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Picturing a New Life for Odds and Ends with @virgin_honey

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(This interview was conducted in German.)

Broken figurines, outworn toys, battered shuttlecocks, random bits of plastic. These seemingly useless items, carelessly tossed away by others, find new purpose in the playful assemblages of German artist Sabine Timm (@virgin_honey).

A practiced scavenger drawn to the sun-bleached and oddly shaped treasures found in flea markets and on beaches, Sabine builds amusing scenes from her collections at her home studio in Düsseldorf. Each arrangement is fleeting — most live only to be photographed and then are quickly disassembled. “I am always a bit sad to part with my ephemeral little creatures,” Sabine says. “But in taking them apart, I can again give rise to new characters.”


Melcher-Dallas, Iowa
Population: 1,288 

“Melcher and Dallas were separate cities until they merged into one city in 1986. In 1919, the Red Rock Coal Company’s mine near Melcher was the third largest coal mine in the state. This mine produced 187,427 tons of coal that year and employed 345 men.”