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Ṣ̟̫̲̜̝̜̻́A̛͕͔̫Y͇̦͙͕̘ ̷̰͇͎͔͡G̷̘̻͔̺͜͢O̶̰̜̼͓̫̲̪͞O̵̱͙͔̪̟̥̮̳D̨҉̱̮̕B̝̕͠Y̴̤̜̟̱̱͓͓͢E̴̶̱̠͚͙̯͕

So this is what I spent my time doing last night. Not very often I make this kind of thing. But the last drawing sort of sparked this idea that wouldn’t leave my head. So I drew it. >>; If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand. But when you gotta draw…ya gotta draw.

At this point I’m really hoping @therealjacksepticeye will see this because I am so proud of it. If anything, I hope the community enjoys it as much as I had fun making it. =)

some bungou for tomorrow’s artist alley commission samples

anyway it would have made more sense to draw akutagawa but the paper could barely hold all the ink on chuuya’s coat, so i changed it to kyouka


Boy, I hope you like Stranger Things art, because that is all I’m selling at DragonCon this year! Come find me in Artist Alley at the AmericasMart. I’ll be at booth 75I (whatever that means). We can cry about Barb together.

Update: Now that DragonCon’s over, you can grab these in my Etsy shop!

theoretically practiced art during homework breaks today


All my Anime Expo merch close-up, photo set 2 (click the pictures for bonus commentary from me). Artist credits under the read more!

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I wanna be
where my people are
i wanna see
wanna see the cosplay
walking around with my fellow… whats the word?
Standing in Hall H wont get you far
Comicons better with booths and signings
Comics an movies and seeing…. celebrities!
Draw Deadpool and me
in Artist Alley!
and all the things right across the streeeeeet
Wandering Free
wish i could be

perfect-tea replied to your post: Just finished shrinking a whole ton of Adipose and…

are you gonna be in the alley? or are you just making things to be more awesome than anyone else there? ~_^

I hope I am, I mean, I paid for a table and am listed under my studio name…

j/k, j/k

Yep, I’m going.  I’m in Row Z (aka the AWESOME PARTY ROW), right where I was last year.  :D  IT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN.