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Tyniana of Orthrond, The Glass City

‘Tyniana grew up in a city made mostly of glass in honor of the moon goddess Selune. Left to pursue her dreams she landed in the industrial city of Milestyr and trained under a dwarven master blacksmith named Ti'Del. Tyn became the talented equal of her master. Together they invented the revolver and earned their permanent tenure in the artisans guild. Tyniana decided she had expended all the tinkering knowledge that the continent had to offer, and so she sailed east with only rumors of knowledge to follow…’

Character belongs to & was commissioned by Collin!


I started to vector the lowpoly Artisans today.

Then I had the idea of turning the art into a postcard layout. Decided to make it with a square format, 10x10 cm. So far it is like this:

The title was made with the original font used in Spyro games, LithosPro Black (was lucky to find out it is available in Typekit).

I will upload the final version as a free download for everyone to use o/ Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to add. Not sure if I should add something in the back, for example.

twoforjoy  asked:

Has anyone ever made a dragon out of a volitile material? Like pure sodium?

It wouldn’t work. Part of the reason that dragons can only be formed from natural, non living substances is that need for stability. The stuff a dragon is made of is what the dragon is. It wouldn’t be kind to make something that is jst going to destroy itself.

Dragons can be damaged just like any other living thing, and they don’t heal so well on their own.

There is an old artisan out there, a grandfatherly man with shaking hands. Some say he used to be a potter, others a jeweller. In the end it doesn’t really matter. He takes gold and silver and solder to broken wings and cracked scales, repairing the damage of careless craftsmanship and hard fights.

The dragons that live in his workshop are a strange clan of varied size and temperament, polished gem nestled up against alabaster and common stone. They share a fierce, fiery loyalty to the artisan-who-repairs.


Sigrun + Personality Types (insp.)


absolutely amazing.


Want new-and-exciting plots for your character? Long to reach out to more of your followers, but don’t know where to start? Fear not! Fill out this form and give your RP partners both present and future all the of juicy jumping off points they need to help you get your characters acquainted.

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Mun name: Please call me Blake. c:
OOC Contact: The IM system or asks is the best way to contact me. As I actually don’t have Discord or Skype.

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

Spyro is an Artisan dragon from the Dragon Realms. He is the local hero of the realms after saving the world from Gnasty Gnorc and many others in later times, he is best friends with his dragonfly companion Sparx. Spyro & Sparx currently are living in the peaceful Artisan home after recently defeating Red the Dragon and saving the realms from darkness. Despite their latest victory, Spyro & Sparx are always willing to lend a hand if he’s needed or if another villain tries to stir up trouble in their home. One recurring issue to note is the egg thieves always trying to snatch eggs away and Spyro always saves them and returns them where they belong.

Points of interest:

Both Spyro & Sparx  were stolen as unhatched eggs by thieves, who were stopped by the other dragons and soon were both hatched at the same time. Despite the thieves not being able to take them far, they both never met their parents and just like that, they were orphans. They grew up together at each other’s side, growing close as brothers. He was raised by the dragons of the Artisan home with Sparx at his side. 

After almost a decade unexpectedly, a goblin-like creature who was banished long ago named Gnasty Gnorc attacked the realms with a spell that froze all the dragons in crystal.  Spyro & Sparx were spared from it’s effects as well as Gnasty’s army. As the gnorcs began to invade, Spyro went on his first adventure and in the end the feisty little dragon had saved all the dragons and defeated Gnasty Gnorc. In the aftermath he would be praised as a hero and go on to achieve many other great things and defeat many other villains and save other worlds.

What they’ve been up to recently:

Spyro & Sparx are currently enjoying life in the Dragon Realms since peace had been restored once again since Red’s defeat. Beyond that point in time he hangs out with some of his new friends that’s he’s met on his adventures and the younger hatchlings look up to Spyro and he is always happy to help when someone needs something from him.

Where to find them:

The Artisan Homeworld. In the Dragon Realms. 

Current plans:

(Post-Canon/Main Verse) Just wind down for a while after many adventures, but is still helping out with the problems around the Dragon Realms should someone need him. 

Desired interactions:

I am very happy with the many characters Spyro has interacted with so far, most are crossovers but I find them all very enjoyable. The classic Spyro fandom may be small and rpers from it are rare, however I would be very interested in interacting with some of the villains from the series like the Sorceress or Red.

But a really interesting one I think would be Bianca, cause she was once the apprentice to the Sorceress and an enemy of his. she eventually turned on the Sorceress and redeemed herself to help him defeat the Sorceress. Bianca even won the affections of one of his good friends, Hunter. He doesn’t think she’s a threat anymore and doesn’t think she’s out to hurt him or any of his friends. Spyro trusts her now because he does forgive others such as her, so I think it’d be great to interact with her. :)

For other characters, I would like to interact with some Crash Bandicoot characters or any other kinds of hero or villain characters would be really awesome!

Other dragon characters would be a great too!

Besides all that that, I will say I REALLY love crossovers and I accept anyone that would like to interact, One thing to note though for certain is I will absolutely accept any cartoon or videogame character there is. :D

Offered interactions:

For me I’ve thought a lot about Spyro thoroughly and deeply, finding out every bit of information about him that’s canon outside the games themselves, and wondering about some of the unknown aspects of his life. For instance what happened to his parents and what his childhood was like up to the events of the first game, where to me I believe he was around 9-10 years old. Something I really like is his close relationship to his best friend Sparx, he keeps him safe and vice versa. Sparx likes to tease him a bit  but they still clearly are looking out for one another and make sure each other is safe. That goes for all of Spyro’s friends, he’ll always defend them if they’re under attack or in any kind of danger. I do like his personality, he’s funny and has a lot of sass and likes to have fun but I also think parts of his story are interesting. I offer lots of things on this blog because I’m mostly okay with nearly anything you’d like to do with Spyro in terms of characters when I say Nonselective I mean it, I accept everyone and it includes OC’s. I also am alright with any type of rps or elements you want to include whether it be dark, horror, adventure or really anything you’d like. The one thing I would rather not do is straight up sex or bathroom fetishes (E.G Scat) for a few different reasons. But everything else for the most part is fair game I’d say, and I don’t have any triggers either. Spyro is a really tough guy, and feisty, he likes to joke around even with the villains he faces, But he isn’t easy to bring down mentally or physically, however just cause he’s a well known hero and has been through a lot he still has feelings and cares about things.

Current open post/s:

Memes are one of the best ways start out, I don’t exactly make open starters but I’ve considering it for a while and that might change. But for now, memes are a really fun way to start interactions if you want to interact and none of the memes expire so if you see something from a long time ago then it doesn’t matter, you may send it in. :).

Anything else?:

Nope, I think I’ve covered everything. I hope you guys all have fun with this feisty little dragon. ^-^

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Here’s a wall decoration I finished yesterday! I painted Solas on a wooden slice, added a jawbone sculpture (I did myself), a blue aura quartz point, a citrine & amethyst fragment and 3 little wooden slices 🔮🍃💚

It is now available in my etsy shop ( WillOTheWispBoutique ) 💗

I just love Solassss😍

I can make custom others to order of any characters / animals you’d like! Please message me if you are interested😋