March for the Gurlz: Stop Killing Black Trans Women

Since the beginning of 2017, 7 Black transwomen have been murdered. Living at the intersections of race, gender and sexuality, transwomen in Atlanta and nationwide are demanding an end to this violence.

On March 26th Atlanta came together to take over the streets led by Black transwomen to celebrate their lives and mourn the ones we’ve lost.

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Ask my musical ABCs

A. Would you take “Amadeus” as your middle name?

B. Beethoven or Brahms?

C. Your favourite concerto?

D. Best dynamic to play at?

E. Your favourite ensemble?

F. Best film soundtrack?

G. German, French, Italian, English, or Russian opera?

H. Haydn or Bach?

I. What’s your primary instrument?

J. Jazz or “classical”?

K. Your favourite key?

L.  What’s the latest you’ve turned up to a rehearsal?

M. Thoughts on marching?

N. “New music”. Art or rubbish?

O. What is your favourite orchestra?

P. Favourite pop/rock artist/band?

Q. String quartet or string orchestra?

R. What’s your current repertoire?

S. What’s your favourite Symphony?

T. Trumpet, trombone, horn, or tuba?

U. Music for university/career or hobby?

V. Violin, Viola, Violincello, or Bass?

W. Wagnerite, or anti-Wagnerite?

X. Favourite percussion instrument?

Y. Why do you make music?

Z. What’s your sleep schedule like?