artist jonathan green

Huh, interesting… You cant ever determine what is going to be liked the most on social media.  I just keep posting hoping the right people see my work lol


Travis Greene performing Travis Greene feat: Israel Houghton, Jonathan McReynolds, and Jonathan Butler
(2017 Stellar Award Performance)


Gullah Images: The Art of Jonathan Green by Jonathan Green

This is a collection of 180 images from artist Jonathan Green. He paints the world of his childhood amongst the Gullah people of the South Carolina barrier islands. He reveals an awareness of the social and natural environments in which we live, elevating the everyday and celebrating the social.  [book link]


80s Movies Kids (private commission).

This piece was a huge amount of fun to create (although as I’ll go on to explain, not without its challenges!). When the client first suggested that they were interested in a piece featuring The Goonies, the kids from Joe Dante’s Explorers, as well as Corey Haim (circa License to Drive) and Michael J Fox, I started to figure out how best to get all those characters to work in a dynamic collage.

It then became clear that the client actually wanted all the characters to be in a single scene, all walking together down a typical suburban American street. A very cool idea no doubt, but as you can imagine this increased the complexity quite a bit. Lots more research was needed up front before I could even get started, getting a handle on the relative heights of characters, finding reference of them looking in a certain direction so they could be ‘talking’ to each other and so on.

Still, detail by subtle detail it gradually came together, and the artwork will soon be framed in the (very happy) client’s home.