((Joke mercilessly stolen from Tracy Butler of  Lackadaisy cats.

So, I love drawing messy manes, Sweetie Belle is my favourite CMC member, and well look, it’s Artisia! So I have to say I had fun with this.

However, I am now torn between Sugar Cube Corner for most complicated building in FIM (as Egophiliac has seen) or Carousel Boutique. Two of these backgrounds might be traces.))

((For Artisia because when one person is dominating a fanart tag you never expected to have in the first place, then dadgumit something’s gotta be done!
Plus she also called me one of her favourite pony artists once and the only way I can react to that sorta thing is with art.

So this is for you, Artisia Blue!))

(Edit- Remembered magic glow this time)

Oh, Sweetie, please don’t look at me like that…



Yes, I’m aware that the coloring is a bit rubbery and that I got Sweetie’s mane and tail style all wrong. I was doing the sketch from memory, leave me alone. D:

Also, I just found my high lighting pen and decided why the hell not, let’s have some good fun~!

Artisia’s not supposed to be that blue, either…I accidentally grabbed the wrong color to use on her, and by the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. :/ The next update, she’ll be back to her original color. And her coat marker was running out argh! By the time I finished that panel of Sweetie elbowing her I was like no buck you you don’t get a background no more.

First official page of my collaboration with Gargle!


Mod: It would have been nice for me to have created a background I could actually, you know, use for more than just this.

Guys, clean your house already.

Incidentally, there will be a new arc in collaboration with Artisia Blue, but I’m going to get some questions answered first while she struggles to extend her own arc and shake her hoof at my lateness.

<3 ya Artisia mod, but c'mon! Backgrounds! Booya!



Babby high up, problem solve how?



What haha no I wasn’t being lazy with this c'mon who do you think I am

Also, in Arty’s eyes, Gargle is still very much a baby. She considers her younger sister a baby, even though she’s a teenager.

Asker here

You…you guys know you can still ask me questions right. .u. Okay good just making sure I love you okay


Oh, uh…w-wow…I never really thought that I-I’d…um…you know…g-get this popular…-meep-

So! Uh…um…I-I’ll do a contest for that! Yeah! Er…the…rules will be…um…ah ha! You have to be following me, and either like this or reblog it, and you’ll be thrown into a raffle! -coughs nervously- E-erm…and then…I’ll randomly choose three of y-you to win the p-prizes listed below, a-as well as two runner ups.

It’s um…a f-funny contest, no? I’ll uh…do my best to do it right…!

1st place: Fully lined and shaded piece of work of their ponysona/pony oc + one other of their choice

2nd place: Fully lined and flat colored piece of work of their ponysona/pony oc + one other of their choice

3rd place: Fully sketched and flat colored piece of work of their ponysona/pony oc + one other of their choice

Runners-up: Fully sketched piece of work of their ponysona/pony oc

I h-hope you decide to participate, and I hope you h-have fun…! The contest w-will end on…hmm…February 1st, does that s-sound good to everyone…?


Mod: After work, Artisia usually checks the mail, but…GASP. A mysterious letter arrives from someone who knows her and Phantassa! Who is this Libratic, I wonder??? Perhaps you should ask to find out. -winknudge-

Too lazy to put in a colored post, but I’ll do it tomorrow!

Also, Artisia just didn’t know what went wrong with her getting Colgate’s mail.

Gargle gripped the sea troll’s fins tight as it let out a bellow, desperate to get away from the great beast behind them. He clung to the scales as though his life depended on them…and, technically, that was the truth.

Of course, Arty would have wanted to go treasure hunting in a sunken ship. Of course, there would be an actual chest filled with Celestia-knows-what. Of course, the sunken ship they found it in would be occupied by a rather large shark. With their luck, Gargle was surprised that this didn’t happen sooner.

But he digressed; now wasn’t the time to dwell on their poor history with Lady Fortune. He felt his blue friend’s hold on his hoof slipping as they swam faster and faster. Gargle let the troll go for just a moment to pull her back up.

He would have tossed her on the creature’s back, but at the moment they were going so fast that she would’ve been blown straight into the shark’s hungry jaws. That thing had already gotten her glasses; he was certain that she didn’t want her whole body to join her spectacles.

“Hang on, Arty!” he yelled over a squawk of the troll, “We’ve almost lost ‘im!" Despite the confidence in his voice, he wasn’t certain if what little luck they had was about to run out or not.



Garglemod, I did a thing again…

Also here’s the background because I’m a cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

Drawing’s hard. ;-;