Jakub Rozalski

A small sampling of the concept art & illustrations you will find on the tumblr Art of Mr.Werewolf. In the words of this Polish illustrator from Krakow, Poland:

In my works I try to combine classical painting style & motifs with modern design & interesting concepts. For me, always the most important in my work is create unique atmosphere and tell some kind of story, show everyday situations in unusual environment. The biggest inspiration for me is the classic paintings of the late XIX and early XX century, history, everyday life, movies, games and books. [via]

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Just seen ive past 100 followers here!! Thanks guys! Here’s a Flat brush master study after TOM LOVELL. 

This was when things started to really click for me in terms of colour temperatures and how far i can/should exaggerate them. 

I always worry about whether or not my colours are complimenting each other etc. But thinking of colour as a temperature…should the colour be hot or cold here? What colour do i think would look hot or cold here? What about the shape of the colour too?

Just believe and trust in your own ‘sensibilities’ with colour…you might be surprised.