Oversized Knitting Supplies by ATELIER4920

Winter is coming, and you’ll soon need all of the knitted accessories that go along with it. For knitters who want to try something new, ATELIER4920 sells supersized needles and giant balls of yarn. Their 40 millimeter needles produce massive stitches that add a playful, larger-than-life element to your blankets, scarves, and hats. See their entire selection on Etsy. And if you’d prefer to buy rather than DIY, ATELIER4920 ready-made things for sale, too.

My newest Steampunk cat sculpture now available in my etsy shop. I can make them with different color of eyes.Next i plan to make a green, red and a purple.For custom order send me a note, we’d love to make something unique just for you! #steampunk #cat #art #handmade #etsy #artist #artisan #artisanal #cute #sculpture

Website : www.CatherinetteRings.com

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The sun feels so good this afternoon and I’m spending some time photographing the crystal lot that just arrived. These rough amethyst points will be available in the next update as well as included in some of the altar bundles I’ll be putting together. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! love&light💗🙏💗

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Orange you glad it’s almost Friday?!



Embroidered Collar Pins Add Handcrafted Flair to Your Everyday Outfit

Looking to spruce up your wardrobe? One easy way is with collar pins—the tiny works of art add a unique, handcrafted touch to your favorite button-up shirt. İrem Yazıcı of Baobap Handmade creates embroidered pins that feature the beauty of nature and the cosmos. Each is sewn onto fabric and then placed into a brass setting, all with an incredible attention to detail. See her entire selection on Etsy.

Musée d'Art moderne de la ville de Paris
#Seoul_Paris #파리출장 #해브빈서울아트라운지#havebeenseoul #artconsulting #art_furniture_consulting #art_Interior_consulting
한편, 해브빈서울 아트라운지 에서는 -
꽃피는 봄, 북촌 가회동
민화 民畵 - 그리고, 기운이 오다.
홍지옥 작가
havebeenseoul_Art Lounge
서울 종로구 가회동 1-71번지 1층 2016. 4. 4- 2016. 4. 24 open: 오전11시 – 오후6시
#havebeenseoulartlounge #collection#shop #문화 #culture #예술 #art #공예 #craft #artisan #선물 #souvenir #선물다운 선물 #좋은전시 #봄나들이 #가족 #친구 #연인 #함께 보고 즐기는 전시 #대관(Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris에서)

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Laser-Engraved Rolling Pins Emboss Dough with Delightful Patterns

Who needs fancy piped icing when a rolling pin will decorate your cookies for you? Rolling Woods creates laser-engraved designs onto wooden rolling pins, so that with one fell swoop, you can imprint patterns on your dough. They create an embossed effect, and the imagery—which ranges from fancy flourishes to beautiful flowers to abstract geometric shapes—and appears raised once baked. Buy your custom rolling pin from their Etsy shop.

Photo: @shopheartcave Taking a break now with my cup of chai coconut tea and magical ‘road opener’ candle (from Crow Crossroads on Etsy). Also spending some time thinking about what crystal(s) I should include in the 4k giveaway. I’m so looking forward to the gem show this weekend and will be keeping an eye out for something special just for the giveaway.✨🙌✨

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Striking Hot Steel with @charleslionheart

To see more of Charlie’s blacksmith photos, follow @charleslionheart on Instagram.

In western North Carolina, 24-year-old Charlie Ellis (@charleslionheart) spends his days crafting detailed tools — knives, especially — from wood, leather and steel. He also enjoys the occasional bit of time travel. “When I’m really focused on a project, I sometimes feel out of touch with the world, like I’m in another era,” says Charlie, who at times takes inspiration from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and other mythical worlds for his modern-day blacksmithing. Charlie grew up in Florida, but first “struck hot steel” at a summer heritage festival in Maine when he was just 14. “There was a blacksmith giving classes, and after I made a little fire poker and a couple of nails, I was completely hooked,” he says. While craftsmanship runs in the family — his father is a lifelong carpenter — Charlie’s handiwork has an edge all its own. It also pays the bills. “I truly believe this is what I’m meant to do,” he says of smithing and his particular brand of exquisite steelwork. “And to be able to provide for my family [he’s married, with a two-month-old son] while doing the work I love — I feel I’m blessed.”


Elegantly Sculpted Stained Glass Planters by SNL Creations

Inspired by the magic of reflective surfaces, stained glass artisan Susan Napper-LeDuc brings glass to life by subtly infusing color into her elegant sculptural planters. The maker shares that each piece, “through the process of reflection and refraction, the interplay of light (especially from the sun), surrounding colors and movement of glass provides a show that’s both joyful and mesmerizing to watch.” Visit SNL Creations at Etsy to find out more about this beautifully handcrafted collection.