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The Giphoscope | Digital Culture, meet Analog Fever

‘The Giphoscope takes a burst of smartphone video and renders it, flipbook-style, as something that can be watched on a device made of metal and wood, handcrafted in Italy with devotion’. - The Giphoscope featured on NY Times |


3-D Paper Pop Art From Will Pigg

Artist Will Pigg has crafted some of Geek and Otaku’s most popular and cult figure through impressive papercraft. From the monstrous Venom to the life-saving Final Fantasy White Mage, there’s really no shortage of characters. I’m personally impressed with his Johnny The Homicidal Maniac creation.

Prices for his works range from $5 (Jack Skellington Bookmarks) to $325, depending on the size and complexity of the image.




*Pimp* my little Sensei

I got a sweet present from my friend: A little 30 cm sized Kakashi doll. I said to her, that I will “pimp” the doll with new hair,mask, headband, vest, bells etc…., that it really looks like Kakashi!
So after many hours of work this is the outcome!!!!!
He is dearly beloved!
Isn’t he cute????????????

This is a little insight in my costumization on the doll of Hatake Kakashi. In case you want to make a customization yourself, probably this could be a little help for you. If you have questions, feel free to ask me.

© Original character Hatake Kakashi by Masashi Kishimoto
© Artisan craft and costumization by Keja Blank

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