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Our Spring Rain artisan candle is cleansing, renewing and refreshing. Pure clean scent, infused with grapefruit, tuberose & lemon essential oils. This fragrance is wonderful, without being overbearing.

Important information to know about these unique candles:

Each candle is handcrafted in our workshop, by us. Individually made and poured at the time of purchase, to ensure the freshest and most fragrant soy candle available.
Only kosher soy wax is used - Soy is biodegradable, clean burning and ecofriendly
Pure cotton wicks - Absolutely no lead here! These wicks are self trimming, which means no black soot and no need to trim them.

I have carefully chosen the boutique jar that my candles come in. The boutique glass is perfect for the scents that fill it and compliments any style. When choosing this jar, it was very important to me that it could be reused.

Burn time for this 8oz candle is between 50+ hrs, depending on room conditions



Thoughts while playing #Lovehacks Chapter 8: She Dates A Bad Boy. You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

What a long title.

We are playing as Cole? Yay! Talking about Dani’s next date. I am bored and am worried I will get tired of this book sooner than I thought.

More sorrow-drowning with Mark. I choose to tell him we’ll go to a club soon. No more Amy.

Package for C. Coleman! So maybe Cole got his name from his last name. I doubt his name is Cole Coleman.

Horatio’s going all hipster on Ultra-Mart. Why buy cheese in bulk when he can make his own artisanal cheeses at home?

Cole ordered cologne, his secret weapon. And I thought his words and smoothness were it.

Horatio’s saying something about souls and invisible threads. I am intrigued. I like how he is approaching LOVE.

Now playing as Horatio. Yay!

Our friends are giving us conflicting advice. Let’s go with Mark’s because Cole’s smooth lines aren’t very Horatio-like.

Isn’t this the girl from Most Wanted?

“I’m Horatio and my friends call me a hipster.” What? But it works. She’s charmed.

She’s not impressed he’s a bartender, but is impressed when Horatio guessed what kind of drink she’d order. A strawberry daquiri, he is saying. Sweet but not too much with a twist on the classic. I want a friend like him!!! What drink should I order, H?

Horatio is smooth in his own way. Genuine and simple. I like this guy.

He got the girl’s number but won’t call her, he tells his friends. Looks like the invisible threads of their souls didn’t connect.

Now playing as Dani. At this point I’d like to share that I’m losing connection with Lovehacks’ MC. I dunno. I just can’t empathize with her yet and it’s already been 8 chapters.

So we’re at The Garage with bad boy Hunter. Biker dude comes on to us and Hunter goes semi-berserk.

He’s standing up for “my girl”, he says. I think this is sweet under other circumstances.

Okay Hunter obviously looks like he has anger management issues. He’s roughing up the bartender for looking at “his girl.” I just want this date to end.

And it does. Thank goodness.

Now playing as Cole.

Oooh it’s Delivery Girl again! Horatio has a crush on her, I guess? It’s not Cole who ordered anything.

Cole and Mark totally get it. Do we convince Horatio to go after the girl? Of course! We will spend diamonds for Horatio!!

He runs after her. Her name is Tara.

We find out she’s not a huge fan of Ultra-mart but they pay pretty well. That she’s saving up for her own business. SHE MAKES HER OWN ARTISANAL CHEESES.

Invisible threads just connected, I believe.

They exchange numbers. Yay!!!! I support this romance!!!

Playing as Dani. Mark and Dani are catching up and they talk about love and zzz…

The end.

Final thoughts:
The obvious highlight of this chapter was Horatio’s lovelife. I am more interested in the Horatio-Tara love story than I am in Dani’s article now. Dani’s dates are predictable – bad boy equals bad date, otherwise it won’t have entertainment value. So… I’m kinda worried about where Lovehacks is headed, and so I’m eager to see where PB is taking us. We’ll find out more next week!

When Aliens Meet Dragons (RP with the-smallest-invader)

{♖}—; It was a sunny day in the Artisan home, looking over the green fields Spyro saw a herd of sheep he soon began to chase around for a bit for fun. Accompanied by Sparx as always, after they had just been out at Dragon Shores he was just having a good time but decided after a while that perhaps he could use the Superportal to visit another world.

He’d been to other places before and they were usually pretty cool, he knew dimensions that were distant were very different such as the human world. He knew in some realms dragons either didn’t exist at all or were extinct by human hands over a few reasons he found messed up, though he knew from experience not all were bad.

As well as that fact he knew some would flip out at the very sight of him despite his smaller stature and not quite threatening appearance, that is unless he got angry and felt someone needed a good torching when it came to baddies especially. The young dragon later decided to take a take a trip and after the Superportal was setup by the Professor and given coordinates as to where it would send them. 

Spyro and Sparx entered and found themselves in a forested area away from civilization, which was good as the portal would be safe and they made sure of that by hiding it as this portal could only be used as a gateway home. After making sure it was out of sight Spyro took a walk away from the portal heading where he was sure there would be sights to see.


anonymous asked:

The little Furby-like creature found himself in a rather strange place. A place with... dragons? Tattle twitched his large ears. Were the large creatures here friendly? The little robotic toy hopped so! (mamascary. Heyo friendo. I wanted to write you a starter on my side-blog.)

{🔥}—; Some of the adult dragons hadn’t even noticed the Furby-like creature moving about the grassy meadows of the Artisan home and seeming to be more focused on the activities some were doing.

But on the other hand, cue a certain purple dragon running around the grassy landscape having some fun with his best friend Sparx after a short race with Hunter. “Oooh man, we got ‘em good huh Sparx?” 

He watched his little pal laugh it off, they just dealt with some of the Fools in Dream Weavers and they sure showed them once again who they were dealing with. As they walked through the grass, Spyro noticed something.

Fearlessly approaching, it was the Furby-like creature and it reminded him a bit of the animals from Dark Passage which may be cute in the light but in the dark became beasts. Though he doubted that was the case with this guy, might as well have a chat. “Hey dude, where’d you come from? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you look like a puffball.”

[take five]

give yourself a break, relax and recharge before doing what you have to do.

[video game ost mix ft. chill places]


The Roost - Animal Crossing New Leaf / Pokemon Center (Night) - Pokemon DPPt / New Days - Persona 4 / Chao Garden - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle / Town - Final Fantasy IV / Lon Lon Ranch - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time / End of Time - Chrono Trigger / S.S. Anne - Pokemon FRLG / Zen Garden - Plants vs. Zombies / Travel Agency - Final Fantasy X / Sunlight Filtering Through Trees - Bravely Default / Restaurant - Odin Sphere / Lazy Afternoons - Kingdom Hearts II / Tavern - World of Warcraft / Artisan’s Home - Spyro the Dragon / National Park - Pokemon HGSS / Camp - Dragon Age Origins

pooka-dragon  asked:

The three Pooka Dragon kits were hiding in a burrow of a tree, whimpering as they shook with fear, Wind no where in sight.

{🔥}—; Spyro just got back to the Artisan home after taking care of his most recent enemy Red. After destroying all of the Dark Gems and defeating the former elder, he returned home only to find the Pooka kits seeming scared and with their dad no where to be seen.

This raised questions in his mind and he wondered why they were hiding and where Wind was. “What are ya doing, did a leftover Gnorc scare ya? If that’s what it is do you need me to flame ‘em?” He asked, being in a confident mood after his latest achievement.