artist montage


We are looking forward to Katy Collier visiting Stamps School this week as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist 

Lecture and color woodcut demo
Tuesday, September 20 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143

Individual critiques with students
Thursday, September 22 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143

Someday we’ll all be together, as a community, as friends. Someday we’ll have our Woodstock, our On The Road, our generation. We are the counterculture, we’re the new beatniks, the new hippies, the new rock babies. We are. See you soon my friends.

concept: breaking bad and hannibal switch creative teams
- artistic abstract montages of jesse eating funyuns
- the “i am the danger” monologue delivered in a near-inaudible whisper in near-total darkness
- everyone has really nice clothes and furniture and los pollos hermanos is an expensive sit-down restaurant instead of a fried chicken chain
- otherwise gus is exactly the same though, he would fit perfectly into a hannibal type show
- at no point do we meet any character who looks like they do crystal meth
- after jane dies jesse hallucinates her still being alive for a few days and the audience doesn’t realize she isn’t really there for some time
- enough lighting in hannibal to occasionally see some of the sets or characters
- will actually dressing like a weird hermit fisherman who lives in the middle of the woods with 20 dogs instead of a winter coat model
- chilton’s suits being 100x tackier
- the death tableaus aren’t morbidly beautiful or gravity-defying they’re just kind of gross and have sticky blood smears everywhere
- when will finds out hannibal is the chesapeake ripper they don’t have cryptic conversations about it will just jumps on hannibal and starts punching him
- the head turtle would be the same though

Grey’s Anatomy Music
13x18 - “Be Still, My Soul”

Song: “Heart”
Artist: Sleeping at Last
Scene: Meredith argues with Jackson; Maggies cries as watches then heads to the chemotherapy to see her mom; the doctors go over Diane’s treatment and decide another surgery; Meredith & Nathan talk dating. 
Song: “God It’s Late”
Artist: Aron Wright
Scene: Montage as Diane endures the trail with Miranda’s voice over telling her symptoms that she could experince while going through the trial.
Song: “Devil’s Sugar”
Artist: Mishcatt
Scene: Diane tells everyone how Maggie taught herself to read at 2 as they have dinner, she thanks Richard for Maggie then asks about where Ellis is buried forcing Meredith and Richard to admit they dump her down the drain in OR 2.
Song: “10.000 Miles”
Artist: Sleeping at Last
Scene: Diane tells Richard she doesn’t want to die; Diane asks for Maggie to stop searching and just be with her; Maggie wishes for her father to Richard; Nathan comforts Maggie with a hugs to calm her.
Song: “Closer”
Artist: Kyle Neal
Scene: Bill Pierce arrives, Richard meets and takes him to Diane; Maggie embraces her father; Meredith tells Nathan that Maggie will need her; Bailey break her and Richard’s silence to comfort him.

i hope someday i have a group of friends that makes me feel like im in a movie