Can’t wait for the new @MiiR retail store to open up! The store will be equal parts an artisan coffee shop, a place to pick up a beer on tap, and a place to check out the latest MiiR goodies, like this rad tumbler.

Musée d'Art moderne de la ville de Paris
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한편, 해브빈서울 아트라운지 에서는 -
꽃피는 봄, 북촌 가회동
민화 民畵 - 그리고, 기운이 오다.
홍지옥 작가
havebeenseoul_Art Lounge
서울 종로구 가회동 1-71번지 1층 2016. 4. 4- 2016. 4. 24 open: 오전11시 – 오후6시
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Elegantly Sculpted Stained Glass Planters by SNL Creations

Inspired by the magic of reflective surfaces, stained glass artisan Susan Napper-LeDuc brings glass to life by subtly infusing color into her elegant sculptural planters. The maker shares that each piece, “through the process of reflection and refraction, the interplay of light (especially from the sun), surrounding colors and movement of glass provides a show that’s both joyful and mesmerizing to watch.” Visit SNL Creations at Etsy to find out more about this beautifully handcrafted collection.


Sweet Mother’s Day Cards that Reveal a Special Surprise 

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, time is running out to find the perfect card for that special lady in your life. Shop 3XU has you covered—they create unique sentiments that have an exquisite three-dimensional element to them. From the outside, they’re small matchboxes, but each slides opens to reveal a sweet surprise inside. Each card is customizable and a cute way to say “I love you.” See more of Shop 3XU’s handiwork on Etsy.


Sea Witch’s Charms: Barnacles Ring, Kyanite and Silver Ring, Hand Carved Ocean Talisman Jewelry by Moon and Serpent

For news, giveaways and more jewelries please follow me on Instagram @moonandserpent or

"Fuck capitalism!"

Typed the twentysomething on his brand-new MacBook as he sipped his high-priced low fat chai soy latte from his favorite artisan coffee shop and checked his iPhone 6s Plus for updates on when his Amazon order of Che Guevera’s biography was arriving by private courier. He was careful not to spill any coffee on the Bernie Sanders T-shirt he paid for with the color that matched his premium leather boots perfectly.

An ombre jellyfish inspired by the depths of the ocean. :) Completely handmade out of polymer clay and available here on my Etsy store: