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In order to better understand how D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people and people with Auditory Processing Disorder/Deficit operate, it’s essential to take an in-depth look at what sound is and how exactly hearing works with the human brain.  We hear with our brain, not our ears.  Hearing is not always consistent.  It’s unfair to hold D/HH/APD people to an unrealistic standard with the presumption that people can only be profoundly deaf or completely hearing, with no middle ground.  The reality is, hearing in and of itself is vastly complex.  There’s so much we don’t understand about how the brain works.  Let’s continue to educate ourselves on these matters.

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PSA Yuri!!! on Ice fandom!

Lately there’s been a ton of work by the artis “GEAROUS” floating around. DO NOT REBLOG THOSE UNLESS THE POST SPECIFICALLY STATES PERMISSION WAS GIVEN.



“It’s okay, I never liked that mug anyway,” Darcy said, gingerly sitting on the edge of the bench. It didn’t ease the stifled sobbing nor the tight grip Bucky had on his own hair. “It was an accident, no-one’s mad at you.”

Bucky huffed out a disbelieving laugh and let go of his hair. He tipped his head back and thumped it roughly against the wall.

“Okay, plenty of people are mad at you,” Darcy conceded, “but I’m not one of them.”

Thump, thump, thump.

Super-soldier or not, it couldn’t be good to literally bang his head against a brick wall. All seemingly over a broken mug and a little spilled coffee. But in reality about so much more. It was, had been, Darcy’s mug and breaking her things was just another thing Bucky’s shattered mind was using to make him hate himself. Here he was, living in Darcy’s home, her lab, eating Darcy’s cooking, wearing clothes Darcy had bought him. Never mind that she gave it all willingly, his mind screamed that he was ruining her life just like he did Steve’s - and Sam’s and Clint’s and Scott’s and Wanda’s - just by being there.

“I mean, I get that you’re probably pretty mad at yourself for a lot of reasons,” Darcy guessed, “but I want to help you.”

Bucky lowered his head away from the wall, curling back in on himself as fresh tears streamed down his face. Darcy hesitated, tentatively reaching up, unsure if he even wanted her comfort. She ran a most delicate touch over Bucky’s hair. He didn’t flinch away but sighed - whimpered, really - and Darcy stroked her fingers through his hair again. The tightness in all his limbs loosened and she scooted closer. Bucky wrenched his arm away from his shoulder and tucked his face into the crook of Darcy’s neck. She hugged around him, petting his hair and rubbing his back, making shushing noises as he sobbed.

She stayed that way, not rescinding the contact until Bucky wanted her to. She stayed, legs going to sleep, until Steve appeared in the kitchen doorway. Jane must have fetched him, after both she and Darcy heard the smash of china on the tiles and an anguished, frustrated shout. What he thought of what he found - his best friend crying on Darcy’s shoulder over a broken mug - he didn’t say. He nodded at Darcy and headed to the cupboard for paper towels and the broom.

Bucky had given no indication he’d heard Steve but pulled himself away from Darcy at the sound of paper towels being pulled off the roll.

“I’ll do it,” Bucky said, stuffy and choked up from crying. He kept his gaze at the floor and held out his hand for the bunched up paper.

“It’s fine, pal. I got it,” Steve assured but Bucky shook his head with a sad smile.

“You guys shouldn’t have to clean up my mess,” he mumbled.

Steve let him take the towels from him and stood to the side with the broom as Bucky crouched and began meekly sopping up the spilt coffee. But neither Steve nor Darcy wanted to let that stand and looked at each other helplessly.

Darcy got up off the bench and fetched a dustpan, then crouched beside Bucky and picked away the larger shards of china.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t help, though, right?”

Bucky’s eyes flitted from the spill on the floor to Darcy next to him and back again. She feared for a moment he would push her away or get upset again but then she heard him whisper:


Washboard Wednesday - Wednesdays Are Okay Edition

Hellooooo people. It’s that happy day again. The one with the special pretty. Because someone worked very hard to make it all nice and lovely. And we appreciate it, don’t we? 

I hope your week is going okay. I kind of need to get in gear on my job search this week. Been lallygagging. So, once this goes out, I’m in serious mode. Yep. But until then, just a few more moments of pretty. Some straightforward and some arty. Here we go. 

tThis is a bit gritty. But it works, right?

This one. Sigh. The pants. “Holy guacamole the pants,” she panted. 

Moment of zen. Thank you, gif maker person. 

Arty. But I liked how it came out. 

Okay, technically not abs, but the black and white and the back was just…I had to.

Finally, a bit experimental. But two abs are better than one. And his shoulder made kind of a heart shape for you. So..twins. Yes. 

And there you have it. Another Wednesday in January. Just making our way to the next episode. What will happen next? I have no idea. Big questions…will we see Oliver shirtless with Susan the reporter? Will we mind? Will we even notice she’s in the room? Not sure. Will I make pretty pictures from it? Damn straight, I’ll try. Have a great rest of your week, my friend. 

Finally, it’s possible you missed Man Face Monday this week due to tags not working. I hope you’ll check it out on my page if you didn’t get to see it. 

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at work …

Open Studio 2017 – Artisti in Residenza, Agrigento                                             I edizione  premio arti visive contemporanee

Rossana Taormina - FAM Fabbriche Chiaramontane

Man Face Monday - This Looks Handsome Edition

Ah, lovelies. Another week. Last week’s episode was strong. Heartening as we move into the back half of Season 5. I predict shirtless this week. It’s gotta happen soon. I could use a bit more inspiration to finish my Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-a-thon fic, anyway. 

In the meantime, here is some pretty. Some eyelashes to die for. Some pillow mountains begging to be scaled. Some hair to be ruffled. There’s kind of a dangerous one thrown in there for the Bratva factor. Enjoy the edits. 

You can basically stop here because it doesn’t get much better than this. Ever.

Kinda arty. Indulge me. 

Deconstructed tux face works. 

Angry Bratva black and white. Golly, the arm is a bonus. 

Found this gif. Kudos to the gifmaker (sorry I don’t know who that is) because he is freaking adorable here.

And finally, a bit of a broody painting. I like how gentle Oliver can appear sometimes. Vulnerable. 

So, there we have Man Face Monday for this week, my friends. Hope you have a glorious week ahead and that there are many pretty things to inspire hopeful, lovely thoughts. That is my wish for you in this crazy world. 

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Oh damn, the French Shiny is so cool!

On, Tamatoa did not have as much charm
He was only a sad little crab
Today I can finally dry my tears
Now they call me the artist

It is your grandmother who says: “Only listen to your heart”
“Follow your little inner voice”
But sorry, the truth holds in three words
All liars!

It’s much better to shine
Like the treasure of an abandoned pirate
Thoroughly rub up to see it shine
Glitter like a pearl necklace

Wait! They are there !
And they turn turn turn
Seeking all that is brilliant - It’s heartbreaking .. Oh!
They come to me, me, me
Because I’m sparkling - Hmm, appetizing …
I love seafood (sea)
Even a bit bitter (bittersweet)

Here, you, Maui can no longer stand his appearance
The poor half-mini-god!
Aie! Another awful performance, no luck
Eh yes ! We’ve known you nicer old …

It is true that you served me as a model
I loved all your tattoos
I am like you a timeless work of art
I have no age

I’m proud to be bling-bling!
Like a diamond in the middle of the ocean
Admire the one who does bling-bling!
I am an invincible giant, scary and resistant

Your fight is useless, nothing, nothing
Yes ! A demi-god, even in fashion
Is not a decapod - Be reasonable!
You have bad, bad, bad
I will revive the pain
From your poor heart

Far from the people who abandoned you
You seek the love of these humans for whom you feel useful
My strength you dream of
But your armor, it demands the truce

Maui, you will not be the heir
From the only crab we see shining
Look at the ugliest of us, it’s you!
It’s life, my friend, I can shine
I inform you that you are going to make you devour, and by me!

Nothing can save you
Apart from being beautiful and shining …

Okay but that ring-o-phone Holly gave Arty, I highly doubt it was used only to talk about work

I imagine Artemis thinking very hard before calling her and when he finally did she’d pick up all like “what up mudboy how bad did u screw up this time?”

And Artemis would take a deep breath and say fondly “remember that time we jumped on a radioactive Russian train?”

Holly would be worried. “What about it? Is the mafyia after u again?” And he’d say “no, but do you remember?”

Holly sighs. “I do, Artemis. But why are you bringing this up? What did you call me for?”

Artemis swallows, feeling a lump in his throat. “To chat”. Holly smiles. “So genius boy have the time to chat?”

That’s how they decided that every Saturday’s evening it’d be their time for chatting. No missions, no world-saving - just chatting.

I may redo these ones since I’m not 100% happy with her overall something-or-other. Might be the hairstyle since she usually just has her hair down and I love that look for her, but adventuring Masuyo needs it up.
I think I will doodle her and change her look up until I’m happy with her shapes, maybe work on Arty’s sheet instead since I have him down better.

Munday Tag-Thing

tagged by: @fruk-de-lys (AHH! Thank you for asking me, I love your blog so much!! Side note- your tags on my stuff give me LIFE! So kind! X'O)

Rules : Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better. (can it also just be really cool people?)

Nicknames:… Em… “You there”? XD For the purpose of this blog, Arthur, Artie, Iggy, etc. all work. :)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn…(but…this isn’t like a science or anything…XD)
Height: 169 cm or 5'6"/5'7"
Orientation: Uh… I dunno. Asexual, at least?
Ethnicity: English, but I am a dual citizen of the U.K. and the States. I don’t really consider myself American
Favorite Fruit: Raspberry as well! or… do lemons count?
Favorite Season: Depends on where? In the U.K., Pretty much anything or whenever it rains (controversial, I know), but in the U.S., Autumn, hands down.
Favorite Book: Howl’s Moving Castle series, Black Butler Volume 14, I also really love the Skulduggery Pleasant series?
Favorite Flower: ROSES
Favorite Scent: Rose? Chocolate? Chicken tikka? English Breakfast tea? A fry up? Surprise, I am actual England, everyone.
Favorite Color: Red, black, or blue. ^w^
Favorite Animal: CROWS! My number two are foxes.
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate:… This is a silly question and I don’t want to become more of a stereotype so I will leave this up for interpretation. My #2 is hot chocolate, though.
Average Sleep Hours: 8-10 hours. I don’t really know how considering I have about 2 hours of schoolwork in addition to 3-5 hours of work every day. But it is all ruined now from the STUPIDITY THAT IS BLOODY FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME DAMMIT
Cat or dog person?: I’ve only ever had a dog and I walk dogs every day, but I catsit constantly and I also love cats. It depends on the cat or dog?
Favorite fictional character: U-uh… okay I don’t want to spam anyone so em… yeah… When you grow up with cinema and books and video games as your caregivers, you kinda… go a bit mental with the characters you adore…
Number of blankets you sleep with: One duvet plus one blanket currently. Depends on the weather here? It is so sporadic! 
Ideal trip: Back to my homeland or to Paris, Corsica, em, anywhere in France really?, or somewhere in Japan… or Italy, or Spain… or anywhere. I have never really gone on a “trip”, those are expensive. XD
Blog Created: Some time in 2016? But I really only started posting in 2017 I think.

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