ACE.VG is pleased to announce that our first game, Aliens Go Home Run!, is finally available for download on Windows. Developed in 10 days for gbjam 4, this game is an “action breakout” title that pits you against aliens with a baseball bat and a helpless alien curled into a ball.

the-ult / ultdev - Programming, some GFX/SFX

artisano / artisanogame - Most Graphics, Characters, Box Art

Kommisar (Soundcloud) - Music

framk20 / framk - some jingles

Play it here:


Ceramica CUERAVAPERI, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, Mexico (Sra Guadalupe Garcia Rios y Familia Morales Garcia):

Tariacuri 478,Tzintzuntzan.Michoacan, Mexico

Email: marluz_mg

Photography© Florence Leyret Jeune

friendshipstates asked:

"Hi there!: The human with the pompadour waves to the Turian. "Welcome to Best Served Cold ice cream parlor. Fred and Artisano are currently busy, but I can take your order for you. Would you like to try the firecracker flavor? It's dark chocolate with popping candy and a hint of hot pepper."

The Turian wearing a suit and red scarf smiled and his mandibles flicked. He loved ice cream even from when he was a kid “I’ll like to try that.” He said

Who is ACE.VG?

ACE.VG is a series of collaborations between the-ult / ultdev and artisano / artisanogame , with maybe some other people in between. Here, we strive to put both quality and quantity first, and are planning to offer some incredible experiences coming your way. Most future announcements concerning Rakugals, our current main project, will now be posted to this blog. However, they will still be reblogged by the other sub blogs. Look forward to more info soon.

Concerning that last post, what does this mean for this account?

I’m probably going to use it more to post about any solo stuff I do, along with postmortems/hindsight stuff and maybe some college projects also. Some info about Rakugals will still be posted here independently, with maybe some stuff reblogged, but I decided to make ACE.VG with Artisano because I feel that at this point, Rakugals is as much his as it is mine. Artisano will probably still post on his blog about Skeleton Boomerang and some of his other solo projects, but I help out with them every so often and plan to help out even more with future installments in the Baseball Aliens series. I hope this clears up any questions anyone had.