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Baby’s First Pattern

Victo Ngai

Here’s baby’s first pattern design recently commissioned by Hong Kong airline in celebration of their new route from Hong Kong to Vancouver. This really fun project is made up of local Hong Kong elements such as dim sum, egg puff, street noodle, tram. etc. 

Big thanks to AD MoKit for thinking of me for this project and being so amazing to work with. 

little character design exercise!! they’re in a magical-girl anime about a donkey girl (April) that gets unicorn powers~ 

April: anxious and super nerdy. likes writing

Charlotte: chill vibes. makes music and skates

Judy: mom friend. loves plants and science

Lacus: hair stylist that loves to gossip. likes working out

Molly: genius w/ a competitive nature. she likes to paint

they’re all friends and also gay :^)