I know I’m usually pretty silent on here, and I havent been posting as much art as of late, but there’s something I’ve been meaning to put out there and I keep forgetting about it so I’m just gonna do it now.

Regarding my art, a few of my followers tell me that I’m being too hard on myself. That I already have a good style going or that since I have Artisano working with me on my games I don’t need to worry about my art as much. But I’d like to give an anecdote regarding the last time I thought that way, and the person who probably ended up being my single biggest motivator regarding art.

So I have a not-so-secret comic project I eventually want to do. I used to shill it on /co/ and /m/ all the time hoping that some artist or writer would eventually be interested. Eventually, I wake up the next day to find that this one artist sent me free character designs. This man’s name was Ignacio Galliano, and this is some of his artwork:

After he sent me those character designs,  I got in touch with him, and he, my editor, and I all worked on this project practically every day. He was always coming up with new ideas and had so much enthusiasm for it right when I was thinking of dropping it, so much that it renewed my interest in it. Some of his artwork may not be the best that there is, but I was just happy enough that someone cared enough about my ideas to do all of this.

My main source of communication with him was google talk, with some occasional meetings on skype. He had no tumblr, twitter, or really any other way I could reasonably contact him besides email. He had a deviantart that appears to be long dead ( ), but thats about all I found. But it didnt matter to me, because I could still contact him and I could show him my artwork and everything was super good.

But suddenly, after six months, and in the middle of a conversation about a fusion of Black Dynamite and HnK, he vanished mid-conversation. I thought “well he’d just be on the next day,” but he wasn’t. Nor the next day, nor the next. Didn’t respond to emails either. My editor and I were both baffled by this. There were times when he didn’t get along with my editor, but he would always start the conversation with me, and still seemed enthusiastic about the comic in general. And at the very least, he could’ve said that he wanted out or needed a break, or at least some form of correspondence. Whatever the case may be, I was devastated for awhile. I tried looking for another artist who would be willing to do this, but none seemed to want to do it pro-bono, or had the enthusiasm and determination that he did towards the project. I eventually decided that it would be in my best interest to take matters into my own hands, and start working harder on my own art rather than looking for others to take care of the hard parts. Maybe even get into animation, idk yet.

But this is why I keep trying to push myself, and am always looking for ways to improve what I’m doing. I’m doing this to keep the dream alive, because this is what Ignacio would’ve wanted to see, and I want to bring what he wanted to completion. It’s why I keep working on my art even when I have people like Artisano helping out with my game, because what if something were to happen to him like it happened to Ignacio? There are times where I feel that maybe I’m not really “designed” or “geared” for drawing the way people like Jaramo or Guitarbeard or Liefeldian Abomination do (and if I’ve ever PM’d you about my art I thank you for putting up with what I ask. all of u are saints). But whatever the case may be,

I think I’m making my way there, yeah.

It’s been about two years since you first contacted me. Two years later, I’m still keeping this up for u…