artisans home


The sophisticated  Florentine apartment of Alessandra Tabacchi and Franco Mariotti, owners of Flair, the celebrated shop galleries, showcasing design furniture from the 1940s through 1980s, and limited edition pieces created in collaboration with master artisans. The  home is located on the banks of the Arno river (Lungarno in Italian) within a historic building, and was renovated with a mix of vintage and modern, according to the style of the store, located in a 15th century palazzo nearby.

Find dragons first. That is all I can tell you.

My friend Nahamut and I have started a project, we’re calling it #BringBackSpyro and we’re going to be doing all the dragons from the original game! We’ve wanted to do a Spyro project for some time and now seems like the perfect time to start one haha.

Here’s Nestor from Artisan’s Homeworld, the first dragon you encounter in the game and also the leader of the Artisans!

Nestor: “Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. Free ten dragons in the Artisan World. Then find the balloonist, he’ll transport you to the next world.”
Spyro: “What about Gnasty Gnorc? I’m going after him.”
Nestor: “Find dragons first, that’s all I can tell you.”

Avocado Toast-gate Update!

Where Gojiro breaks down the cost of budget-breaking Avocado Toast;

Okay so I’ve never had Avocado Toast before, but I can cook well so I figured How Hard Could It Be? I also don’t usually buy avocados, so to begin with I estimated that they cost approx. $15 apiece. So I went to the store to find out!

IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when at the supermarket, I discovered ripe California Avocados were 3 for $5!! How do they make a profit at this price? I also bought a lemon for .89c and a loaf of sliced Pane Toscano artisan bread for $3.00

Got home, scooped out the avocado guts and added the lemon juice to keep the avocado guts from turning brown, made some toast (brushed the toast with olive oyl, Popeye’s girlfriend) and voila;

Avocado Toast! Here’s the cost breakdown;

Avocados; $5 for 3. 3 avocados make enough spread for approx. 5 pieces of toast. Total cost per slice; $1.00

Lemon; .89c. Makes 5 slices of toast, .18c per slice.

Pane Toscano artisan bread; $3.00 for a loaf of 20 slices. .15c per slice. 

Drizzle of Olive Oyl; Hell it’s a drizzle - maybe .05c for argument. 

Total cost per slice of homemade Avocado Toast; 

$1.38 !!!

Fucking money-wasting millennial kids! No wonder you’ll never amount to anything!!!

It’s time to stop eating Avocado Toast, and start eating the rich. 

I made friends with this guy at school and it turned out his family’s rich and he’s really nice and everything but??? The culture gap keeps getting to me???
Like we were just talking the other day and I tell him about a teacher I didn’t like in grade three he tells me ‘yeah, when I was a kid we had this maid who always screwed everything up, so I got my dad to fire her’ and I’m???????
Like, this is his funny anecdote, I’m supposed to laugh, but I’m just staring at him and I have to say something so I just sort of laugh nervously like “dude… That’s actually kind of awful” and we got past it but??????? Yesterday we were talking again and I make a joke like “aw man, sure can’t wait to graduate and work till Im dead’ and he laughs at first but then he goes 'I don’t wanna do that, I’m retiring when I’m 40,” like it’s just this thing he can decide on??
And just then, I sort of realize… That probably IS something he can decide on?
Like… My mom’s pushing 50 and she’s trying to apply for welfare. I don’t really expect to do too much better. And he’s…. Really likely to get a solid job when he’s done school. We’re good friends now and we have a lot of fun together and I like him a lot, but… Everything I’m wearing right now is from goodwill, and I just took him to his first thrift store a week ago. He tells me his flat is a mess but I’ve seen it, it’s goddamned shiny, and I spent two years up in a travel trailer with no doors and a hole in the floor where the tub drain goes? And odds are, twenty years down the line when he’s done working and I’m management level in a department store he’s going to call me up and ask what I’m doing my life and I’m… Not going to have anything to tell him? He keeps talking to me as if we’re on the same level right now- like, he keeps saying things like 'Ooh, thee’s this place you have to see in Shibuyah" or, “Man, you’ve totally got to see this when you go to Dubai, you’re gonna love it!”
I don’t know how to tell him???
Like, how do you say that?
How do you just open up mid-conversation like “Actually, odds are I’m never going to step foot outside this country” or “I actually worked as a maid for a while; I easily could have been one of the girls your dad fired”….
How do I explain that?
We’re at a starbucks and I’m eating a brown bag lunch and he’s telling me about how his sister bought their mother the wrong diamond necklace for her birthday and I’m sitting there trying to figure out if he knows that he’s very very likely in fact to outlive me?
And yeah, in literal years too, but like LIFE?
Like, I’m definitely not going to have as much of LIFE as him?
I’m going to graduate. I’m going to get a job, and then I’m going to work damn hard at that job until I can afford to stop couch-surfing and get an apartment, and someday if I can I might have a two-bedroom rental and regular 9-5 hours somewhere that pays well, and if I work super extra hard and get very very lucky I might have enough to send my own kids to college, and if I keep going then there’s a chance I’ll get to retire in my sixties and go on a few road trips before my joints give out… And that’s going to be my life?
And him, he’s…. He’s already living in a high rise in the expensive part of town. He’s flying through school, no loans, no debt, on his way to the next new thing- he’s actually considering doing UNIVERSITY after this, too- and he says he’s going to do what he wants 'to spend the time’ until he’s forty, and he’s going to go back to india and London and America and after he’s done working he’s going to build another house for his kids and he’s going to start his own company and travel and maybe start a line of women’s jewelry and he’s learning old traditional techniques from artisans back home and
He’s just going to live
Like, I’m
It feels like
How immortals must look at humans
I’m going to be here long after you’ve moved on
You’re sort of
I’m going to die, man
You don’t seem to understand that, but this is probably it for me
You’re talking like there’s going to be something after my twenties and I don’t have it in my to tell you that the 'adventure’ part of my life it pretty much done, now
“You have to come with me sometime, you love reptiles, right? I have to take you out to the desert after grad, you’ll love it, it’s so cold here”
Yeah, man
That’s gonna be great