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#snaibselpride2017 × day #03: movie au
── d.e.b.s (2004)

my friend @kitty-is-not-on-fire wanted usuk fluff and who the f am i to disagree 

plus clingy alfred is best alfred!1 f ac t

so have this stupid doodle 

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Hey could you please tell me what a cure for athanasia is? At first I thought it was like a manga or something but I think I realized it's your own story with Jekyll, Hyde, and other characters. What's the story about, what characters feature in it, and could we expect to see more of it in the future? Thank you and have a marvelous day!

Oh boy oh boy I’d LOVE to tell you about A Cure for Athanasia!! >:D ACFA is my passion project that I’ve been developing for-fun on the side of my current webcomic, BACKLASH. It’s going to eventually be a webcomic, but for now it’s just fun stuff I doodle for warm-ups~

ACFA is kinda like my own version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? I love classic literature (especially classic HORROR literature), and I’ve always dreamed of making a big crossover adventure story with my own re-imaginings of classic characters! So, that’s what ACFA is. I don’t want to tell you ALL of the characters who will be in it because I think it’ll be more fun to meet them as they come into the story, but I can tell you about the main characters!

The Knave of Hearts (or just Knave for short) (she/her) is the main protagonist! She is based on the character from Alice in Wonderland. She is on a long journey in search of greatly renowned scientific figures who have recently gone missing, including but not limited to Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein! The reason for her journey is a secret only she knows.

Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde (Jekyll and Hyde for short) (he/him) are supporting protagonists! After shenanigans and circumstances, Hyde lends Knave his assistance on her journey, telling her that he has some idea of where the great Dr. Jekyll might have disappeared to…

Creature, (also known as Frankenstein’s Monster) (they/them), is the third and final supporting protagonist of ACFA! Their goal aligns with that of Knave’s in that they are searching for Dr. Frankenstein. They imply that they have some kind of unfinished business with their creator…

And then we have the main antagonist, who is known only as Arty (they/them). What is it that they want? Who are they, where are they from, what can they do?? Nobody knows!! :D

y’know, that whole “kids lose interest in memes as soon as adults use them” is generally really only true for teenagers (and older tweens). For the most part, younger kids straight up do not care who is using a meme, the meme is always funny/cool to them no matter what (until other kids their age stop doing it, which tends to occur at varied rates depending on what’s going on in that particular demographic)

At my little’s sister’s school, dabbing is all the rage. And those kids don’t care if it’s a fellow student, a teacher, Mickey Mouse, or some random 40-something on TV doing it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get them excited and most likely dabbing in response. Not only because they think dabbing is cool, so therefore anyone who does it is automatically cool, but also because young kids have a relatively small range of experience and tend to not understand a lot of what they see and hear, especially when around adults, and thus they get very excited whenever they see something that they know and can connect with other people with (this is the fundamental basis for reference humor, which even adults tend to like)

Rejection of anything approved by authority and ironically liking or performing something isn’t really something that starts happening with kids until after puberty starts. Before then, kids just like things and usually like when other people like those things too, regardless of age or intent



In order to better understand how D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with Auditory Processing Disorder/Deficit operate, it’s essential to take an in-depth look at what sound is and how exactly hearing works with the human brain.  We hear with our brain, not our ears.  Hearing is not always consistent.  It’s unfair to hold D/HH/APD people to an unrealistic standard with the presumption that people can only be profoundly deaf or completely hearing, with no middle ground.  The reality is, hearing in and of itself is vastly complex.  There’s so much we don’t understand about how the brain works.  Let’s continue to educate ourselves on these matters.

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me: Okay brain, I gotta focus on filling up my queue so I can’t do anything that’s gonna distract me, but I want something to listen to while I do it. Maybe some podcasts or video reviews I don’t have to look at?

my brain: Naw. Music.

me: Music’s good! I’ll just put on shuffle and–

my brain: No. One song. Bad Romance on loop. For an hour and a half. Let’s go.

nnt ship week - day 2+3

favourite m/m ship / favourite crackship

i couldnt figure out if this fit better under favourite crackship or favourite m/m ship so im just gonna submit it under both

just two insecure teen kings with ridiculous power levels hanging out on fancy glass thrones and chilling, nbd

let them interact nakaba… one day

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the episodes also seem to be totally out of order on the app and online. I don’t think they intended to release it yet but screwed up or something

yeah, this is what I’m thinking, too. They went up at midnight EST so my guess is they accidentally set it to go live on the 10th without a specified time? And so it all got jumbled