mp4 format
  • Name your shot Ham_part### (### as your part number)
  • Frame length must match song length
  • Email with your completed part 
    • Subject: [Your shot number]
  • Attach file or send us a link where it can be downloaded

Selected artists will be notified after the submission period closes (most likely a week after). Final shots are due August 12, 2017.

It must not include:

  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Non-canon ships
  • Excessive gore
  • Gender bending
  • Whitewashing (keep the characters close to the Original Broadway Cast!)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me 8O! I look forward to working with you guys. Let’s have fun!


Hey Scrublords, we’re looking for artists like YOU for a volume 2 of the Super Best Friends ZINE-batsu, since the last was such a hit!

SUPER BEST FRIENDS ZINE-BATSU VOL. 2: Best Friends Summer-slam!

It’s summertime! Summah-summah-summah-time! And we want YOU! That’s right! YOU. to submit your Super Best Friends Summer-Slam themed artwork. Just like last time this will be a PDF only release available for free.

I want to submit!

That’s awesome, but how do you do that? How does this submission process work?

By submitting your portfolio for review via this submission form.

We’ll need your name (real or user name), links to your art blog and / or portfolio, a brief summary of who you are and why you’d like to join. We’d love to get to know you a little!  As well as what your idea might be if you have one.
(* If your idea changes from the initial application, that’s A-okay. This is not meant to be concrete, just to get a feel for what ideas are coming in. The creative mind is ever changing!)

Please submit your application form by 06/30/2017

A week later on 07/07/2017 accepted artists will be notified and on 07/08/2017 they will be announced publically.

What kind of art can I submit?

Any and all works related to the Best Friends and Zaibatsu lore will be accepted.
(** Make sure to keep the theme summer related.)

Allowed: Woolie stealing pies on the beach, Matt wrestling David Cage at a picnic,  Pat and Elmo taking a trip to Japan, but Pat’s too short to ride any of the rides so Elmo has all the fun without him.

Not allowed: Random crossovers not related to Zaibatsu Lore or relate to their individual interests of the Zaibatsu  NSFW, underage, derogatory imagery, and shipping of the Best Friends themselves. ( *i.e Woolie randomly in a dress while eating a banana lustfully…or something … like that.)

Accepted Artists: Please make sure your submitted works are 150 DPI and 8" x 10’’ (portrait preferred) as a HQ PNG file.


06/30, 12:00 am - Portfolio submissions end.
07/07, 10:00 pm - Notification of acceptance.
07/08, 5:00 pm - List of artists publically announced.
08/04, 12:00 am - Final submission due.
08/11 - Release Date!


So this was the previous reposter that I dealt with. I wanted to show you guys how this went.

I reported them to insta, the next day they immediatly took the drawing down. And then they were asking me if they could repost again? Like are you being serious? This was not the worst reposter I’ve dealt with but it was one of the most unsenstive. If you want to repost someone’s art first ask the artist if you can do it. If you don’t know them(like in this shithead case) DON’T REPOST.

There are a bunch of artists, like me, that don’t mind people reposting our art WITH PERMISSION. So please if you ever see a repost of art with no credit at all and you know the artist please notify them. This is unrespectful and just pure “not giving a shit about your feelings” people.

So let’s try to change this a bit. Probably won’t do any big difference but it can help an artist.

So let’s kill this motherfuckers.



They are editing other people’s art by adding typography and selling it on redbubble WITHOUT PERMISSION. They’ve specifically targeted Boku no Hero Academia art. There’s so much frickin stolen art I don’t even know where to begin. Yo, if this seems like a crappy thing to do, be a pal and help notify any artists you recognize on the blog/redbubble, and REPORT AND SHUT THIS BUSINESS DOWN


On tracing and art theft

I just spent a good half an hour tracking down someone’s original art because I recognized that a blog had traced and posted it as their own.

The artist has been notified (hopefully it was really hard to find them), but I find it extremely irritating that I had to tell them that their art was stolen in the first place. I’m hoping that the theft was due to ignorance rather than blatant rudeness. So, in case there are any young people or people who just don’t know what the heck “Art Theft” even means…

YOU CANNOT TRACE SOMEONE’S ARTWORK AND POST IT ONLINE. Sometimes tracing can be helpful for beginning artists who haven’t figured out all the basic skills yet, but as soon as you post it anywhere online you are taking away from the original artist’s proper credit and notoriety. It is the worst insult and blatant disregard for proper etiquette in any art community.

So, in case anyone needed a refresher, if you think someone has stolen or traced art and is purposefully passing it as their own please let the original artist know

Any art without caption is suspicious to me and I’m glad I could find the source of that photoset with reverse image search easily.

Reposting cool art you find on the internet harms the original artist, because their art is getting traffic on other people’s sites, thus they don’t get visibility, their work is not recognized, and in worse cases, their art gets stolen for profit. Imagine that you draw something and some smart guy sells your art and you won’t see a coin out of that.

Some of you lot will argue that it is the artist fault for not putting a watermark but EVEN with a watermark people will steal it and even have the guts to paint over the watermark. It happened to me before, it has happened to my friends. It’s not nice.

If you’re going to repost art u find in other sites, make sure to also notify the artist, send them a message and make sure that they’re ok with that.

So yeah.

Hey guys, there’s an account @ umbreonloverkat and they are reposting art without credit and/or permission from artists, I contacted those that I recognized but many of them I didn’t and the url’s were cropped out. Please notify artists if you recognize their art and promptly block and report umbreon’s account. Thank you :)




  • 5/15: Applications Open.
  • 6/4: Applications Close.
  • 6/6: Chosen artists will be notified and confirmation emails sent.
  • 6/11: Confirmation response to e-mail due. Any artists who do not respond will have forfeited their spot, and we will be contacting runner-up choices instead.
  • 6/18: Completely Confirmed List of Artists will be Published.
  • 6/25: Ideas for artwork due. (This is separate from WIPs because we will need to discuss your ideas and which one to go ahead with)


  • 7/16: First WIP is due (sketch, rough draft, etc. Anything showing your progress)
  • 7/30: Second WIP is due (a confirmation that you’re further along in progress. No penalty if it’s not by much, just looking for SOMETHING)


  • 8/13: All artwork is due. Final deadline. Any extensions must be put in at LEAST a week in advance.
  • 8/18: Artworks with extended deadlines due.
  • 8/21:  PreOrders Open.
  • 9/4: PreOrders Close. 
  • 9/25: Production finished.
  • 10/2: Everything is shipped out.

 Afterward the first round of orders, I’ll see if interest in the zine warrants a second round.

Dates are tentative and subject to change. All participants will be notified of changes to the timeline.

Like seriously, as The Ancient Magus’ Bride gains more popularity, we will be seeing more and more art reposters and we need to shut that down now. 

How to spot a reposter: 

  • No source and the blog clearly isn’t the artist’s
  • Captions like “Not mine” or “Credit to the artist”
  • Sources linking back to common art reposting sites like zerochan, weheartit, etc. rather than actually linking back and properly crediting the actual artist.

If you see a reposter:

  • Do not reblog or like the post! This encourages reposters to continue what they are doing while simultaneously discourages the original artist. There have been way too many times where I have seen a reposter get more notes than the original artist and as an artist myself, it is a tiring thing. If you can find the original art post on tumblr, reblog from that instead. 
  • If you can find the artist, notify them (Usually using google image’s “image drop search” can take you to the original artist quite quickly)
  • Report the post

Also some links that go into detail on why reposting artwork is overall a shitty idea that can harm artists: 

x x x

I really enjoy this fandom so let’s not continue on the path of reposting other people’s art pretty please. Give credit to where it needs to be given.

“How do we get more games in English”

So many people love otome games, but not everyone knows Japanese and there are several that aren’t able to learn for one reason or another, so I hear a lot of arguments regarding Otome in English…either way…Some tips on how to get your favorite games put in English

1. SUPPORT THE COMPANY- I can’t stress this enough.  So many people are in too much of a hurry to get their favorite games that they will ignore something fundamental…when you pirate games, watch full plays on youtube, download soundtracks off the internet, and the like…you are taking money away from the people who made it, meaning they won’t have money to make more and will not want to put more money into the stolen franchises, meaning…you are actually hurting your chances at seeing more otome and having more available in other languages.

2. Respect fanartists of franchises.  This sounds odd, since…they aren’t the company, but many fanartists aren’t getting paid for making art of the people they love…but when that art is stolen repeatedly and shared everywhere…companies start to feel like copyright has been infringed upon.  They allow fanart in small doses with specific guidelines and reposting ignores those.  If you don’t have permission, don’t post.  If art that’s been posted looks suspicious, look it up and make sure, and if you see reposted art, notify the artist and the people that reblogged the art privately and let them know that the art is stolen.

3. Talk about it - fanblog, make groups, share information, write headcanons, fangirl/fanboy over it, but keep talking about it.  This gets others interested and helps promote sales, which will get the attention of CEO’s (they see where games go when bought…not specifically where, but they’ll know that Germany is buying a lot of Amnesia, or USA is buying a lot of Reine De Fleurs) and they can see if a patch, or English release could be worth their while.

4. Respect the translators- Along with not taking what isn’t yours, please respect translators.  They put in a lot of time and work into making games understandable to those who don’t speak Japanese.  Taking their work, ridiculing their work, and generally making problems for them will only make them unwilling to translate more, which will be hard to get new people in that don’t understand the language, which can hurt sales…it’s indirect…but still worth noting.

5. Buy from source, if you can - Key straps and cushions are great but not being in Japan makes things almost impossible at times, forcing many to comb markets like yahoo auction, buyee, and ebay to find these rare gems.  That itself isn’t a problem, but cds, dvds, games, and the like…if at all possible, should be bought from more official lines (like amazon), this helps keep money in the company and not money to private sellers.

Essentially, supporting companies and franchises means you get more content, more content and interest means that more companies will be likelier to consider internationalizing their games (an expensive process, btw).  

Let’s support franchises and get more games out!


+*+*+*+ SCHEDULE +*+*+*+

♥ Timeline: GMT +8

♥ Artist Applications OPEN: May 20

♥ Artist Applications CLOSES: May27

♥ Artist List Announcement:  May 29

♥  WIP submission deadline: July 15

♥ Final submission: August 15 

+*+*+*+ Artist Applications +*+*+*+

♥ Are you accepting artists? 
Yes! We have a couple of invited artists but applications are also open. We’ll only be selecting a few but we’ll expand our roster depending on interest.

♥ How many artists will be participating?
The zine will be comprised of 25 artists

♥ How many illustrations can we submit?
Around 1-2 per artist

♥ What will artists receive for participating?
All artists will get a copy of the zine as well as an equal cut of the profits

♥ What are the portfolio requirements? 
You can link us any portfolio site or even your art tag are acceptable as long as you can provide multiple polished samples of your work.

♥ How will the artist be chosen?
Once applications ends, the 4 of us will be deliberating on which artist will be chosen. We will choose the artist depending on the quality of their completed works that was asked for in the application form.

♥ How will I know If I’m selected?
All selected artists will be notified via email if they have been chosen a week after artist application ends. An artist list will be posted on the blog once all have been notified. 

♥ Artists keep the rights to their work and can do whatever they want with it AFTER the book is launched to be fair to everyone who preordered. We encourage posting WIPs and previews as well as linking it to the blog. 

+*+*+*+ General+*+*+*+

♥ Who are the organizers?

This zine is organized by these 4 confidants @alktomycin @cobraidy@tokwa@buttercreys​

♥ Contact?

You can send us an ask here
or email us at
or send us a tweet   

anonymous asked:

There is a company based in the philippines that obviously screenshotted one your pictures from here and they are stating it's against the law. So my question for you, is that really a problem, because I know I've seen this pug picture before and that heart with the red cloud around it. So how would your pug with the heart be against the law when its not an original picture?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about copyright, thanks to that particular online store based in the Philippines. Here’s my lengthy words on your question and the matter as a whole.

Let me break it down simply what copyright law is:
The moment anyone creates anything - audio, visual, written, etc - it is automatically bound by copyright to that person. You can not take another person’s creation. If you do, the owner of that copyright - the original creator of the content - can pursue legal action against you.

So you stated that it “obviously screenshotted one of [my] pictures from [my site],” and you are asking how can that be against the law if it is not an original picture. Well, the question is, is it NOT an original picture? Does Puglie look like every other pug out there? Does the speech bubble, what you call a cloud, look exactly like others? Are those two put together the same as something else you saw?

And you say you know you’ve seen this pug picture before, then the question then is, who created it?

Whether it is taken from my site and reposted somewhere else, whether it is found and aggregated by Google, whether it is personally uploaded by me on to a site like Society6 for my own business, all those images are still owned by me because without me, and without me taking the time to draw it, that would not exist. 

Concepts can be unoriginal. Animals and food? It’s an idea that’s been done many times before. The execution of how that concept will look and feel - that is the originality.

So you might be asking - but wait, I can’t take the content I found online? That’s illegal? Even if I found it on Google?

Think of Google as a mall, it is a public area where anyone can walk in to and see whatever is there. Each store has a collection of items owned by the shopkeeper. Looking for clothes? You search “Clothing” in the mall directory, and voila, you found shops with clothes. Just because it is in a public space, doesn’t mean you can take it.

But why would you put it in on the internet if you don’t want people to take it?

Are shopkeepers putting items on their shelves for you to take for free? Are window displays set up just so you can go in and take the clothes off the mannequins? No. The answer is no. Creators put their work out there as much as shopkeepers display their wares to show the world, “Hey, this is what I do! Oh, wow, you’re interested in the stuff I do? Thank you so much! You can support me here by purchasing this, and then I can make more stuff that you seem to enjoy!”

But… I’ve been saving pictures I like for profile pictures and forum signatures :<

Well, that’s where the gray area starts, because it depends on what the creator will allow.

Some creators do not allow any reposting of their work, some allow it as long as credit is given somewhere, others will let you use their work as a profile picture or description line, some will let you get their work tattooed on your body, some will let you print out t-shirts as long as it’s for yourself, and not for profit. It really depends.

So out of respect for the artist and the content you enjoy, please always (at least try) contact the artist and ask for their permission. It really does mean a lot to us.

But almost no creator will allow anyone to take their work without permission to sell for their own profit, while the creator themselves are still working hard to gain the support and stability they need to create more of what you, and others, enjoy.

So please, if you see art theft, if you see a store that is clearly taking another person’s creation for their own profit, stand up, speak out, notify the artist, and make it known that this is not okay. Trust me that, no matter how “famous” or “big” the artist may seem, they can still be struggling to make ends meet, and a lot of things you wish the artist did, they are also wishing the same.

I wanted to take this section to personally thank everyone of you who has ever reached out to ask me if it’s okay to use my artwork for a profile picture, to have the little fatty tattooed, or to show the love, care, and concern for the fatty in letting me know that my artwork is being stolen.

A lot of what seems to be big milestone achievements for me (i.e. having Puglie in some stores) are big milestone achievements for me, but they aren’t guaranteeing me success, just a small step in a rocky, but right direction. I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m constantly under stress in my decisions haha!

I will always be grateful for the time any of you take to reach out to me, to support me, to share my work, and to look out for me. Puglie and I are truly blessed to have all of you <3

If you would like to see what the cause of all this commotion is, you can find out here.


haven’t really posted any sort of update yet, so here goes!

- 5 days until applications open (wow!) and they will close the 20th 10th of september.

- this volume’s theme is zodiacs and their constellations.

- accepted artists would be notified by september 24th and not on september 24th. we will probably release the artists list then (more details coming soon)

-once the list is released, all the artists will be put in a private discord channel on the into the sky server

- we have 2 mods right now and are working on getting the 3rd in

we’re very excited for all the applications and cool art!

Originally posted by etudiant-en-ph2

edit: i made a mistake, the applications close the 10th, not the 20th

This is the proper place to say “I” and not “We”.

“Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.”  
―     Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra,  Don Quixote   

Incident 91 made me nervous.  

When I am writing as @art-defense​ I almost always use “We”.  It’s not quite the “Royal We”, but it is my way of saying “This is not all about me. I have some wonderful Volunteers behind me, and I don’t ever want to take all the credit!”  

On some things, though, the buck stops here. There are other adults involved, but I created this thing, and I gotta be the one to accept responsibility in the end.

When this came up, I was like, “Oh no.  She’s 12.  She says it right there in her bio. This is a 12 year old kid.”

My first reaction was, “Just file a report with Instagram and they’ll take down the whole account.  Art-Defense will never be seen as connected with this.”  I put that out there on our Discord server and the young folks spoke up in opposition.

They convinced me.  We are not a group dedicated to getting 12 year olds off Instagram.  (That’s too big a windmill even for this Don Quixote!) We are here to help Artists protect their intellectual property rights and hopefully teach others to respect those rights.  Take away her account and she’ll just create another one.  Notify the artists so they can go over there and either issue copyright strikes or (as seems to have happened) discuss it with her, and maybe we’ll see something good come out of it.  Remind everyone else that if their art isn’t there, they really should just stay out of it.

I created Art-Defense because people I liked were leaving the fandom over art-theft.  That’s the big reason.  But I also saw some things that bothered me, and I am not sure I have ever really laid them out for anyone before:

When I started Art-Defense, the posts about incidents of Art-Theft were getting pretty volatile.  I was seeing some serious hate in some of those posts.  People were upset, people were angry. Hell! I was pretty angry!  I look back at some of my posts in this blog from that time, and I cringe.  

It was not healthy.  It was not healthy for me, it was not healthy for the artists, and it was not healthy for the community.  I got the sense–and I could be wrong, but I really did get this from some of what I saw–that the artists were being negatively affected not just by the actual theft, but by the overall negativity in the posts by people who were trying to come out in support of the artists!   Some of these people are very empathic, and that much rage, well–it has an impact.  

I was also concerned about the impact on some of the art thieves.  No, I am not too worried about the feelings of a “Software Engineer” who set up a business where he makes money stealing other people’s work and then threatens and mocks them when they take action against him.  He is in no way an innocent victim.    

But that 12 year old kid.  This time, we knew it was a kid.  Some of them don’t tell us how old they are.  

Does the Miraculous Ladybug Fandom really want to go out there and rip into some tween whose biggest crime is not having sufficient adult supervision?  I know a number of the artists fairly well by now, and I don’t know a one of them that wants anyone bullying a kid on their behalf.  They want to protect their own rights, and they have every right to do that.  But they don’t want that on their conscience!  

I don’t know Thomas Astruc personally (some of the artists do!), but I highly doubt that the man who created Ladybug and Chat Noir would be happy to know that we bullied a kid because they reposted something they found on the Internet. I think Papapillion would be very sad and disappointed if he saw that.

The discourse I was seeing about Art Theft was just not healthy.  I couldn’t just reach out and fix it, but maybe I could shape it.  Guide it a little.  Provide a better option.

“1) This blog will strive for a calm, professional tone.”  (source)

I have tried to replace the “OMG do you see this shit I don’t believe it!” posts with something more like

Hello.  We found art that we believe is yours, and someone else is using it.

We acknowledge that you have the right, the power, and the agency to decide how to deal with this.  We want others to acknowledge that as well.  You own your own work, and nobody else should be making decisions about it without you.

Here are the URLs.

If we can help in any other way, please let us know.

I use different language in the Incident Reports, but you see above the sense of what I am trying to convey. No rage, no drama, No Added Stress Or Unwanted Salt™, just the facts.   

Since Art-Defense went live, I have been seeing fewer “OMG sound the alarm this person is stealing art!” posts.  I have also seen fewer artists announcing that they are leaving the fandom.  I would like to think that I have had some small influence on that.  Maybe I am wrong.  Maybe I am as mad as the Patron Saint of Art Defense:  Don Quixote de la Mancha.

“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!”  

―     Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra,  Don Quixote

So that young lady in Incident 91?  I hope she has learned a lesson from this, and I hope others learn that sometimes there is a better way.  The information about her account was already out there.  The best I felt I could do was notify people calmly and reinforce the idea that, hey…it’s a kid.  Let the Artists deal with it.  If you want to support the artists, support their right to let their voice be the one that is heard, here. 

Talvin, Talvin, Talvin.

Always got a Windmill to tilt at, don’t you?

tricodeku  asked:

that allura +lions art you reposted is stolen art.

oH you are right it was so early in the morning but I can’t believe I didn’t notice it wasn’t posted by johanna rip

I’ll make sure to delete that repost and reblog from the original artist! Thank you for notifying me

anonymous asked:

Hi, Haley! Your art is amazing, I especially love your Darkiplier stuff. I really wanted to get the t-shirt but I missed my opportunity because I was in the middle of moving when Markiplier did the stream. I found your design on Teespring, and I'm wondering if that is verified? I really want to get one but I don't want to support them if they stole it. Thank you!

Hi anon, thanks for the question!

The shirt was only sold during the charity livestream. If the design shows up on any website that wasn’t the charity link (which is now closed), then it should be reported and taken down. However I searched that site and didn’t come up with anything. Are you sure it was that website, anon?

For those concerned, I am not selling the design on any sites that I have my artwork on. The only way you’d be able to get that shirt now is if someone’s doing a give away. You shouldn’t see my design sold anywhere. I encourage anyone who sees stolen artwork to notify the artist in question and report the theft if you can. Support artists and always double check to make sure you’re buying from the original source!


On Facebook there is a user by the name
YangYellowDragonXiaoLong who has a bunch of art on their pages without the artists permission, one of which is an artist known as @ellelehman

Please, if you recognise some of the other art on this page please notify the original artists. Help spread the word. EDIT: there’s a second page with the same intentions known as BlakeTheBellabootyBelladonna This is not good. Please notify original artists and do beware as there is NSFW content on these. EDIT 2: We’ve found more artists on these pages. @fjtiko @dashingicecream These artists are just the one of many whose arts been stolen. Please, if you recognise any art on the pages, immediately notify the artists.

sadnprecious  asked:

i'm super anxious to find out who's participating! is there now an exact date where artists are notified, or is the list still being worked on?

The list is still being narrowed down! I received a few last minute sign-ups, so those have been tacked onto the list that I’ve been steadily reviewing of all the assorted blogs, art tags, portfolios, you name it! The turn out was tremendous! I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days, so that’s hastened by progress a bit, but I aim to have the official list of the artists that have been accepted posted here sometime next week! In the meantime, everyone should give this page a follow to keep tabs on the Zines progress! ^^

anonymous asked:

Why do you support batmanrogues? They're an ugly abuser who bullies other users off the site. She caused the Batvillain fandom to split aside and take sides. She's literally a textbook abuser.

omfg no she is not…………. you realize you’re talking to a child abuse survivor right? a survivor who knows exactly what an abuser looks like, has seen the face of evil, and it’s not hanna who helped me out of an abusive situation.

hanna is my friend irl so maybe i am coming at this from a bigoted perspective, but she is one of the sweetest and kindest people i’ve ever met. she has a temper, she’s mentally ill and yeah: sometimes she flies off the handle. sometimes she posts dumb stuff and makes mistakes. it’s easy to do when you’re under pressure from a swarm of angry fans who don’t know how the unfollow button works. 

i don’t agree with all of hanna’s actions and i’ve told her this and she has agreed with me. she has deleted posts and apologised where necessary. but do i think she was in the wrong for putting that blog’s name under a read more and letting people know what the artist was doing so lgbtq+ fans and fans of colour could stay safe? no, i do not. 

that post was never supposed to attack the artist. it was never supposed to get back to them. hanna made some unrelated negative posts about ships and headcanons around the same time, so maybe that’s where things got murky, but it was the choice of others to notify the artist and their supporters to what hanna had done (or what they believed she’d done.) then the narrative changed: hanna was a bully/abuser attacking people over headcanons rather than trying to keep lgbt+ and poc safe. it was other people who made the choice to go into bloggers asks and scream “PICK A SIDE!” even though they had nothing to do with the drama. then instead of actually looking at hanna’s explanations, people continued to push the bully narrative, rather than criticize what hanna was pointing out in the first place. even in the face of evidence and the opinions of other lgbt+ people.

so after some name drops @ hanna and some stupid ones by her in return, it should have simmered down and ended. then someone had the bright idea to create a hate blog for hanna, so it started up again. 

anyways, hanna didn’t want others stringing this out any longer so this is going to be the last ask i answer on the subject. those bloggers who are against hanna’s message can keep their……… comments…….to themselves, i know who the real hanna is and she has been nothing but unconditionally loving to me.