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mmmm heres my dnd chara, Eva!!! shes cute please look @ her

heres also.. multiple color palettes bc honestly??? i still cant decide??? i like them all,,,,,

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about your fave ripping off prince lmao

you clearly don’t know me lmaoooo prince was integral to my unbringing (okay that sounds weird alkdfj) but i was raised in a family OBSESSED with him and i was lucky enough to see him three times before he died so ummmm you’re just… wrong?? so wrong???

have you never heard of paying homage???

harry clearly respects prince as an artist and digs his music and wants to make something that draws from that which is honestly what every current artist does because i don’t know if you know this but literally EVERYTHING has been done before

if you’re looking for something that’s actually annoying to start drama about let me remind you ed sheeran compared himself to adele alkjLKSADJFASD


I’ve been way too obsessed with these boys lately