artisan dragons

Tyniana of Orthrond, The Glass City

‘Tyniana grew up in a city made mostly of glass in honor of the moon goddess Selune. Left to pursue her dreams she landed in the industrial city of Milestyr and trained under a dwarven master blacksmith named Ti'Del. Tyn became the talented equal of her master. Together they invented the revolver and earned their permanent tenure in the artisans guild. Tyniana decided she had expended all the tinkering knowledge that the continent had to offer, and so she sailed east with only rumors of knowledge to follow…’

Character belongs to & was commissioned by Collin!


absolutely amazing.


A new texture hack! I’ve transformed the Artisans into a Beast Makers-esque world. Trespass if you dare!


Here’s a wall decoration I finished yesterday! I painted Solas on a wooden slice, added a jawbone sculpture (I did myself), a blue aura quartz point, a citrine & amethyst fragment and 3 little wooden slices 🔮🍃💚

It is now available in my etsy shop ( WillOTheWispBoutique ) 💗

I just love Solassss😍

I can make custom others to order of any characters / animals you’d like! Please message me if you are interested😋



You guys need to see this. Dragonfly Egg collecting in Spyro the Dragon Japanese! You need a PocketStation for these eggs to appear in game. Enjoy the video.

My Miraculous Ladybug cosplay progress Still have to make the side pack, belt and earrings. Need to add even more spots in the accurate locations and make her light up pink staff. So ready for Dragoncon and the debut of this awesome tv series in September on Nickelodeon!