Betty x Jughead of Riverdale. <3 Totally loving this show so far. Not to mention they make a pretty darn cute couple! I about melted when he referred to her as Juliet when he climbed up to her bedroom window. <so.cute>

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Thank you so much to all the artists who participated and all the standby artists who offered to help! I couldn’t have done this without you! Hope you like it!


This was a wonderful reminder of just how great Season 19 was. I miss this season. 


ARTime Lapse || Team Remy VS Team Nicki

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In the cover for the dark prophecy we see a girl in the hunters of Artimes uniform riding behind Apollo that looks a lot like Calypso. There might be a chance that Calypso will dump Leo for a band of lesbian immortals!

i doubt it but aay

While I was watching Insurrecction I was thinking about Data and how good he is with kids. I mean:

First with Sarjenka (Pen Pals):

Then with Timothy (Hero Workship):

And also with Artim (ST: Insurrection):

We can also include Lal (The Offspring):

Maybe he’s good with kids because he understand them in some ways. The innocence, the pureness, the curiosity of discovering things for the first time…

I’ll stop now because I’m getting emotional.

Usuario de Tumblr destacado: Javier Peláez

Blog: @javier-pelaez

Ciudad de origen: Puertollano, España

Ciudad actual: Tenerife, España

Primera publicación: Diciembre de 2015

Dedicado a la divulgación científica en la red desde hace años, Javier Peláez es autor de La Aldea Irreductible, cofundador del portal y editor responsable de las secciones de Ciencia y Astronomía en Yahoo España. También participa en el podcast Catástrofe Ultravioleta, además de colaborar ocasionalmente en otros medios como El Español, Revista QUO, Diario de Avisos, Voz Populi o RTVE.

¿Cómo surgió tu interés por la ciencia?

Seguramente, gracias a la lectura. Ya desde muy joven me gustaba devorar casi cualquier libro que caía en mis manos. En un principio eran de todo tipo: narrativa, ciencia ficción, historia y, por supuesto, divulgación científica. Creo que fue el libro de Stephen Hawking, «Una breve historia del tiempo», el que más me enganchó; después ya no pude parar.

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Oblivious!John + Obvious!Sherlock = "Songs for John"

This all started when I mused about Sherlock playing “Love on Top” for John as soon as he walks into 221B.

Oh and Sherlock’s wearing Queen Bey’s glorious hat from the video.

Originally posted by mrsbey

Then a bunch of people played along and graciously added song suggestions to what @i-read-good-books‘s called my johnlock oblivious!john playlist and and @the-7-percent-solution sort of “Songs for John” ficlet’ed it as we went.

So @johns-neck-kink, here’s all those songs in one place.

thank you to those lovelies and also @shipperpenguin88, @hollysprite, @irrelevantbl0g, @snogbox1, @heurtebizzz, @221bee-stalker-st, @imanidiotwithfangirltendencies, @propergenius, @artimes-chimes, @masterofhounds, and @zandalorscat (hope I didn’t miss anyone!) for contributing to my “ridiculously catchy pop songs that Sherlock plays in the flat for John when he can’t handle it anymore and decides to be Obvious.”

  • Love on Top // Beyonce
  • Talking Body // Tove Lo
  • Shower // Becky G
  • Dance for You // Beyonce
  • 1+1 // Beyonce
  • Toxic // Britney Spears
  • I’m a Slave 4 U // Britney Spears
  • I Need Your Love // Calvin Harris
  • Hot Stuff - 12″Version // Donna Summer
  • Irresistible // Fall Out Boy
  • Physical // Olivia Newton-John
  • Let’s Talk About Sex // Salt-N-Pepa
  • Let’s Get It On // Martin Gaye
  • Work From Home // Fifth Harmony
  • Born This Way // Lady Gaga
  • Candyman // Christina Aguilera
  • Johnny Angel // Shelley Fabares
  • Johnny B. Goode // Chuck Berry
  • Whistle // Flo Rida
  • Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) // Robert Palmer
  • Closer // Nine Inch Nails
  • All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey
  • Hips Don’t Lie // Shakira
  • Finally // CeCe Peniston
  • I Want Your Sex // George Michael
  • Sexual Healing // Martin Gaye
  • At Last // Etta James
  • I’m Not Gay // J. Pee
  • Insatiable // Darren Hayes
  • Careless Whisper // George Michael
  • Dr. John // MIKA
  • Marry Me // St. Vincent

<3 let the obvious enlighten the oblivious <3

 ♥ still into you  ♥


hostage - sia // who is in your heart now? - studio killers // blank space - taylor swift // this love (will be your downfall) - ellie goulding // collar full - p!atd // safe and sound - capital cities // grande finale - studio killers // still into you - ashe (paramore cover)

cover art

im tr a s h

Christmas Card
Joyce Manor
Christmas Card

Looking at your face in the dark
You don’t even look that smart
Could never make it past that part
And now I guess we never will
Looking for the keys to the truck
Your body’s saying isn’t that enough?
Your brain is going I don’t give a fuck 
You treat it like a game of skill

But it’s more like a work of art
Or money in a Christmas card
You think about it way too hard
I’m gonna stay with you until

You disappear into the crowd
I don’t know what you tried to tell me
You know I think about it still

Looking at your face in the dark
You don’t even look that smart
I don’t know what you tried to tell me
Disappear into the clouds
I don’t know what you tried to tell me
You know I think about it still

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Did Warner Bros. Tease The Possible Return Of The "YOUNG JUSTICE" Animated Series?

Yesterday Warner Bros. released there full schedule for Comic Con San-Diego this year. It was announced that on the last day of the convention, that Sunday, Warner Brothers would be hosting a Batman for All Seasons”  panel, detailing and discussing the many different versions of Batman to appear on screen, including his animated versions. But this specific quote that appears in the panel description though that shows up that has everyone talking. 

Attendees who stick around to the end will be privy to a special WAC announcement that will excite fans both “YOUNG” and old.

With "Young” being both capitalized, and in quotation marks, could Warner Brothers be teasing an announcement regarding Young Justice, or even the possible return? Find out more from the source of this article.