“The fluidity and indeterminacy of Grosse’s work, both in shape and color, make it an extremely potent and pliable piece of public art, capable of transmitting any number of different meanings to every person who encounters it… ” -  read more about what artinfo has to say about our newest shown in downtown Brooklyn, Just Two of Us

photos: Benjamin Sutton 

Today’s Fashion Friday focuses on former Public Art Fund artist Andrea Zittel, also recently featured in ArtInfo’s 30 Best Dressed People in the Art World!

When Andrea Zittel was an assistant at the now-defunct Pat Hearn Gallery in Chelsea years ago, she didn’t make enough money to buy clothes – so she designed and sewed her own gallerina-appropriate wardrobe. Now she makes a living turning basic necessities of life into artful experiments. She still makes her own garments and even created a project called “Smockshop” to help rising artists by allowing them to reinterpret and profit from a basic double-wrap smock she designed.