A gift for the always amazing @larkistin who does so much for us with her incredible artwork. Only a portion of what you deserve, lovely, but I hope it hits on all of your deepest desires ;)

Imagine Rafael posing nude for an artist

He had never stood a chance, the way she bounced into his office, flopping herself into the chair across from his desk. She always did this, always stopped by to see him too when she came to visit her brother. And he wasn’t sure why she had taken such a liking to him, but he also wasn’t dumb enough to complain.

Her cheery smile and youthful exuberance always made him feel a little more alive and it had been no different yesterday as he set his pen down to look at her.

“Morning, Raf!”

No one else ever called him ‘Raf.’ Hell, no one else ever even called him ‘Rafael.’ He was ‘Barba’ or ‘Counselor’ to everyone that didn’t share his blood.

Except her.

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