artist breakdown

The only bad habit I’ve successfully given up on is myself
—  The Art of Giving Up // A.S

Marker pen study of Breakdown’s hands. (Sloppily referenced from very low-res screenshots, please forgive.)

Hats off to Augusto Barranco and the other TFP artists who gave Breakdown such an amazing design. Just the attention to detail here. Dig those dead sexy knuckle guards with their diamond-shaped studs; our boy wears the robot equivalent of brass knuckles 24/7. I was also surprised by how long his fingers are. I had to blunt them to fit the page, but in reality they’re much longer than, say, Bulkhead’s stubby cocktail wieners, and likely more dexterous, too. BD could probably perform fine manual tasks as well as heavy lifting, which is part of what made him such a perfect physician’s assistant.

Just, yeah, great design. Love it.

Grantaire only has breakdowns when he’s alone and when no one can see him
He feels like his friends shouldn’t have to deal with him when he feels like breaking and pushes them away so he can finally not disturb anyone and just cry when no one can hear him

It’s no secret

that the voices


“things shall get better”

always escape from mouths

not suffering

like we are.

those truly suffering

know better

than to tape the cracks

of something broken

with false hope

—  I don’t believe you when you tell me “it gets better.” // A.S

You tell me to lift my spirits as if gravity isn’t dragging my bones to the floor.

As if nature itself is not trying to break me.

—  The world awaits my downfall // A.S
y’all who follow artists :

it is SO important to me & to any other artists you follow/interact with & especially to marginalized artists you follow that you reblog & share & connect our work with your networks!! don’t delete any of our captions or forget to credit us, but a reblog goes such a long way, not only for “exposure” but for any artists (like my yung queer blk ass who has been culturally taught not to value my art as art and my work as work) to see that they matter, that something they’ve made or shared with u mattered, to give a value to such vulnerability & time spent creating & brainpower. have a discourse with the work in the comments! tag yr friends! tell us u love something! critique! engage! 


In defense of “Clean Up”-

When I worked at Disney Feature Animation, I worked in the animation clean-up department. I started as a Breakdown Artist on “Hunchback”. By the time I left animation, I was Key Assistant animator. Often times people would say, ”Oh, so you trace other people’s drawings ?”. Well, we did put really pretty final images on the screen. But no, we did not trace. I went to school at CalArts. I studied character animation. I knew what I was doing. I liked putting characters “on model”, and completing what was needed in a scene I received from the animator. It’s true sometimes artists would not understand what the animators intention was and would end up changing the animation in the process. Not good. But, a good “clean-up” artist could keep the animators vision, understand the animation and keep it all looking consistent.  The best scenes happened when an animator and clean up artist had a mutual respect for the role each other played in getting a film finished.  Attached you can see a rough drawing along with my cleaned up version. Did I trace? Not exactly. But hopefully I put in the detail I needed, while keeping what the animator had imagined. It takes a LOT of people to make magic happen. Being part of a team working to make a character look like they were all drawn by one hand is an amazing experience. One that unfortunately seems to be gone. #2D

The echo of my feet crushes the reflection in the floor. Suddenly my steps feel like destruction before I’ve even dared to speak.
—  I’m desperate to feel something // A.S

…today’s accumulation of scratches while at school & bouncing around the train during the commute - working on Bartkira explorations, as well as a quick & messy color throwup in TVPaint before i totally pass out…

AAAAAAH! My copy of @spookyprime‘s comic “And Yet, We Are Stranded” got here! I can’t get over how gorgeous the colors are! Pretty much anything that glows came out gorgeous, and the cover is so preeetty! I’m going to get a slip case and backboard for it at my local comic shop. Must protect the precious!