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赤髪の白雪姫LOG3 // 桐谷カナメ

Title: 赤髪の白雪姫LOG3

Artist:  桐谷カナメ / @kaname731220 on Twitter

Pixiv Illustration ID / Pixiv Artist ID: 56237528 / 7813207

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This is Science Saru’s take on the characters and style. It was so exciting to work with such a talented studio like Science Saru. I wanted them to do their own take on the characters and look. This project was such a fun collaboration, and collaborating is my favorite part of working in animation. Everyone stepping in with their best ideas to get the best results.


I’m looking for a job and tryin to move out of a REAL exhausting house so it’s a good time to open up commissions here I guess!

Here’s some more examples of my art!

I can only accept paypal atm!

I WILL draw

  • fanart/fan characters
  • gore
  • ocs
  • pretty much anything that isn’t down below!

I WON’T draw

  • nsfw
  • mecha/machinery (nothin against it but i am NO good at it)
  • anytihng bigoted or what I deem offensive
  • irl people (unless given their permission)

Email me at if you’re interested or have questions!

i love how most victuuri fanart captions are something like “guess what show i started and cant get enough”“im sorry but i just fell in love with them”, “finally got to draw these two” or “they are so in love i just had to” like their reationship its so beautiful it makes everyone want to create something