artist david wright

“It’s very hard to watch someone deteriorate like that … ‘cause he was extraordinarily funny, witty, intelligent, gregarious guy. And we had hitchhiked around the South of France and stayed in campsites and busked on the seafront and been arrested for our travels in St. Tropez. And so we’d spent a lot of time. We were friends from about 14.” — David Gilmour

David and Ginger on their wedding day, 7 July 1975. Ginger wore a white summer dress and David wore blue jeans and a ‘Welcome to the Machine’ t-shirt. As both David and Ginger had forgotten to get wedding rings, one of their witnesses, who had previously bought a box of Crackerjacks, provided them with the toy ring from the Crackerjacks box that David placed on Ginger’s finger. Later on, David designed for her a white gold wedding ring with two inter-locking hearts. - Ginger Gilmour - Memoirs