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I don't want to bother I'm sure you have lots of asks about the dragon s, but if you haven't received it or done it perhaps a rose quartz dragon that basically plays match maker because it can see the connections between soul mates? If that's not too silly or sappy for you

You should work with rose quartz. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart. The stone of love. More like rose quartz is the stone of the needy little dragon the size of a small cat that is decimating your flower garden and won’t leave your poor apprentices alone. Rose quartz is the dragon that steals your tools and your lunch and presents them as gifts to the gruff florist across the street. The dragon that chimes softly and tilts its head just so whenever you threaten to ship it to somewhere else. Somewhere far away. Rose quartz is the dragon that curls up contentedly on the stove when you’re done cooking dinner and okay maybe there is such thing as unconditional love after all.

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Okay no offense but it's a dress. A fucking dress. Beauty and the beast is fiction and honestly who cares that much about the historical inaccuracies of her clothing enough to name that as a major flaw in the movie??¿?

hey look it’s my first ever anon hate!

like. ever.

Part of me really doesn’t want to dignify this with a further response, but you know what? I’m going to.

It’s more than just “a fucking dress”. It’s what I’m planning to do as a career. It represents the efforts of a serious artisan whose work was co-opted by someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing.


Palazzo Fendi and Fendi Private Suites, Rome.

The Italian fashion house Fendi restored its Palace in Rome and opened there its first luxury hotel-Fendi Private Suites- and a roof restaurant. Downstairs, the 17th-century palazzo was completely refurbished by French architect Gwenael Nicolasseven and includes an atelier where clients can even watch the artisans at work. Designed by DimoreStudio, the second floor features the privee Fendi VIP Apartment, a luxurious private and exclusive space to welcome and host FENDI’s top clients. According to DimoreStudio aesthetics, its style turns out dramatically sophisticated, with a highly curated mix of vintage classics, contemporary design and art pieces: pastel sage and dove colored lacquered walls, baby green paint and dark blue silk fabric wall-coverings, the striking bookcase made from lacquered metal and colored cathedral glass, brass touches, the soaring ceilings and the molded boiserie set a refined yet warm and intimate mood. The 7 room hotel is hidden discreetly on the third floor of this brand’s flagship store Palace and was designed by Italian architect Marco Costanzi, who created a stylish but subtle ambience, using  blood-red Lepanto marble and white travertine, custom-designed furnishings from Fendi Casa, Jan Kath carpets and Giò Ponti mirrors. Up above on the fourth floor Rainer Becker‘s upscale Japanese restaurant chain, Zuma, has opened its first Italian location.

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I'm tall and average. Brown hair and blue eyes. I come from a very artisan culture, but I work a trade business. Although I wouldn't consider my job very.. typical for my line of work! My favorite color is green and I'm very adventurous. I'm well traveled, I've been practically everywhere (including space!)

describe yourself on anon and i’ll say if i’d date you.

that all sounds so fascinating!! 
conditional yes on the condition that you take me traveling with you

Biz burada dünyayı değiştirmek için toplanmadık.
Mütevazi bir önerimiz var;

“yeni bir dünya yaratmak !”

Comandante Ramona

(As a Tzotzil Mayan woman, “Ramona” left her home in search of work. She experienced the disparities between the rural communities and the larger towns. And, seeing that life was unjustly different for Indian women, she joined the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) to make life better for rural people, especially women.Comandante Ramona also helped to integrate women’s interests within the EZLN’s first list of demands, including demands for: birth clinics, childcare centers, spaces for women’s artisanal work and selling, as well as access to education and family planning resources for indigenous women. Her struggle was very intersectional: challenging traditional gender norms within rural Chiapas communities and at the same time pushing for indigenous rights within a larger country context.She participated in various actions with the EZLN, including the National Indigenous Forum, The First National Congress of Indigenous Women in Oaxaca and pushing for the San Andrés accords. She died at 47 years old from kidney failure.)

Using Your Gifts for the Gods

There are many ways to honor the gods. Prayer, rituals, and offerings are the ones we think of most often; they are so very explicitly god-directed that it can be hard to look beyond them.

But we all have our own gifts and talents, our strengths and inclinations, that can be used and directed in ways that honor deity. Not all of us are ritually and dramatically gifted, nor do we all have the knack for spirit or energy work (if you do, it’s wonderful and I love to hear about it, but it will never be my experience because I don’t have that in my skill set). But we all have something.

If you are an artist, art! Images of (or for) the gods, made with loving hands and heart, are a wonderful way to express devotion.

If you are a craftsperson or artisan, you can work your craft in a similarly devotional way, making representations of the gods, or gifts for them, or items made with them in mind, in many different media. My altar to Aphrodite has on it (among other things) knitted shawls, handmade jewelry, handmade oracle stones, and a hand-bound book; all were made by me, some more skillfully than others :). There are very few arts and crafts that cannot be worked with a devotional focus if desired. The connection can be quite direct in some cases (candlemaking, weaving or embroidering of altar-cloths, hand-making a book for use in one’s personal devotions, etc.).

If you are a cook (or a baker) you can make food with the gods in mind, either as an offering, to be eaten in a ritual or other sacred setting, or as a way to bring the gods into another aspect of your life.

Those who make wine, mead or beer can make libations of their own crafted drink, giving extra love, strength and a personal connection to these offerings.

If you love to study or have an academic focus, it can be very rewarding to read and learn from the work of scholars on ancient religion, either ancient or modern-day; even for those who do not have any sort of a reconstructionist bent, it can be illuminating to discover how others have connected with your gods in the past.

Poets can write prayers and devotional poetry. Creative writers can write similarly in prose. Writers of non-fiction can write essays, opinion pieces, or informational writings. In all these cases, the result of your work is not only a way to honor the gods but one that can be easily shared with others.

If you keep a garden, there are many possibilities–you can dedicate your gardening work to a god or gods (this is particularly appropriate for a goddess like Demeter). You can maintain an outdoor shrine for a deity with plants chosen to please that god (roses for Aphrodite, an apple tree for Idunna, an oak for Zeus or Thor). If you are more of an indoor type you can keep and care for houseplants with a devotional focus. I’ve often thought that a nice kitchen herb garden would be a lovely and subtle altar/shrine for some gods, although since my kitchen faces north (and my thumb is only the very palest shade of green!) this is probably not something I will do myself.

I would love to hear about ways others have used their own gifts, talents and interests in ways that have connected them with the gods or otherwise enriched their spiritual or religious life!


Celebrating the junkyard genius of Nairobi’s informal workers

Tahir Carl Karmali’s intricate collages are a tribute to the city’s scrap entrepreneurs and ‘reclamation artists’ The term ‘jua kali’ is Swahili for ‘fierce sun’, and originally referred to the travelling pedlars and artisans who worked in the midday heat. It’s since evolved into a name for workers in Kenya’s informal economy. From fixing cars to cobbling together anything from electrical goods to clothing using discarded items, the jua kali are talented repairmen, junkyard inventors and DIY entrepreneurs. Inspired by their inventions and creativity, artist Tahir Carl Karmali has created photomontages to portray the craftsmen and women

Holy hopping jabbits! Can you smell it? 

That smell of mingling foods from various planets, grubby gold coins, and faerybloom mixed with heavily treated chlorine? It’s S.C.A.R.’s second seasonal Funfair celebrating the Nexian summer solstice! To beat the heat, we’re rolling out a new feature attraction, MEGA SLIDE SPLASHCRASH.

Just like the previous fair and like a real festival, ALL FOLKS are encouraged to build their own booths to represent themselves and/or their guilds! Are you an artisan? Feature your work for all to see and purchase! D’ya train? Host a booth for your services! Recruiting? Hand out those fliers! Bard? We have a spot for you next to the garbage cans!

SPLASHCRASH will be held starting at 5:30 PST/8:30 EST on July 21st (earth time). To set up your spot, please send me mail through this tumblr, or contact Potato Jane and room mate access will be granted. There are a few basic instructions to setting up your booth.

Since the turnout last time was so large, there have been a few organizational changes, such as the option for guilds and communities to reserve a larger space than a standard booth (think of it as a community venue!) Depending on how many representatives there are, we may have to limit the total that can represent, but we hope to accommodate everyone. Finally, as we get closer to the Funfair, more attractions will be announced along with a FAQ about setting up your space. Stay tuned! 

For any questions about the event or setting up your spot, you can also ask these fine Nexians -

Jarekai Lightweaver ( jarekai )

Jellifer Jaazamataz ( fangsofamber )