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In order to better understand how D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with Auditory Processing Disorder/Deficit operate, it’s essential to take an in-depth look at what sound is and how exactly hearing works with the human brain.  We hear with our brain, not our ears.  Hearing is not always consistent.  It’s unfair to hold D/HH/APD people to an unrealistic standard with the presumption that people can only be profoundly deaf or completely hearing, with no middle ground.  The reality is, hearing in and of itself is vastly complex.  There’s so much we don’t understand about how the brain works.  Let’s continue to educate ourselves on these matters.

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i have a weird question for u, because i love your insights on brittany and feel like the glee fandom can get away with a lot in terms of her characterization: what are your weirdest headcanons of her? what do u think she feels about quinn after her hookup with santana? what do u think she feels about rachel and satana's weird ass sexy chemistry? do u think she's a jealous person? what about her and sam?

These are a lot of questions! They took some time! But hopefully I answered them well. A lot of my Brittany-head canon is explored, ironically I think, in the quinntana fic that desperately needs an update.  A lot of this is based on the Brittany as we last saw her. 

1. What are your weirdest headcanons of her? 
I don’t know if it was necessarily weird, but I always thought that Brittany would actively play mind games on her friends as a source of amusement.  Glee had a lot of inconsistencies but one thing that they did really well was very specifically deliberate shots, and I don’t think that it was by chance that you literally saw Brittany playing human chess in the 100 episode. Even before she was revealed as an actual genius, I was always convinced that Brittany was a people genius and a master manipulator.  The only person she always had a consistently hard time trying to manipulate was Santana. Often, you see her efforts to take control of the romantic situation with Santana backfire, and only really succeed when she’s honest with her about what she wants and allow Santana to do things at her own pace. 

Take for example, the arc that led to the episode ‘Rumors’:  Brittany loves Santana.  She wants to be with Santana, but she also wants the recognition and feeling of specialness that came from being in a public relationship.  When she forced Santana to confront her feelings but Santana wasn’t ready to be public, then Brittany turned her down to stay with Artie, I think there was a part of Brittany that truly thought they were going to go back to how things were and she could have the relationshippy aspects of Artie and still have Santana.  But it didn’t work out that way. Santana ignored her and the novelty of being with Artie very quickly wore off.  Brittany began to realize she wanted the relationshippy parts with Santana, not Artie. There’s a very specific shot when April Rhodes performs the lyric “You want your freedom” and you see Brittany look directly at Artie. She’s truly checked out at this point. She wants Santana. 

So she starts pushing to try and manipulate Santana to come out of the closet.  She invites the two biggest gossips in school to Fondue For 2 and subtly teases Santana being gay.  When Artie calls her stupid, she is hurt but but there is very little mourning.  When Santana reaffirms her love for her with Songbird, she tries to gently push Santana out again by asking her to come out on Fondue 4 2.  But manipulating Santana doesn’t work like it does for everyone else, and it backfires when Santana gets scared and is a no show.  

Following this episode, Brittany eventually realizes she needs to play the long game with Santana and not try to push or manipulate her to come out, and that’s how we enter the beginning of Season 3: with them in a secret relationship. 

2. What do u think she feels about quinn after her hookup with santana? 

I think Brittany’s feelings for Quinn are very complicated, and I think you’d get a different answer depending on when you’d ask the question.  Brittany was in a very dark place during the Quinntana hook-up.  She had almost no self-esteem, Santana had dumped her, broken her heart and refused to get back together, and then Brittany kinda started living in this Peter Pan kind of world.  She’s reliving senior year where she can be the smart one in the relationship with Sam, and fuck around with her friends and not have to really deal with reality that she was too dumb for the outside world.  Quinn and Santana connecting on an intimate level during that time is NOT something she would be pleased with at all.  I think, in that mindset, Quinn is incredibly intimidating.  She’s quite possibly the only other person  who knows Santana as intimately as she does and who never fails to elicit a passionate response from Santana (sexual or otherwise).  To see them hook up would be a harsh dose of reality that she would have a hard time getting over. 

I think Brittany post MIT, grown up a bit and and back together with Santana, would have a different viewpoint, and I think she would have gotten over the sting of it by then.  Though if you noticed in Season 6, she did start to enjoy fucking with Quinn and pretending to forget her name and confusing her with Kitty. 

And just a reminder - Quinn was NOT at their wedding.   (I mean it was obviously a casting reason, but it’s always fun to speculate)

3. What do u think she feels about rachel and satana’s weird ass sexy chemistry?

Rachel irritates the hell out of Brittany.   I think she can tolerate her and even like her in some instances but she really does just annoy the crap out of Brittany.  I don’t think that Brittany is necessarily as intimated by Rachel’s closeness with Santana as she would be by Quinn. I think a big reason is because Rachel is VERY EASY to fuck with, and if Brittany had to, she could very easily get her out of the way. I think she puts up with Rachel because of Santana’s true love for Rachel, but there would be no love lost if Rachel was out of the picture.  And yeah, Rachel is kinda hot sometimes and she and Santana make sexy ass duets, but if Rachel got near their bed Brittany would clock her.  

4. Do u think she’s a jealous person? 
Honestly, depends on the person. When it comes to Santana? Absolutely a jealous person.  Brittany has stated that she really only truly LOVES one person and that’s Santana.  She loves her more than she loves anyone else in the world. Brittany does NOT do well with losing Santana. But Santana is so damn loyal I don’t think Brittany has to really worry about that. I think if she ever truly had to deal with Santana loving someone else, it would scare the hell out of her.  I think the only person who would truly elicit that response from her would be Quinn.  Rachel is a wild card - I don’t think Brittany can even consider Santana and Rachel together.  

5. What about her and sam? 

If you don’t think Brittany made Sam regularly have threesomes then… well you should.  Girl treated him like she treated Artie - a safety net who made herself feel good at a really low point in her life and when she didn’t need him anymore she dumped him. Via text. While he was a foot away. 

Chances are two months after they broke up she was very happily pretending that they never dated at all, just like she did with Artie. 

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Well I'm not good at English Senpai~I hope you'll understand.I'm a bit nervous though.To talk with someone that I like very much~I like your art and I like Yandere simulator too.And you always draw Ayando.My OTP~I really like you senpai~

my English is not good too

I just want to say thank you like ayando, and like my art

I will keep good work for all those who like ayando*kiss you*hehe

PSA Yuri!!! on Ice fandom!

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Dirty Work: Part 1

Series Summary: After joining the BMoL with Sam and Dean, the reader and Ketch are paired to track down the vampires who attacked the British bunker.

A/N: Part 1 of ? I hope you guys enjoy this. I was kind stressed over writing Ketch, because I hadn’t done it before, but all the Ketch feels wouldn’t repress, so here this is. I haven’t watched 12x16 yet, but I know it’s mostly a Dean, Sam and Mick episode so hopefully this isn’t too far off.

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Word Count: 1923

Originally posted by netflixandcastiellll

Revealing that for the past two weeks you’d been doing the BMoL’s dirty work, Sam convinced you and Dean to work with the Brits nevertheless. Even though you swore to never help the organization, you couldn’t resist the guilt that was Sam’s puppy dog eyes. Still, you felt wary, understandably since the incident with Toni torturing Sam, and threatening the entire team. But if the youngest Winchester could put the incident aside, you had no choice but to do the same.

The following day, you drove to the British Men of Letters bunker in separate cars; Dean and Sam in the Impala, you in your black Mustang. The boys were basically your brothers, but that didn’t mean you would form the same opinions. You’d been stuck up a river without your car before, this wouldn’t be another time.

It was near noon when you pulled up to the BMoL’s American headquarters. The second time you’ve been to the facility; two weeks prior you’d gone with Dean and Ketch, trying to stop their vampire invasion. You noted they added a second guard outside the gates.

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On this Day: Billie “Lady Day” Holiday Was Born

Photo: Billie Holiday, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, © Herman Leonard Photography LLC 

On this day Billie Holiday (1915-1959), considered one of the greatest jazz vocalists of all time, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While Lady Day’s early years were riddled with difficulties, she found comfort in singing along to the recordings of Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong.

Holiday was discovered by John Hammond at the age of 18 while performing a set at a Harlem club. Hammond connected her to clarinet and bandleader Benny Goodman, with whom she recorded her first commercial record “Your Mother’s Son-In-Law” and the 1934 hit “Riffin’ the Scotch.”

Gif: Billie Holiday Singing 

Known for her unique phrasing and expressive voice, Holiday would go to sing to with the Count Basie orchestra and 1938 she became the first African-American woman to work with the all-white Artie Shaw orchestra.

Holiday recorded her signature ballad “Strange Fruit” while on a solo engagement at New York’s Café Society. The song’s powerful narrative about the lynching of African-Americans got it banned from radio stations. Ironically, this strong response helped the record become a national hit.

Video: Billie Holiday Singing “Strange Fruit” 

While achieving stardom for her musical and cinematic contributions, Holiday’s personal struggle with alcohol and substance abuse led to a series of drawbacks. After appearing in a film with her musical hero Louis Armstrong in 1947, she was convicted for narcotics possession and served just over a year in jail. Addiction remained a factor after jail, damaging her voice and ultimately causing her death in 1959.

Video: Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong singing “The Blues are Brewin” 

Holiday’s funeral was attended by over 3,000 people, including jazz royalty such as Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Tony Scott, Buddy Rogers, and John Hammond. With a posthumous 1961 vote to the Down Beat Hall of Fame and Columbia’s restoration of 100 of her greatest early records, her recognition as a jazz great resurged. In 1976, her 1941 recording of “God Bless the Child” was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame. Holiday later received an additional 22 Grammy wins and nominations and in 2000 she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Okay but that ring-o-phone Holly gave Arty, I highly doubt it was used only to talk about work

I imagine Artemis thinking very hard before calling her and when he finally did she’d pick up all like “what up mudboy how bad did u screw up this time?”

And Artemis would take a deep breath and say fondly “remember that time we jumped on a radioactive Russian train?”

Holly would be worried. “What about it? Is the mafyia after u again?” And he’d say “no, but do you remember?”

Holly sighs. “I do, Artemis. But why are you bringing this up? What did you call me for?”

Artemis swallows, feeling a lump in his throat. “To chat”. Holly smiles. “So genius boy have the time to chat?”

That’s how they decided that every Saturday’s evening it’d be their time for chatting. No missions, no world-saving - just chatting.

“It’s okay, I never liked that mug anyway,” Darcy said, gingerly sitting on the edge of the bench. It didn’t ease the stifled sobbing nor the tight grip Bucky had on his own hair. “It was an accident, no-one’s mad at you.”

Bucky huffed out a disbelieving laugh and let go of his hair. He tipped his head back and thumped it roughly against the wall.

“Okay, plenty of people are mad at you,” Darcy conceded, “but I’m not one of them.”

Thump, thump, thump.

Super-soldier or not, it couldn’t be good to literally bang his head against a brick wall. All seemingly over a broken mug and a little spilled coffee. But in reality about so much more. It was, had been, Darcy’s mug and breaking her things was just another thing Bucky’s shattered mind was using to make him hate himself. Here he was, living in Darcy’s home, her lab, eating Darcy’s cooking, wearing clothes Darcy had bought him. Never mind that she gave it all willingly, his mind screamed that he was ruining her life just like he did Steve’s - and Sam’s and Clint’s and Scott’s and Wanda’s - just by being there.

“I mean, I get that you’re probably pretty mad at yourself for a lot of reasons,” Darcy guessed, “but I want to help you.”

Bucky lowered his head away from the wall, curling back in on himself as fresh tears streamed down his face. Darcy hesitated, tentatively reaching up, unsure if he even wanted her comfort. She ran a most delicate touch over Bucky’s hair. He didn’t flinch away but sighed - whimpered, really - and Darcy stroked her fingers through his hair again. The tightness in all his limbs loosened and she scooted closer. Bucky wrenched his arm away from his shoulder and tucked his face into the crook of Darcy’s neck. She hugged around him, petting his hair and rubbing his back, making shushing noises as he sobbed.

She stayed that way, not rescinding the contact until Bucky wanted her to. She stayed, legs going to sleep, until Steve appeared in the kitchen doorway. Jane must have fetched him, after both she and Darcy heard the smash of china on the tiles and an anguished, frustrated shout. What he thought of what he found - his best friend crying on Darcy’s shoulder over a broken mug - he didn’t say. He nodded at Darcy and headed to the cupboard for paper towels and the broom.

Bucky had given no indication he’d heard Steve but pulled himself away from Darcy at the sound of paper towels being pulled off the roll.

“I’ll do it,” Bucky said, stuffy and choked up from crying. He kept his gaze at the floor and held out his hand for the bunched up paper.

“It’s fine, pal. I got it,” Steve assured but Bucky shook his head with a sad smile.

“You guys shouldn’t have to clean up my mess,” he mumbled.

Steve let him take the towels from him and stood to the side with the broom as Bucky crouched and began meekly sopping up the spilt coffee. But neither Steve nor Darcy wanted to let that stand and looked at each other helplessly.

Darcy got up off the bench and fetched a dustpan, then crouched beside Bucky and picked away the larger shards of china.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t help, though, right?”

Bucky’s eyes flitted from the spill on the floor to Darcy next to him and back again. She feared for a moment he would push her away or get upset again but then she heard him whisper: