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Maison Margiela: “ A look back at Katy Perry’s fitting for the 2017 MET Gala. The outfit combines a number of elements taken from the Maison Margiela Spring-Summer 2017 ‘Artisanal’ collection by John Galliano.
The look took over 350 hours to complete by multiple seamstresses in Maison Margiela’s atelier, with an additional week needed for the garments to be fully embroidered.”

Photographed by Kevin Tachman.

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were you ever into wrock?

hahaha. oh, my dude. I was so unbelievablely neck deep in wizard rock, you can’t even imagine it. Like I had a playlist of legit thousands of songs that was all I listened to for a good year and a half there in 2007-2008 in the great pre- and post- deathly hallows carpet book harry potter boom. I have this really incessant part of my personality that dictates that once I like or am interested in something, I have to know EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT. like i really cannot overstate how fucking obsessed with these books i was. when i was nine my mum bought me a STUFFED MRS NORRIS toy with the creepy beady eyes and all and i used to TAKE IT TO SCHOOL WITH ME. Am I saying listening to wrock is on that cringe level? no way, I definitely still have a shitload of wrock on my good ol ipod classic. am i saying i used to get dragged by my family for singing along to the butterbeer experience’s ‘the magic hopping pot’ as i vaccuumed the house? Hell yes I am.

Anyway. Yes, I was a wizard rock connoisseur back in the day. Here’s some of the best in a completely biased and makeshift list for your listening pleasure. Wander back to the pre tumblr fandom world of yesteryear…..

  • the original wrock song is a surprisingly listenable unrequited love punk jam from ginny weasley’s perspective called ‘ode to harry’. YES THAT IS RIGHT THE FIRST WROCK SONG WAS WRITTEN BY WOMEN, THEY ARE THE PROGENITORS OF THIS ENTIRE SUBGENRE OF MUSIC DONT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY HATP STARTED IT. like don’t get me wrong, the song is, objectively, terrible. but in a fun post no doubt’s ska era kind of way. I burned this onto a CD for myself in 2001 wedged between Nelly’s ‘hot in herre’ and smashmouth’s 'all star’. for real. also have some respect, this song is older than the first harry potter movie. YOU HEARD ME. THE FIRST ONE.
  • harry and the potters are probably the most well known wrock band. They’re two Darren criss lookin dudes who pretty much started the whole 'upload our weird HP music to MySpace and travel around playing in public libraries then uploading it to YouTube’ wrock golden era. Best songs: PHOOENIX TEARS, WEVE GOT TO SAAAAVE GINNY WEASLEY FROM THE BASILISK
  • look okay Draco and the Malfoys started as a douchey rip off parody of harry and the potters and there was a lot of #BITTERNESS there initially. and then there was the whole whomping willows spinoff #scandal and like tbh there was honestly a lot of drama in this fandom for a bunch of dudes singing about Hermione Granger into their macbooks in their basements in massacheusetts. personally i was never big on datm’s music but like you do you….
  • Oliver and the rembembralls are the wrock band who wrote that song for that nostalgia video that got big and made you cry when deathly hallows part 2 came out. also i have an enduring love for hermione’s song (you and me) which is EXACTLY what you expect.
  • the Remus Lupins are my favourite of the traditional sounding wrock bands (yep, thats absolutely a thing). Not to be confused with remus and the lupins, they’re entirely different do not confuse them. I WAS A TEENAGE WEEREWWOLF , tbh the entire nevermind the furthermore album is quintessential wrock
  • the weasel king is some dreamy 00’s synth that would still be good even if it wasn’t about harry potter, know what I mean? I legit still listen to their eps lmao. Listen to the whole musical decree number 24 album if you’re interested but like if i haaad to choose a select few - through and through, red hair,  the flying motorbike.
  • ROONIL WAZLIBBBBB the best of the breathy female folksy wrock contingent. Green eyes (I highkey fucking LOVE THIS song. It is crazy sweet), the song of the locket (CREEPY AFFFF), the epilogue (this song legit makes me cry lmao….or at least it did when I was 15. I was pretty emotional at all times about hp back then.)  
  • the butterbeer experience - THE PEVERELL STORY. this song is some dope faux medieval lullabye that fits the deathly hallows story perfectly. The whole beedle the bard ep is pretty good actually. 
  • starkid/avpm is very much a part of this movement lmao…. they came late in the game but their #IMPACT cannot be overstated. Tbh like if you’re in HP fandom and haven’t watched this then wyd. CALM YOURSELF, YAXLEY

So there you go, a wrock rec post you didn’t actually ask for but I made anyway. And if the purpose of this post was to #name and #shame me for being a fucking harry potter nerd, then i have done your job so well for you as to render the original goal moot. And now my YouTube recommended videos are gonna be full of wrock for like three months


Something about presentation of the collection “Walking The World” by Haiku Sarti at Paris Shop last night

Haiku Sarti is a project about clothing, music, and the visual arts. All the garments are made in a limited number of multiples with natural noble fibers and artisan methods.

Salman Raheel a designer whose creative path led him through industrial design and global manufacturing before dedicating himself to making objects by hand. The heart of this interests has to do with the principle of beauty and with creativity in the way we live in this world.

Mariam / Maria Grazia Sebastianelli a scholar of Aesthetics with Professor Emilio Garroni, she has always been involved in the visual arts. Her intellectual and professional character is permeated by a vivid conceptual bent recognizable in her experience in the communication, ideation and production of events of cultural and artistic scope, and currently, in her work on garments made by hand.

Made by hand, one by one


Divine #NaomiCampbell wear look 15 from #JohnGalliano ’ #Artisanal collection for #MaisonMargiela SS 2017 at #FashionForRelief #Cannes2017 😍😍😍💥✨🌟⚡️❤️❤️❤️👸🏾BRAVO! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻@jgalliano @maisonmargiela #Galliano #HauteCouture /repost/

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ok I think I’ve got it: artisan rainwater that’s collected up in the mountains in “genuine aged oak rain barrels” and i sell to people for their dogs or some shit so their dogs can “drink the wilderness they belong in”

Final Look: An all-black taffeta shirtdress worn with black Tabi boots closed the runway from yesterday’s Spring-Summer 2017 ‘Artisanal’ Collection designed by John Galliano.-Maison Margiela

Angor Hive: Angor Types From Rarest To Most Common


The rarest of the Angors Rogna is the only one of this type in the Hive. At twelve feet high with a thin waist and broad shoulders the queen type Angor is an elegant yet imposing figure, making one immediately recognizable in a crowd when the Hive members gather. Despite being more agile than and as vicious as the original Angor Rot queen types are actually quite weak to damage due to the fact that fissures are constantly forming on this type’s body. This is because queen types produce Angor shards through the process of asexual budding, as these shards mature fissures open above them so that when they are fully formed they may be shed. Shedding is a very painful process for the queen type so assistance from soldier types assigned as the queen type’s guards and artisans often becomes required, guards to keep the queen type from squirming and thus preventing the fissures from worsening while artisans collect the shards and whisks them off to the workshop to be put into new bodies, thus making new Angors. Due to his ability to create new shards for more Angors and his fragility Rogna is kept deep within the Nest, only allowed outside to hunt when he’s annoyed everyone else with his whining.

Prominent member of this type: Rogna

Number of this type: one


The second rarest type of Angor artisans are integral to the Hive’s continued functioning. Shorter than the original Angor Rot by a foot and slightly less broad shouldered they may not seem as intimidating as their brothers but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as dangerous, in fact their size makes them faster than most other Angors. Their main functions are to supervise the harvesting of resources and then using  some of said resources to create new bodies for shards to imbue life with. These are not their only jobs though as shown with head artisan #22 who not only creates new Angor bodies but also engineers all the traps within the Nest, designs all the machinery the Hive uses, approves/tweaks plans for Nest expansions, and provides “surgeries” to Hive members to improve their structure such as sealing fissures in Rogna after shard shedding sessions or grafting rebar into #1’s form to make him stronger against attacks. Only #1 and team Trollhunter really realizes just how much the Hive has come to depend on this type to keep the hive running. While the majority of this type enjoys hunting they’re kept close to Rogna, the throne room and the Angor room separated by merely a three-step set of stairs and an archway.

Prominent member of this type: #22

Number of this type: three


While a common type of Angor these are the type you least want to have on your tail. At ten feet tall with a “muscle” bulk more resembling Bular than the original Angor Rot there is no mistaking what this type is made for. They protect the weaker Angors, bring back resources that can’t be taken from the Nest’s makeshift mines or the wilds, keep intruders out of the Nest, and are sent along with drones to take out enemies of the Hive. The most likely to inherit the energetic and vicious nature the original Angor Rot had towards the end of his life many soldier types can’t stand being cooped up. They are the most likely to ditch orders in order to go out looking for a fight. Some though have an almost nurturing nature especially towards weaker Angors, such as how #1 has taken it upon himself to make sure the workaholic #22 takes a break to eat and/or sleep every once and a while, even if it means tossing the artisan over his shoulder and carrying him away from his work. When not hunting they can be found at guard post all around the Nest or relaxing in their own little ways in their quarters.

Prominent member of this type: #1

Number of this type: ten


The most common the drone is considered no less valuable to the Hive than the soldier. With a physique identical to the original Angor Rot’s they’re sometimes tasked with tricking enemies into thinking the original may still be alive in a bid to intimidate. Other than that these rocky monstrosities may take on all sorts of roles within the Nest from maintaining machinery to collecting information to even planning the architecture of the Nest and running the library deep with the bowels of  the Hive’s home sweet home. They make up large parts of hunting parties, usually groups of two or three headed by a soldier. When they’re off duty they can be found just about anywhere in the Nest, making them one of the reasons it’s hard to sneak inside or escape from the Nest.

Prominent member of this type: #14

Number of this type: sixteen

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted anything for this AU in a while. So hear have some world building while I work on the fics. Thanks to @chase-the-freakin-stars for telling me about the term for Rogna’s shard reproduction.

who smokes how much weed in star wars but for real:

luke: big stoner. he lives on a farm in the desert there isnt a lot else to do. the kind of guy you would want to be with your first time getting stoned. may or may not have used his lightsaber when he couldnt find a lighter that one time

han: big stoner. if u buy from him he probably took some off the top

leia: artisan bongs 100% but rolls really well which is good bc she lost all her bongs. the kind of person you would want around if you were too stoned to order at subway

chewie: BIG stoner. also the kind of guy you would want around your first time getting stoned. hugs a lot

lando: weekend stoner bc he has a lot of shit to do but its always the Good Stuff and he also has a nice collection of artisan bongs (he gives one to leia), vry nice guy who always shares w friends

obi-wan: stoner. the guys got fuck all 2 do in a hut in the desert

yoda: doesnt tell you its that synthetic stuff until after youve smoked and then when you have an awful time he passive-aggressively tells you its bc you dont smoke as much as he does

darth vader: hotboxes the suit a lot. hotboxes the bacta tank. was hotboxing right before krennic showed up and thats why he made that pun


Naomi Campbell wear Look 15 from John Galliano ’s Artisanal collection for Maison Margiela SS 2017 ,
at the Fashion for Relief event during the  Cannes Film Festival 2017 at Aeroport Cannes Mandelieu on May 21, 2017 in Cannes, France.
Styled by Alexis Roche