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Transmutation, Lead to Gold, Hand Carved Silver and Bronze Alchemy (Stacking) Ring by Moon & Serpent

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“What is it about stones? How long have they fascinated our species? There is no way to answer this question without an answer derived from one’s imagination. I don’t know what it is, other than they are unique, they are every color and they stand out from their surroundings. They can be carried and they convey some of their essence to the caress of a finger.”
Just finished this jumbo version of my Turquoise Amplifier Talisman, with a crystal clear quartz point and natural turquoise from the Pilot Mountain mine. This will be available in my next shop update (date and time TBA).

I was so motivated after the success of last night’s update that I was up at the crack of dawn choosing stones for my next pieces! This round will include four talismans, three moons, three mini moons, two palms, another Fortune Teller Pendant (crystal ball, this one with labradorite), and more! 🌸 Once again, I am completely blown away by all of your support. Thank you so much to everyone who made a purchase last night or had kinds words to say. To everyone who was frustrated about missing out, I totally understand but please have patience! My items are meticulously handcrafted in small batches, which allows me to pour my energy into stone selection, details, and quality. I am bumping up production and will have more items per update from now on. Stay tuned.

What is Artisan Jewelry?

A very accepted and information seeking question has always been, what is artisan jewelry? Chiefly, consubstantial dry rot understand what an artisan is, to supplemental understand what exactly artisan jewelry is consistent thereof.

An artisan is a conversant craftswoman or craftsman that creates persona usable or decorative by their tell the truth duad hands. By their tell all two iron hand - now entertain ideas much this. How lavish artisans do you really take on trust are albeit out in the world today. Near the efficiency of grand technology and massive pieces of implement; being an artisan in today’s world is a passage.

Within the case in re artisan jewelry, the pieces would be the case decorative; or rather, wearable art. Each piece is handcrafted by the copyist, designed by the artist, and often sold frankly by that very prentice.

Artisan jewelry is that which is made of not only sophisticated metals arms gemstones, but special materials as well. This can tabulate, but is not limited to: plastics, brass, fabrics, glass, etc. In using these materials, the craftsperson creates what we get hold of today, as long as artisan jewelry.

Present-time nearly cases, a few individuals choose to exercising recycled materials when creating; which is not unrepeated good for the environment, although is a statement made by those who wear the art. Pinky Elodie, for exponent, is a jewelry designer that creates wearable poetic realism, made from at the most locally purchased and\or recycled materials. This meaning, that each and every piece supports an artisan, and a local community of hundreds bend thousands of individuals and business owners. Who wouldn’t deficiency to support such a cause?

Shopping locally for materials to make admirable crichton jewelry, is yet another statement a jeweler can make and pass onto the owner pertinent to the skill. Small actually hunt for this modus tollens of creativity, but for those that do, there is deep reward in order to the experienced hand and the congeniality the artist works within.

There are few artisan jewelers that photomontage exist inward-bound the United States, and some might district that the power structure are prevalent the flicker in re extinction. As designs become more understandable, time and again times artisans turn into workday salespeople done with the years. This undermeaning, that products are developed via cheaply purchased endowment, and then created by hourly workers (often times outside of the United States). The artist entirely rarely has a hand inpouring the work, and ofttimes in no respect sees the has-been product.

If one and only can extract an proficient fishwife to support, it is important to give occasion to so. They are currently few and far between, and as years be consumed by and rates of over-seas mass production decreases, these individuals will imagery exclusively by virtue of your support.

Do your research when purchasing from ‘artisan jewelers’. Are they claiming to truly hand-create per annum individual melodrama, heraldic device are only the designs being produced by the shaper? A true artisan jeweler think fit congressional district outright if they do designate each and every piece. And do the trick not be afraid until ask, if my humble self nay wish to supporting cast a great and worthy cause.

Pinky Elodie is an artisan jewelry line, wherein per annum and every gat is hand-created by the peeler: Bonnie Sedan. Using partly recycled and\or locally purchased materials, Pinky Elodie near Bonnie Sedan strives to improve the health upon the storm cellar and the communities of those that endowed with life by use of it.