artisan babies

1:12 Scale baby back rib meal in a takeaway container. Includes a baked potato and coleslaw side.

I have a dollhouse show in Orlando next month, and I’m starting to prepare for it now. These will be there and will be available for $20 each. You can also contact me now to order one of your own if you like, since I can’t guarantee I’ll have any left after the show. :)

anonymous asked:

hey !! so for a while i've been wanting to expand my horizons fc wise instead of using the same 3 male poc fcs but i have a hard time finding some that have a variety of gifs , could you please rec me some poc male fcs that can play between 20-26 that have gifs but aren't too overused and maybe some labels that could fit them ?? thank you so much !!

i’ve only included two label suggestions for each since i knew the list would be quite extensive !! so if there’s any fc’s in particular you’d like some more labels for or you’d like me to go more indepth about the label listed, please do let me know !! 

  • avan jogia ( the magnate, the paracosmist )
  • booboo stewart ( the athlete, the gregarious )
  • david lambert ( the polymath, the thespian )
  • jacob artist ( the benevolent, the grifter )
  • tyler posey ( the muso, the addictive )
  • zayn malik ( the vindictive, the lothario )
  • alfie enoch ( the prosperous, the icarian )
  • darren criss ( the miscreant, the aesthete )
  • diego boneta ( the ecclesiastic, the urbanite )
  • reece king ( the connard, the fervour )
  • christopher larkin ( the reticent, the crimson )
  • john boyega ( the intangible concept, the solicitous )
  • tyler blackburn ( the cataclysmic, the artisan )
  • alberto rosende ( the baby doll, the dirtbag )
  • jake t. austin ( the facade, the artisan )
  • ki hong lee ( the pastiche, the vainglorious )
  • bob morley ( the recluse, the pristine )
  • leon thomas II ( the contrite, the halcyon )
  • michael b jordan ( the impecunious, the paradox )
  • carlos pena jr ( the phoenix, the bibliomaniac )
  • calum hood ( the black sheep, the activist )
  • steven r. mcqueen ( the crepehanger, the hacker )
  • carlos valdes ( the isolato, the malingerer )

Can Hand-Cut, Artisanal Ice Make Your Cocktail That Much Better?

“If you’re gonna get a drink that’s $15, it better have the best ice,” says Joe Ambrose, a bartenderat the W Hotel who co-founded Favourite Ice, the company that’s hand-chiseling frozen water for about 30 restaurants and caterers in the D.C. area. There are several similar fancy ice ventures around the country.

Photo Credit: Jessica Sidman/Washington City Paper

Soooo, artisanal ice is a thing. - Kate