This post will be the first of many over the next coming month, as I’ve been trying to expand my skills and craftsmanship in any way I can by learning new things, I’ve come across several artisans whose work just leaves me completely lost for words - or more so have me going “HOW?!“

//Goldengrove jewelry//

Goldengrove Jewelry is handcrafted in Brooklyn using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones when possible. After graduating from Pratt Institute in 2007 and suffering a great personal tragedy Maggie Cross found the need to create pieces heavily inspired by Victorian Mourning and Sentimental Jewelry. Drawing from her background in printmaking each piece is made by hand and sculptural, celebrating it’s irregularities unique to the wearer.

Victorian mourning jewelry pieces have been passed down in my family amongst women for decades - my mother currently wears a large rose gold signet ring reading “T” for her maiden family name - beneath the face of the ring is one half of the comedy and tragedy duo - just the face of comedy.

One day I hope to get a custom piece of jewelry made by Margaret along with many other pieces, I’ve never been much of a jewelry wearer but that has to change for work like this.

2 days to my birthday and my love got me the best present, new #ink. Done by one of my favorite #tattooartists of all time @seveneightbylemur, I got my first color additions to my sleeve commemorating my home of #Trinidad and taking the islands beauty with me. And I know I am late for the #blackout #friday, but on a daily basis I invest my dollars in ways that are deeply aligned with values #BIPOC, #local and independent #artisans and business owners. I aim to move with as much intention as possible, I am #femme on purpose and here for love & justice. #tattoos #inkedwomen #artists

COVET  Aboubakar Fofana 

“We were trained by adults to recognize the different plants in the forest,” he says. “They would say, ‘This one is very good when you cut yourself’ or they'd tell us to gather a certain tree bark to make red dye. That was when I heard from the old ladies about indigo … .” Aboubakar Fofana, indigo master.

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Hats Off to Modern Milliners

For many, the word “milliner” evokes figures from a bygone era - antiquated artisans whose skill sets were passed down to them from earlier generations, and whose numbers have dwindled in recent decades. Today, their creations can come to define a person or look, like that vintage Vivianne Westwood hat has done for Pharrell Williams, or those Stephen Jones Millinery masterpieces have done for the Thom Browne runway. 

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Artisan Flatmaps

Playing with the SpyroWorldViewer and discovered flatmaps! As a Minecraft megabuilder who actually builds Spyro worlds, the flatmaps are a godsend.

Since I am not in the business of keeping them to myself, I figured I’d share the maps, for other ‘Crafters, writers, or artists.

Captions are on each image for which map belongs to which world.

Comprehensive Guide to Marrying Artisans


Why: These are the quiet, seemingly harmless introverts who like to fight dragons on their days off.  They’re humble badasses who tend to be really attractive for some reason.   Like it’s weird, all the ISFJs I’ve ever met have been sex gods.

How: Bring them to a weird play that makes you uncomfortable. Look into site specific and invisible theater. Bringing an ISFP to one of those is a great start if you want to marry one. Backpacking is also a good activity as you can have adventures away from the noise of civilization which your introverted ISFP will appreciate.


Why: If you want your spouse to be the perfect zombie apocalypse teammate, you would do well to marry an ISTP.  They’re good at thinking on their feet and can make quick decisions in crisis situations.  They won’t be that person who breaks down and cries about how the world has been destroyed and will keep on killing zombies when everyone else has given up.

How: Don’t be boring. ISTPs thrive on excitement. It might be a good idea to do things unexpectedly to make them do what they do best which is think on their feet. For example, you could pretend to take them to a city fair but actually drive them into the wilderness in the winter with no food or water in the car until they figure out what’s wrong and you have to sleep in an ice cave or maybe kidnap their mother then fake your own death.


Why: Charming, free, spontaneous and fun. If you’re the kind of person who likes a significant other who will defend your honor to the death, you should definitely marry an ESFP.

How: Take them to an intense rock concert or something and don’t talk about philosophy or the future. 


Why: ESTPs have two superpowers: mindreading, and sex. If the latter is very important to you, you may find your soulmate in an ESTP.

How: Show up at their house at five in the morning and say “Get up bitch we’re going skydiving”.