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some bungou for tomorrow’s artist alley commission samples

anyway it would have made more sense to draw akutagawa but the paper could barely hold all the ink on chuuya’s coat, so i changed it to kyouka


Ṣ̟̫̲̜̝̜̻́A̛͕͔̫Y͇̦͙͕̘ ̷̰͇͎͔͡G̷̘̻͔̺͜͢O̶̰̜̼͓̫̲̪͞O̵̱͙͔̪̟̥̮̳D̨҉̱̮̕B̝̕͠Y̴̤̜̟̱̱͓͓͢E̴̶̱̠͚͙̯͕

So this is what I spent my time doing last night. Not very often I make this kind of thing. But the last drawing sort of sparked this idea that wouldn’t leave my head. So I drew it. >>; If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand. But when you gotta draw…ya gotta draw.

At this point I’m really hoping @therealjacksepticeye will see this because I am so proud of it. If anything, I hope the community enjoys it as much as I had fun making it. =)

FANIME 2017 !!

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It’s really been fun but also completely nerve-wracking since it’s my first time doing a table. HOWEVER, I’m really excited and I’ll be there for all four days so I really look forward to meeting those of you who can make it!! ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

About the Haikyuu!! stickers: with a purchase of 5, you get 1 SURPRISE sticker of your choice, and if you buy all 10 stickers, you’ll get all 3 SURPRISE stickers!! 

(Special stickers are limited edition so they will not be sold individually!)

Also there are sticker versions of the Steven Universe designs that will also have a SURPRISE sticker with purchase of the whole set!

For those of you who have been asking me about my online store, keep an eye out for a future announcement towards the end of July. :>

Thanks and I really hope to see you guys there!!

I would’ve loved to make a meet-up/artist alley thing at some Con where my followers could meet me tbh - that would be a lot of fun!

anonymous asked:

So I'm honestly on the verge of tears because I'm at a con and there's a hat that looks exactly like Hancock's hat but I can't afford it sooo. ~Gushy Anon

(I accidentally closed the second part of this message but am glad you found a cheaper alternative! Sorry sorry for closing that >_< twitchy fingers on my end!)

I used to love going to cons but admittedly there’s a lot of pricey stuff there. I remember getting a hat for 40 something dollars, only to realize it was actually $25 online >_<;

If I ever go back to a con, Ill probably spend my money at Artist Alley or on things I definitely know I’d have trouble finding elsewhere. I do hope you’re having fun at con though, Gushy Anon. <3 Cons are fun, crazy experiences x3

I’m home! My cat missed me. He wouldn’t leave me alone for an hour or so after I got in the door. 

The convention was great. A guy in a John Egbert shirt won the Tournament I was running. They had a VR setup that I got to try out (Surgeon Simulator is much easier in VR mode). I got to introduce a couple of people to Wizard People Dear Reader. And as always there was a nice indoor water park to hang out during downtime.

I only got a few things in the artist alley. The cutest thing I got was a little egg shaped Pearl, which is currently sitting on top of my new tiny Mutie:

(Speaking of things that recently arrived, the Steven Universe Funko pops I ordered arrived today too:)

After the convention, I got to go down to Madison to watch the Welcome to Night Vale live show! The current tour is titled “All Hail” so if you’re familiar with Night Vale, you can probably guess (correctly) that the show focus on the Glow Cloud. That’s some classic Night Vale right there.

So yeah, all around a nice vacation. Time to get back to the blog!

So this weekend....

I was at a con as the head organiser of Artist Alley and selling things in the AA of KodachiCon, a Swedish geek con… and I was approached by Imperial Outlanders to join them (OoO). And the Nordic Garrison (Nordic wing of the 501st) suggested I check out Rebel Alliance if I was working on Hera.

I might be geeking out like crazy today.


All my Anime Expo merch close-up, photo set 2 (click the pictures for bonus commentary from me). Artist credits under the read more!

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hey hey! @silversteampunk and i are gonna be in the kumoricon artist alley, booth #31! with prints, stickers, jewelry, decoden, acrylic charms, commissions, and MORE! woah!!!

**please also note that the artist alley will only be open for 4 hours on sunday, so if you wanna come by and check out our booth i would recommend coming through earlier in the weekend :’D

When you make a run for cheap paper and you find a sale on good ass paper that’s normally 38 dollars for 20!!!! BOOOY!!!!!!!

A blessing. A fucking blessing.

I’m not being very active. I’m really trying to do this artist alley thing properly since that time I did it in the past I was young and clearly new -v-) 

I just want to draw shit for this blog though agh…. I might take a break tomorrow and draw for this blog… 

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Alice will you be at Anime Expo 2014?

I’ll definitely be there, but not sure about Artist Alley yet, I’m on the waitlist because I screwed up and signed up too late. Soooo that’s TBD… OH HEY I GOT A TABLE so yes I will be there crying at Artist Alley

I’m also going to C2E2 this year! Those are my only scheduled cons for 2014 so far.

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The panels were just as bad this year too. I go to get art and plushies and don't even touch the panels. And even in the artist alley, some things are sometimes a little sketchy. This year I did get harrassed for buying G1 ponies and got interrogated for why I like the old ponies. People seem to forget just how bad bronies can be. :/

god, that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that, I genuinely am. I hope you had some good times despite that.