artist collaborations


Some collabs I did with @paperboxhouse in the past couple days! 

1st image: drawing by me, inks by alfred, flats by me.

2nd image: drawing by me, inks and flats by alfred, final color by me.

3rd image: drawing and flats by alfred, final painting by me.

MEGA COLLAB with @finncent and @twinkens-art !!!! 🎉🎊✨It’s Travis from Mother 4!

I did the sketch, @twinkens-art did the lineart, and @finncent did the background+color and details!! The best part is that we did this nearly 6 months ago and I’ve neglected to post it until now

‘I’m Sure She Knows’ Collage collaboration with Raf Cruz Collage  2016

Art Journal 📓 “Celestial Sisters II” Collage by Bonnie Currie of Arcane Memory Designs Copyright 2016

‘This Is What We Do Everyday‘ Collage collaboration with Raf Cruz
Started by Raf Cruz and finished by Pascal Verzijl © 2017

For the Kristanna Artist Challenge, I received this lovely line art from @karis-the-fangirl! Colouring in isn’t my strongest skill but I did try my best!  

I really hope you like it, Karis!