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So this is the process of the pine bench build that goes with the one legged pine table. This ensemble went (yes, I’m done already. Sorry for being a lazy bum and not uploading) into a relatively small kitchen. The diagonal braces are for mitered joins of the boards that go on top. The whole ensemble has a completely hand planed finish and a coat of sillica oil, which doesn’t darken the wood like linseed oil. You can see the planing done in an earlier post, where I fitted the dovetail pin in my kanna.


Trying out silver gilding for the first time ever. The first picture is the tooled book before applying the silver and the next one is with it on top. Tomorrow I’ll post the finished decoration and I have to say, it was quite a difficult task working with loose leaf. For a first time experience however, I think it was quite satisfactory.


i was thinking about dean thomas, a kid with only six years of experience in the magical world forced to become a fugitive, and seamus finnigan, who is tortured to the point that he’s unrecognizable, finally seeing each other after being separated for a year


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I don't want to bother I'm sure you have lots of asks about the dragon s, but if you haven't received it or done it perhaps a rose quartz dragon that basically plays match maker because it can see the connections between soul mates? If that's not too silly or sappy for you

You should work with rose quartz. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart. The stone of love. More like rose quartz is the stone of the needy little dragon the size of a small cat that is decimating your flower garden and won’t leave your poor apprentices alone. Rose quartz is the dragon that steals your tools and your lunch and presents them as gifts to the gruff florist across the street. The dragon that chimes softly and tilts its head just so whenever you threaten to ship it to somewhere else. Somewhere far away. Rose quartz is the dragon that curls up contentedly on the stove when you’re done cooking dinner and okay maybe there is such thing as unconditional love after all.

I made these Ambrollins chibi needle felts last year during my stay in Sweden. Decided to get around and post the pics of them for mine and my bestie @nooneym‘s 3rd Anniversary with Ambrollins as our pairing. I made and gave these to @nooneym, but I hope to make another set soon. 


Filmed a few steps in the gilding process on one of my last journals. As you can see it’s a time consuming process but still a lot easier and quicker than using real gold.

Foil has a heat activated adhesive on it’s leaf and it’s very comfortable to use on leathers that are more intensely treated and not that susceptible to real gold.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Part 2

Prelude, Part 1

Pairings- Loki Odinson x Reader

Loki takes an apprentice he finds himself getting unusually attached to.

My prelims are finally over! I’ll be continuing this fic and catching up the rest of the fanfics I have to write now, sorry for all the inactivity this week.

This part is a bit of a filler just so that the story can pick up some pace; I’ve got three more parts planned out in advance and I promise, they’re gonna be good.

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Palazzo Fendi and Fendi Private Suites, Rome.

The Italian fashion house Fendi restored its Palace in Rome and opened there its first luxury hotel-Fendi Private Suites- and a roof restaurant. Downstairs, the 17th-century palazzo was completely refurbished by French architect Gwenael Nicolasseven and includes an atelier where clients can even watch the artisans at work. Designed by DimoreStudio, the second floor features the privee Fendi VIP Apartment, a luxurious private and exclusive space to welcome and host FENDI’s top clients. According to DimoreStudio aesthetics, its style turns out dramatically sophisticated, with a highly curated mix of vintage classics, contemporary design and art pieces: pastel sage and dove colored lacquered walls, baby green paint and dark blue silk fabric wall-coverings, the striking bookcase made from lacquered metal and colored cathedral glass, brass touches, the soaring ceilings and the molded boiserie set a refined yet warm and intimate mood. The 7 room hotel is hidden discreetly on the third floor of this brand’s flagship store Palace and was designed by Italian architect Marco Costanzi, who created a stylish but subtle ambience, using  blood-red Lepanto marble and white travertine, custom-designed furnishings from Fendi Casa, Jan Kath carpets and Giò Ponti mirrors. Up above on the fourth floor Rainer Becker‘s upscale Japanese restaurant chain, Zuma, has opened its first Italian location.

This is a needlefelt request from http://pongoi, I had opened needlefelt requests in order to get more ideas on what to work on and sell at my shop. My needlefelt requests are currently closed, but I am still opened for commissions. He’s made of purely of wool roving that has been needlefelted into shape and stands at about 1 and 3/8s of an inch tall. 

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What kind of job can a vampire maintain? I mean sure they don't need food and such, but unless they have no qualms about sleeping in the sewers they gotta pay the bills.

Few to none. Vampires are doomed to live at the margin of society, and while there are certain jobs that may accommodate unstable night time (freelancing, artisan work…) it’s just doomed to fail in terms of our strong administrative shit nowadays. It’s not like cash-in-hand work is that stable and profitable ;)

Comic illustration under the read more (and here’s the source)

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What do you think about Denmark?

well you gotta specify which Denmark you mean here, the country or the APH character

Denmark the country is………..well its a country. its a place with people and culture and politics and history, none of which I am in any position to comment on. like theyre people. they have a life. thats pretty much it with any culture I dont have any deeper connection or familiarity with tbh

Denmark the character is this nice and cool dude whos book smart and loves childrens story, loves a good laugh, likes craft and artisan works, drinks beer with sweets, loves his family but values independence, stays up late to watch crappy TV and stares out the window at the sky because he doesnt want to go to sleep yet, tries his hand on many music instruments but isnt too in tune with any of them, likes sex and doesnt really care about it at the same time, likes to watch people do their things, was adventurous and is still proud of that, takes time to learn and open his mind but is willing to do so, bickers with his family over cookies and candies, wears goofy sweaters like trophies, believes somewhat in magic, has good luck when it comes to weathers, has a merchant’s mind and knows its value, bears a grown-up’s loneliness that he doesn’t know how to let go of, cares a lot about his hair but lets people mess with it and suffers the consequence by himself, has a misplaced sense of possession that just leaves himself in shambles and isolation at one point, will reason out an excuse for his emotions just so he can keep them, because thats how he knows hes alive. I mean I like shitposting with him because hes just that kinda character, but also hes one of the characters who feel real to me, and I value that a lot. granted by now Ive abandoned Himaruya-sensei’s canon and just……swing my way with given clues………..but what can I say thats how it is now

also sorry that this is both long and nonsensical as can be