Check out my #seaotter doodles on my previous posts. I might make little stories with these guyz. Good night friends.

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Improvement since 19th of March - 17th of August. I have been doubting myself for a long time, but thanks to a few, @ageofwar666 and @linalexandra-ffxiv, who managed to somehow cheer me up, with kind words! (♥)

I went back to see just how much I have improved, if any. And. I think I have come a long way. I am actually surprised! 

The first picture is the first real drawing I did for my blog, and I was proud of it! And the comments and likes I got.. I was so proud! But now.. I haven’t been proud. But when I can SEE how far I have actually gotten, I want to go further! 

I hope you will stay with me during my journey, remember, I adore you all. And without you.. I would have stopped after the first picture. To go back into my depression, giving up.

 Thank you. You keep me going, and you all mean the world to me. 


Please do not repost anywhere, but reblog as you please, it makes my day, and if you like my art, it helps me grow ♥