artist art work

When they found you hanging in the wood
You said at least now I don’t have to kind nor good
I’ll be cruel and I’ll be obscene
Tear out my tongue
‘Cause I’ve been redeemed [x]

blackwater is a fun supernatural/horror story about a cursed small town, demonic possession, and the power of friendship. it has angels! demons! shitty humor! a stressed out, paranoid man who’s just trying to have a normal life! it’s less dramatic than it looks. i will never be content with this so just take it like it is so i dont have to look at it

This OC.
This fucking O C
She was Ticci Toby’s cousin and the daughter of Zalgo
Shipped with hoodie and a furry af kaWaii shit named Rin
Anddddd demon super proxy
She sang fucking we found love to bring Hoodie back to life whee ze

Whoops, hand slipped. Drew the edgy OC.
She seriously sounds like the fucking true image of a Mary-Sue, holy shit. Burn her before she decides to have kids.
And I apologise for drawing this crap. I couldn’t be fucked fixing proportions.
(She’s probably got torn piece of Hoodie’s jacket in her hands, I dunno.)

~Mod Patty