Harry’s a Pilates Teacher and He Likes Bambi. A lot.

“James is never angry, thank you very much. He is the most content of all cats, actually. The vet says she’s never seen a more comfortable cat.”

“What sort of a name is James for a cat anyway?”

“I love Gavin and Stacey.” Harry stared back her, his face blank, willing her to go on. “James Corden.”

“You named your cat after James Corden?”

“Got a problem with that?”

“No,” he smirked. “Not at all.”

8500 words, be nice. I tried.

A big thank you to my home gals @islareeveswriting and @harrysmeadow for once again being true angels and reading this one several times for me, and spotting all the things that didn’t make sense which I’d missed. Where would I be without them?

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Boss!Harry AU - Part 1

So here’s part one of the Boss!Harry thing I’ve been working on recently. I’ve got more parts written for this that I’m working on and I think it’s a pretty great story that I’ve got planned. I hope you like it as much as I’ve liked working on it! Enjoy x

The storm is in full force outside with the rain hammering down against the windows of the loft space you had found weeks ago for the party. It was one of the first assignments Harry had given you, inviting you in to his office on your very first day and telling you that you were going to organise the biggest party the company had ever thrown…or at least this century. After the initial fear and the realisation that nobody was going to help you, you’d gone out of your way to find this place to prove yourself to him; the ceilings are high and the open upstairs looks over the main floor below, with two bars at either end of the room, and plush sofas and cushions around the outside.

The weather man had told you all for days ahead that the storm was coming and your boss had unexpectedly insisted that you brought your clothes in to work today so you could jump in to his car instead of going home beforehand. He was unusually nice to you, in comparison to everybody else, but you put it down to being new, and that maybe after a few months he’d start to treat you with same contempt he does others.

He’s so judgemental and moody all the time at work. Any attempt at a joke from the office gets a sarcastic laugh followed by silence and he never notices when anybody does anything right for him. If they do something wrong, however, they’d be lucky to make it to the end of the week without having one of their big projects taken away and be given to somebody else as punishment for being unable to complete something as simple as a brief for a meeting.

You clean up your face in the bathroom mirrors where your eye make has smudged a little from the downpour between leaving the car and entering the building. He was still a little rude by taking the umbrella for himself but the lift was a shock all on its own; any more and you’d have been asking too much of the world. The bathroom is cold without as many people’s body heat radiating like it is in the main room and you make the trip quick so as to avoid freezing to death, making your way back in to the party, mingling with the other guests.

“Drink?” A smiley Harry hands you an empty glass as he catches up with you heading towards the bar. He’s got an open bottle of champagne in his hand and a ‘you know you want one’ look on his face. You give him a small thanks as he fills the glass before you’ve even say yes, sliding a hand down to the small of your back afterwards, and gently escorting your to the bar. With his fingers lingering on your bare skin, you silently congratulate yourself at wearing the backless number that had been hanging on your bedroom door for a while, unworn until now.

It isn’t a crush - not really. There’s just something about him which makes you long for his attention and want to impress him all the time. Remembering his favourite coffee from the artisan coffee shop next door to the office earns you a smile each morning, making sure you arrange for all his meetings to finish by six each night seems to help in making him less grumpy with you than he is with everyone else, and staying late to help him out when he has too much work on his desk…well, that’s more for your enjoyment than his.

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Door Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see other mood boards as H+L fics, click here)

This mood board is dedicated to @becomeawendybird: for listening to me whine about it for days on end, and encouraging me not to abandon it. 

Top Left: Secret Garden AU
Louis is spending the summer with Niall’s family in Ireland, but one day he wanders a little far from their large estate. He’s mesmerized by a locked, ivy-covered door he finds hidden among tall, overgrown bushes. When he tries to ask Niall about it, he gets scolded and told never to go back there. Unfortunately, Louis is nothing if not dangerously curious, so he continues his pursuit of the mysterious place. He finds himself at the nearly-abandoned mansion of Harry Styles, a recluse that nobody has seen in years. Despite Harry’s attempts to scare Louis away, he keeps showing up every day – asking about what’s behind the door, sneaking around Harry’s house in search of clues, and unlocking little pieces of Harry’s guarded heart.

Top Middle: Neighbors AU
Louis hasn’t met his new neighbor yet, even though it’s been weeks since someone moved in to the identical flat next door. What he has learned, however, is that this neighbor seems intent on proving his or her worthiness to Louis in the form of gifts on his front step: baked goods (‘because I had extra!’), small trinkets (‘thought this was cool’), even a lone flower taped to the door with a note that said ‘just appreciating the beauty around here’. Each note is only signed with “-your neighbor. xx” Louis chalks it up to an overly friendly (and possibly lonely) elderly woman. One night, Louis goes out to a club where he meets Harry – incredibly gorgeous, can’t-believe-his-luck, Harry. They mutually decide to leave together, and imagine Louis’ surprise when the taxi pulls up in front of Louis’ own door. Cue some mild confusion and cute realizations. 

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Our Eyes Ch. 3 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Good evening lovelies! I hope you’re all doing well. Tonight I’m at my school’s spring musical, which is really good, by the way. I’m feeling better today, I got to catch up with one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a while which was nice. Anyways, here’s chapter three of Our Eyes. Enjoy! xoxo

Description:  You’re a quiet girl who hangs around coffee shops, capturing what you see onto paper. You’ve always minded your own business, never getting involved with anyone in any relationship for reasons you’d rather not say out loud. He’s a super soldier who keeps to himself, never one to really talk to anybody that he doesn’t have to. He’s been through a lot, but never talked about it, always shoving it into the back of his mind. A chance encounter makes some sort of connection between you two and suddenly everything changes. Your eyes tell a story, as well as his, but will either of you find the courage to say it?

Warnings: None

Chapter 2


You had been rummaging through your closet for hours now, trying to find the perfect outfit for this date you were going on with Steve. Ugh, this is too fancy. Now, this is too casual. I look stupid in this. What if I just showed up in sweatpants? All these thoughts were running through your head as you tried on outfit after outfit. Your room was cluttered with all of your discarded clothes with shoes on the bed and dresses draped over chairs. You placed your hands on your hips and huffed out a breath, blowing a stray piece of hair out of your face. An idea came to mind and you dashed away back to your closet. Sifting through the little clothes that were left hanging, you found a F/C dress that you had bought a while ago that you just never got around to wear. 

You stripped yourself of your old t-shirt and sweatpants and slipped it on. It was sleeveless, simple, black dress. It was perfect. Not knowing what you would be doing on this date, you decided to wear a pair of flats with it and finished off the look with your favorite necklace. Your hair fell effortlessly around your shoulders, framing your face nicely. The light makeup you wore brought out your eyes and highlighted your cheekbones. You usually never put this much effort into how you looked, but you thought you should probably dress yourself up a bit since you were going on a date with the hottest guy you’ve ever met. 

Just as you had slipped your shoes on, the door bell rang. You took one last glance at yourself in the mirror and took a deep breath. You placed your hand on the door knob and turned it. As you opened the door, you were met with a smiling Steve. 

“Hi.” You were so captivated by how well he had cleaned up, that was all you could say. 

“Hey. Wow, you look… stunning.” He met your eyes and smiled. You averted your eyes away from him, your face slightly tinting pink. “Are you ready to go?” He offered his arm to you and you nodded, wrapping yours around his toned bicep. 

The two of you strolled down the sidewalk, asking each other about work, hometowns, and even stupid, but funny questions. He led you down streets, turning corner after corner. You could tell that he knew this place like the back of his hand. The two of you cracked jokes and laughed at each other, almost as if you two had known each other for all your lives. You just felt so comfortable around him, being with him was so effortless. 

You turned left down a street, leading you onto a small, cobblestone one that featured small shops, an artisan bakery, and a hidden restaurant at the end of the street. You led you to it and opened the door for you, being the gentleman he was. You took the elevator up to the rooftop where a balcony overlooked the city. There were only a few other couples there and you realized that this place was kind of like a little secret. He pulled out your chair for you, and took a seat across from you at the table. He smiled, the nervousness evident in it and his voice. 

“Do you like it?” He crinkled his eyes, raising his eyebrows.

“Do I like it?” You were admiring the view of the night skyline of New York City. “Steve, it’s amazing. I love it.” You turned to him and gave him a genuine grin. A weight was lifted off of his shoulder and he suddenly felt so much more relieved. The food was amazing, the view was beautiful. You told him about when you moved to New York, and his eyes lit up as he told you about his childhood memories. His childhood seemed kind of outdated, he mentioned radios and old telephones, but you brushed it aside. Maybe his parents liked that kind of stuff. After dinner, you decided it was getting late, and you had work tomorrow, so you told him it would be best if you went home. He told you he was going to walk you home, that someone as gorgeous as you shouldn’t be walking by themselves. You gladly accepted, one for the fact that you got to spend more time with him, and two, you got to hold his bicep.

“You haven’t said much about yourself besides your childhood… tell me more about yourself?” Your curiosity was peeking through your little smile and bright eyes.

“Hmm, well-you see-”

“You know what? It’s okay, you can tell me when you’re ready.” You gave him a kind smile and pecked his cheek. His face turned slightly red. You tilted your head into his shoulder as he walked you down your street. He walked you up the steps and held your hand.

“I had a really nice time, F/N. I really want to see you again. Would you let me?” His eyes softened, and he stepped up a couple more steps, so that his face hovered close to yours.

“Yeah. I’d really like that. I really want to do this again.” You gazed up into his ocean blue eyes, and flitted your eyelids down to his lips. He did the same. And then the gap closed, the feeling of his warm and soft lips against yours. Fireworks went off in your head, butterflies formed in your stomach. Your head seemed to spin and you simply forgot everything that happened next as you faded into complete bliss…

I hope you all liked it! I think I’ll post three new pieces tomorrow to make up for this kind of crappy chapter. I’m so sorry about this lol. Have a wonderful evening, xoxo


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Handheld at 1/60th with a high res camera isn’t a great idea. But sometimes it can work, along with a wide aperture to convey the feeling of a place like this Castlemaine artisan shop. When you walk around in the shop, it is overwhelming in terms of texture, colour and old world feel, and the photo reflects that feeling - that there is simply too much to take in all at once.

I love this type of push-back against interior minimalism. It takes you back to a childhood feeling where things just invoke feelings directly, and inspire just because they are, without the need to dissect and intellectualize them.

A 50mm prime lens in a tight environment like this means you get little quanta of the overall space. However, I have cropped this shot because the drawback with this type of shooting is the ever-present persistence of large, out of focus and dull foreground objects.

Can’t wait for the new @MiiR retail store to open up! The store will be equal parts an artisan coffee shop, a place to pick up a beer on tap, and a place to check out the latest MiiR goodies, like this rad tumbler.

Silicon Valley Gothic

The entire block is coffee shops advertising free wifi.  You spot a taqueria in the corner, only to find that it has turned into an artisanal ice cream shop.  It also has free wifi.  The overlapping wifi networks create a pattern that cancels out.  You will have to use the internet from your phone.  They say this curse is because everything is built on Native American remains.

The Caltrain you’re on is stopped.  There has been a fatality on the tracks.  All your fellow passengers stare impassively into their phone screens as they voice their frustration on twitter: late to work again.  A Google Bus drives by.  A Facebook bus drives by.  An Uber bus drives by.  Another typical Monday.

You can’t tell if this is a fusion restaurant, a patisserie, or a coffee shop.  The menus no longer have decimal points.  The menus no longer have English words.  The menus are no longer paper.  There is no wait staff, only an iPad with Square and Yelp.  The food comes: it is three slices of avocado in squid ink.  It is 40.

You are developing an app.  Your friend is also developing an app.  So is your boss.  And your dog.  And your dogsitter.  He says his app is like “AirBnB but for dogs.”  You smile encouragingly and ask about the app store approval process.  Soon, you tell your app.  Soon it will have the sustenance it needs.  Your app shimmers ravenously.

There are more white men named Matt on your team than there are women.  You think about changing your name – Matt has such a nice ring to it.  At work, you high five the other Matts for their excellent choice in geeky t-shirts.  The woman has disappeared.  You don’t remember anything about her.  You invite everyone to play Settlers of Cataan.  Even Manpreet.  He will be a Matt soon enough.

You have lost track of how many public transit systems you’ve been on in the last 3 hours: VTA, Caltrain, BART, Muni, AC Transit, Samtrans.  You are still stuck in Redwood City.

There is a 3 bedroom house for sale for $3 million.  The website for the house plays the conversations of the original house owners.  They were Japanese immigrants from 1940.  They are asking to be let out of the dark box.  You click “subscribe.”

in between passport pages (i found you)

Title : in between passport pages (i found you)

Characters : Taehyung of BTS

Genre : Fluff

Summary : In a foreign city which tongue you can’t quite decipher, you run into a man who proves that with the absence of language, you understand a thousand different things worth running out of word for.

Word count : 5,038 words

A/N : I just want to write something sweet to recover from all the cryptic depressing stuffs bighit has been throwing us. And this is inspired by that episode of Bon Voyage where Taehyung doesn’t know where the heck he is, yet relishes every single second of it.

I hope you love this piece, and if you send me feedbacks, I’d love you with my fat little heart for eternities <3

Originally posted by jeonbase

Thinking that you can tackle a one-week backpacking trip to Italy, lured by a free ticket you’ve won from a mere stroke of luck, is probably an idea more stupid than exciting now that you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, they say, and you blatantly believed in the promises of rejuvenation and stories in between passport pages. But your roots are of a tedious college scholar, not of an outrageous wanderlust, and if there are two things you are terrible at, they are directions and languages.

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ONE SHOT: Know You Better

Know You Better
Pairing: Clint Barton / Natasha Romanoff (Clintasha, Blackhawk)
Wordcount: 2389
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There are things Natasha knows about Clint that he does not know about himself.

1) He cannot look at a dog without smiling.

When they are on assignments, if they happen across a canine, Clint will grin. He tries to hide it, or keep it small, when he’s not supposed to be smiling. The closer the dog is, the bigger Clint’s grin threatens to become. A dog that Clint can pet may result in him smiling enough for teeth to show, and if he gets to cuddle it, there is a good chance of him smiling and maybe even laughing easily for the rest of the day.

Puppies are worse. Natasha has seen Clint turn into some bizarre form of goofy when puppies are present. At times such as those, she considers it a wonder that Clint’s entire apartment building hasn’t been filled with furry mongrels he falls in love with every five minutes.

The dog that lives with him is more of a friend and companion than a pet, and probably the only reason Clint doesn’t smile constantly at home around it is because he thinks of him as his friend, not as a dog. Lucky, he calls him, which strikes Natasha as incredibly typical of the normalcy Clint has always yearned for in life. But then again, Natasha has seen the dog eat pizza right out of Clint’s mouth, Clint grinning the entire time, and so perhaps the smile-at-dogs rule applies even to Lucky.

2) Clint’s left shoes wear out before his rights.

Though the archer is ambidextrous, he does slightly favor his left hand. Consequently, a small percentage more of his arrows are fired with a favoring to his left side rather than the right, a small percentage of his daily life is favored with his left side as well, and the weight distribution results in the left shoes taking more wear-down than the right ones.

She has tested Clint’s ambidexterity, throwing things at him without warning and at random intervals for years. Actually, she’s been doing it since the day they met. She knows he can catch equally well on either side (when she doesn’t get too sneaky and smack him in the head or chest before he can throw a hand up), but the left gets used a little extra anyway. The human brain chooses a side to favor no matter how balanced the skills, and while Clint may be unaware of his very slight favoritism, Natasha has seen it.

During missions, if Clint is taking a particularly difficult shot in close range of herself, Natasha does her best to ensure it is easy for him to use that favored lefty instinct if his subconscious chooses to.

3) Clint prefers his coffee the tiniest bit bitter when he’s feeling anxious or unsettled without clear reason; he prefers his coffee as smooth as possible when sad or angry.

Clint has his moods, the same as anyone else. He is also a coffee fiend: coffee is a tool he relies on for consciousness as well as a comfort substance. This he acknowledges, but he doesn’t seem to realize that when uncomfortable, he makes or orders his brew just a bit on the bitter side. Natasha has stocked his coffee cabinet with blends bitter and smooth, and noted how he reflexively reaches for one kind more than the other. Cheaper beans seem to be best for an anxious Hawkeye.

She thinks this is a balance thing. By imbibing something with an edge from outside himself, Clint perhaps is relieving some of the edge within his mind. Perhaps it is a chemical thing, some subtle biochemical response to those particular coffee blends that eases discomfort.

But when he’s sad, or furious, Clint’s smoother blends are a comfort of better worth, it seems. He savors these, rather than gulp them down as he usually does with coffee. When Clint is angry enough to be clenching his jaw, no longer talking things out (and Clint is the one between the two of them who is a proponent of talking for coping), Natasha brings him a coffee from a small artisanal shop out of Portland, the smoothest she has researched. She doesn’t tell him that it’s special, but she has seen it soothe his fury far quicker than mere patience.

She keeps a bag of the blend in her footlocker, carefully sealed in an airtight container, just in case, as well as a grinder and press to use solely with those beans. She has become an expert in the art of a good cup of coffee.

4) When he wants to tell her something, but time or clearance or privacy won’t allow, Clint favors standing on her left. When he wants to tell her something and is allowed, he tends to stand on her right until he blurts out whatever secret he’s about to share.

Sometimes Natasha will deliberately stand with her left side to a wall when Clint seems to be trying to keep a secret. His body becomes anxious for not being able to take up its subconscious comfort zone, and it wears him down faster.

Natasha can always get a secret out of Clint when she wants to.

And then…

5) Clint is in love with her, but he won’t tell her.

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Dattatreya said: “The names of my twenty-four teachers are:

1. Earth

2. Water

3. Air

4. Fire

5. Sky

6. Moon

7. Sun

8. Pigeon 

9. Python

10. Ocean

11. Moth

12. Honey-gatherer

13. Bee

14. Elephant

15. Deer

16. Fish 

17. Dancing girl Pingala

18. Raven

19. Child

20. Maiden

21. Serpent

22. Arrow-maker

23. Spider

24. Beetle

1. I have learnt patience and doing good to others from the earth, for it endures every injury that man commits on its surface and yet it does him good by producing crops, trees, etc.

2. From water I have learnt the quality of purity. Just as the pure water cleanses others, so also the sage, who is pure and free from selfishness, lust, egoism, anger, greed, etc., purifies all those who come in contact with him.

3. The air is always moving through various objects, but it never gets attached to anyone of them; so I have learnt from the air to be without attachment, though I move with many people in- this world.

4. Just as fire burns bright, so also the sage should be glowing with the splendour of his knowledge and Tapas.

5. The air, the stars, the clouds, etc., are all contained in the sky, but the sky does not come in contact with any of them. I have learnt from the sky that the Atma is all-pervading and yet it has no contact with any object.

6. The moon is in itself always complete, but appears to decrease or increase, on account of the varying shadow of the earth upon the moon. I have learnt from this that the Atma is always perfect and changeless and that it is only the Upadhis or limiting adjuncts that cast shadows upon it.

7. Just as the sun, reflected in various pots of water, appears as so many different reflections, so also, Brahman appears different because of the Upadhis (bodies) caused by its reflection through the mind. This is the lesson I have learnt from the sun.

8. I once saw a pair of pigeons with their young birds. A fowler spread a net and caught the young birds. The mother pigeon was very much attached to her children. She did not care to live, so she fell into the net and was caught. The male pigeon was attached to the female pigeon, so he also fell into the net and was caught. From this I learnt that attachment was the cause of bondage.

9. The python does not move about for its food. It remains contented with whatever it gets and lies in one place. From this I have learnt to be unmindful of food and to be contented with whatever I get to eat (Ajahara Vritti).

10. Just as the ocean remains unmoved even though hundreds of rivers fall into it, so also, the wise man should remain unmoved among all sorts of temptations, difficulties and troubles. This is the lesson I have learnt from the ocean.

11. Just as the moth, being enamoured of the brilliance of the fire, falls into it and is burnt up, so also, a passionate man who falls in love with a beautiful girl comes to grief. To control the sense of sight and to fix the mind on the Self is the lesson I have learnt from the moth.

12. Just as black bee sucks the honey from different flowers and does not suck it from only one flower, so also I take only a little food from one house and a little from another house and thus appease my hunger (Madhukari Bhiksha or Madhukari Vritti). I am not a burden on the householder.

13. Bees collect honey with great trouble, but a hunter comes and takes the honey easily. Even so, people hoard up wealth and other things with great difficulty, but they have to leave them all at once and depart when the Lord of Death takes hold of them. From this I have learnt the lesson that it is useless to hoard things.

14. The male elephant, blinded by lust, falls into a pit covered over with grass, even at the sight of a paper-made female elephant. It gets caught, enchained and tortured by the goad. Even so, passionate men fall in the traps of women and come to grief. Therefore, one should destroy lust. This is the lesson I have learnt from the elephant.

15. The deer is enticed and trapped by the hunter through its love of music. Even so, a man is attracted by the music of women of loose character and brought to destruction. One should never listen to lewd songs. This is the lesson I have learnt from the deer.

16. Just as a fish that is covetous of food falls an easy victim to the bait, so also, the man who is greedy of food, who allows his sense of taste to overpower him, loses his independence and easily gets ruined. The greed for food must therefore be destroyed. It is the lesson that I have learnt from the fish.

17. There was a dancing girl named Pingala in the town of Videha. She was tired of looking out for customers one night. She became hopeless. Then she decided to remain content with what she had and then she had sound sleep. I have learnt from that fallen woman the lesson that the abandonment of hope leads to contentment.

18. A raven picked up a piece of flesh. It was pursued and beaten by other birds. It dropped the piece of flesh and attained peace and rest. From this I have learnt the lesson that a man in the world undergoes all sorts of troubles and miseries when he runs after sensual pleasures and that he becomes as happy as the bird when he abandons the sensual pleasures.

19. The child who sucks milk is free from all cares, worries and anxieties, and is always cheerful. I have learnt the virtue of cheerfulness from the child.

20. The parents of a young girl had gone in search of a proper bridegroom for her. The girl was alone in the house. During the absence of the parents, a party of people came to the house to see her on a similar mission. She received the party herself. She went inside to husk the paddy. While she was husking, the glass bangles on both hands made a tremendous jingling noise. The wise girl reflected thus: "The party will detect, by the noise of the bangles, that I am husking the paddy myself and that my family is too poor to engage others to get the work done. Let me break all my bangles except two on each hand”. Accordingly, she broke all the bangles except two on each hand. Even those two bangles created much noise. She broke one more bangle in each hand. There was no further noise though she continued husking. I have learnt from the girl’s experience the following:—Living among many would create discord, disturbance, dispute and quarrel. Even among two persons, there might be unnecessary words or strife. The ascetic or the Sannyasin should remain alone in solitude.

21. A serpent does not build its hole. It dwells in the holes dug out by others. Even so, an ascetic or a Sannyasin should not build a home for himself He should live in the caves and temples built by others. This is the lesson that I have learnt from the snake.

22. The mind of an arrow-maker was once wholly engrossed in sharpening and straightening an arrow. While he was thus engaged, a king passed before his shop with his whole retinue. After some time, a man came to the artisan and asked him whether the king had passed by his shop. The artisan replied that he had not noticed anything. The fact was that the artisan’s mind had been so solely absorbed in his work that he had not known the king’s passing before his shop. I have learnt from the artisan the quality of intense concentration of mind.

23. The spider pours out of its mouth long threads and weaves them into cobwebs. It gets itself entangled in the net of its own making. Even so, man makes a net of his own ideas and gets entangled in it. The wise man should therefore abandon all worldly thoughts and think of Brahman only. This is the lesson I have learnt from the spider.

24. The Bhringi or the beetle catches hold of a worm, puts it in its nest and gives it a sting. The poor worm, always fearing the return of the beetle and the sting, and thinking constantly of the beetle, becomes a beetle itself. Whatever form a man constantly thinks of, he attains in course of time. As a man thinks, so he becomes. I have learnt from the beetle and the worm to turn myself into Atma by contemplating constantly on It and thus to give up all attachment to the body and attain Moksha or liberation".


Gorillas, we are thrilled to finally bring to you our Hive Hoops! These beautiful weights are flame formed into glass hoops, later sculpted and engraved by the glass artisans at our Cold Shop. These are available in two sizes, both with a wearable sizes of 6ga+ (4mm+), 4ga (5mm+) and 2ga (6mm+) . The Large version is 3" long and weighs 1oz (28g), while the Small version is 2 ¼" long and weighs 5/8 oz (17g). Only available in Crystal and Black!