artist in need of money lol


I really need to pay them, we can’t afford to have our services cut off again but the only places that will probably hire me would pay just like $130 a month and would make my pysical and mental state worse lol…  so I’m opening these special price cheeb comms… forgot to add Busts/Icons are $6!

I draw like, anything so just ask! my paypal email is

Reblogs are super appreciated, thank you!!

Other comms posts and some examples ✨ (Still doing these too!)

so i got weirded out that my previous dark as shit image started to circulate a little bit. like ooouhh…hhh. so i decided to… scribble on it a little bit more. sorry to dispel the illusion lol, he’s just holding his swarddd~

i need things to do. why do i suck at job finding since i left gamestop? prolly cuz i wanna avoid retail like the plague… OTL

good night… morning… day.

I see people slamming Taylor for whitewashing lemonade.. As if Beyonce was the first artist ever to use that setting in a video.

I see people slamming Taylor for not being self-made, as if the first half of Beyonce’s (and Serena’s, for instance) career wasn’t entirely orchestrated by her family (as if that’s a bad thing).

I see people slamming Taylor’s new song because it has ‘no melody’ and ‘no bassline’… Have you ever listened no any new music? Bad Liar? Any Lorde song really?

I see people slamming Taylor because she’s white and from the suburbs so she cannot have been through anything real… As if she hasn’t been struggling through an assault and a lawsuit for the past 3 years, as if she hasn’t been slutshamed, called a snake and laughed at by literally everyone, and taken advantage of from the start. As if Kim and Kanye are such genuinely good people… Lol

I see people slamming her - again - for briefly taking her music off of Spotify because they didn’t pay her enough, as if every young artist hasn’t been saying that for years (the difference being they need the money, she doesn’t, which she has said so herself).

I see people slamming Taylor for her white feminism, which she partly deserves, but also slamming her for using feminism and her fights with other artists for pr. As if everyone including Kesha, Beyonce, Kanye, Katy Perry (since when is tumblr on her side again?), fucking Obama, everyone in the business doesn’t at least use a bit of that for their own brand. As if that’s a bad thing.

Most of all I see a group of people who have been waiting for this song to come out in order to shit all over it no matter what. It would have shown a lot more integrity if you would all just admit that instead of patting yourself on the back for hating on her, and ignoring everything else.

(Those stickers on Tumblr mobile are pretty dang cute lol)

HEY GUYS!!! You’ve probably seen me reblog my newest ko-fi page in the last couple days because I’m pretty tight on money and I’m struggling to save money. My dream is too move out of Utah and move to Oregon so that I can start on my career in Tattooing. However, I need to buy a car to move out, and I also need to save money for tuition because Oregon requires tattoo artists to go to school and take courses before they can apply for the job (tuition ranges between $10,000- $20,00 yikes). So, I’ve been saving all I can from working at a restaurant 9-10 hours on the daily and more if I have to. So far, I’m at between $1000- $2,050 in my savings, not nearly enough, so I decided to open up a ko-to account for people to donate if they can to help me out. I’ve never been one for donations, but whatever helps me move out as fast as I can, right?
My ko-fi account if anyone is interested:

Recently, I had another idea to help out with money: cheap self insert art. I am planning on only charging $3 on a drawing of you and your choice of character together! Not only is it for a good cause, but I also thought it would be a fun way to raise money. Currently, I have 3 commissions (almost done with one), but I plan on posting as many self insert requests as I can each Sunday! Since Sundays are my day off. If you are not interested in this kind of special, but still want to help, please PLEASE reblog this, tag people, anything. I really need all the help I can get.

If you are interested in commissions, check out my art blog @raining-static-art

My PayPal is

And again, my ko-fi account is

Please fire me. I had a woman come in late at night and use our ATM. She claimed that the ATM didn’t give her her money and that she was going to London and needed it. When I told her she needed to call the company for the ATM because we just leased it, she threw a fit for about 10 minutes. The kicker? She said she took out 30 dollars, when the ATM only gives out in amounts of $20s.

Car Troubles aka OK I Need some financial help aka Commission time

so a week ago my car broke down and i jsut got the bill and what happened, the details are HERE 

But as you can see the title I’m in a bit of a bind for money. So im offering up my skill as an artist to help raise some money to help my car get back to health. (also so my dad can get his truck back because I have been borrowing it for a week lol)

HI, hey, do you like drawings??? do you also happen to like drawings that might involve your OC’s or Charaters from popular shows/franchises????

do i have a deal for you! You can get drawings by me, YEAH ME like these:

Come by soon and get some nice drawings!

commission details and pricing here

SlotS (I currently have offers on the table and are subject to possible change? I guess? I plan to work as soon as I find more information or get contacted back)

1. nekosol (finished)

2. Neonchurro (finished) 

3. Nekosol (is back for seconds!) (finished! <3)

4. DeathtoHeaven(almost done!)

5. Meuz

feel free to contact me via tumblr. either by DM or Ask!


So I’m going to need to find all possible (legal) ways to make money this next year starting basically right now lol so I’m starting by selling my artistic skills! If you’ve seen my work, you know I like turning people’s selfies/pictures of themselves into digital paintings. I decided to set up a Fiverr to start this. If anyone would like one and willing to give $5 I would fully appreciate this!

And if you’re a real homie please help me spread the word


I need to spice up my dash because I literally don’t have a life outside of this website hahah

Help me by reblogging or liking (or both) this pose if you: 

are obsessed with fashion (but don’t have the money haha me) 

are kpop trash 

have a thing for asians hah 

have a thing for japan (but I mean who doesn’t)

I guess I have a thing for tattoos and smoke and artistic things as well 

if you just think your blog is nice lol 


i’m not in trouble or need money for a cause or something but i’m opening up commissions just because i am constantly out of money when i most need it, lol. anyways, here’s my commission info! i’m sorry if it’s an eyesore, if anyone wants me to type it up for them bc of issues i will do so.

anyways, yes! all the info’s in there! we can discuss anything u may have concerns about in pms, and if you’d prefer to talk somewhere else just lmk. i have discord ( firebug#5300 ) and email ( pm me for it ). 

i will draw anything as long as it isn’t offensive and abides by my rules. official characters, ocs, fursonas, idm as long as i get a decent ref that provides me with colors and a full body of the character. (at least if you want a full body colored pic, that is.)

art blog - best/fav art

anonymous asked:

How did you get into making cc? I feel like I'd enjoy making cc but I'm not really sure if I have the artistic skill or anything like that to do it, so do you have any input?

I started because I was inspired by other cc artists + As a child I always wanted to be a fashion designer and making cc was pretty close and didn’t require as much money and effort as being a real fashion designer LOL 

That said, you don’t need any “artistic skill”, try to get inspiration from real online clothing stores and just start making simple cc! That’s the perfect way to start, all the rest will come later with experience and passion. 

$$$ Artist Needed: Paying for Dragon Tattoo Design!!!

  • Hey guys!! If you’re looking for some money and aren’t too busy I’d love to pay for a design that I will get tattooed (on my thigh). Something like a Chinese dragon or Japanese dragon type is preferred! Maybe something like the picture I attached. I would like the dragon to be facing upwards like the dragon in the picture and to be holding a “fancy” egg (like those fancy eggs that are thousands of dollars) and I would like for the dragon to be pretty hefty such as the one in the picture (lol I just really like that dragon but I want mine to be unique and to give to a deserving artist). We can negotiate on a price and don’t worry I wouldn’t lowball, I’m sure if it’s a good tattoo I’ll pay very well. I can pay through Venmo or PayPal.

anonymous asked:

I don't know how I feel about Ari partnering with Reebok. Idk what it is, like I love the sporty look! But I feel like she's trying to be like any other artist who does this all the time.

lol you mean you feel like she’s selling out to a brand for cash? Yeah, duh. 

Ariana’s super picky but it’s great for a fandom when celebs endorse brands- it gives us more material and a place to support the artist if you wanted to. 

With her place in the industry it’s crazy she hasn’t had more brand deals like youtubers do more than her. She doesn’t need the money but still, I’m happy to see her choose a brand- we got HQ pics from it. Now THERE’S a rarity. 

                           okay, so this is a request for Percy’s(25, callum turner) assistant
                          correction; she is the one that calls him out on his bullshit but also helps
                           him solve cases. She is his better half, the Watson to his his
                           goofy Sherlock, the agent Scully to his dorky Mulder.
                             (rest of the request below)

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the signs as ridiculous Donald Trump quotes

Aries: “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Taurus: “I’ve got the hottest brand in the world.”

Gemini: “Somebody said I’m the most popular person in Arizona because I am speaking the truth.”

Cancer: “It’s always good to be underestimated.”

Leo: “People love me. And you know what, I have been very successful. Everybody loves me.”

Virgo: “It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.”

Libra: “I have an attention span that’s as long as it has to be.”

Scorpio: “I’m worth far too much money. I don’t need anybody’s money.”

Sagittarius: “Do you mind if I sit back a little? Your breath is very bad.”

Capricorn: “Private jets cost a lot of money.”

Aquarius: “I don’t like losers.”

Pisces: “The 1990s sure aren’t like the 1980s.”

lexhexmex  asked:

Is that Chinese doujin on plurk still available to buy? How exactly did you get it? Could I use Yoybuy for it?

I preordered it lol I didn’t get it yet… Yoybuy looks like a address proxy to me but you’ll need a way to remit money to the artist via local means(eg. bank transfer), they don’t take paypal(I asked)

wisdom tooth surgery comissions!!!

i’m  SO VERY open to draw anything to help the expenses

the surgery is $3,000 – my dad hasn’t been employed for years, and my mom has emptied all of her inheritance, savings, and paychecks to keep our house and family together.

i can do traditional or digital sketches, lined drawings, finished paintings, anything!!!! heres a comm sheet

contact me here or at !!!!! thank you!

IT IS DONE. And I am exhausted. Seriously. wtf.

The G2 Creators in some of their alt clothing, they change their clothes and looks a lot in the comic. Consider this their CMYK classy artist clothes :> Each of their draft lines are a different color of CMYK, G1 is RGB. Imagni has cyan draft lines. She sketched her dress, lol.

…. *fawns over handsome Unusti*

I have an emergency electric bill hanging over my head from last month that i need to pay this week or we’ll be cut off. This month hasn’t been particularly kind to me as predicted, both money and headwise. But i’m not going out without a fighto! I’ve been working my ass off and I’m still behind with a lot of stuff but i’m getting through it all bit by bit, like I do. 

I’m going to be ordering these prints this week so I’m now selling them at £15 (GBP not $ or euros) each. That price includes my shipping worldwide. If you’d like a SIGNED A3 print of this badboy then hit me up via PM and i’ll send you details for paypal etc ASAP. I need to sell at least 10 of these to pay my bill and unfortunately my Patreon only gives me money when i’ve done comic pages at the start of every new month, so the timing on this bill is really crap. Seriously 1 meal a day isn’t fun _^^^_; But i’m working on Engelbaum so I don’t care, I knew it was going to be tough and it’s worth roughing it out until things pick up. So please please if you’d like my latest print drop me a PM. 

*resumes gross cry position under desk* rrrrrr