My submission for Every/Body Zine!  Feeling self conscious about my body, especially while wearing dresses, is something I struggle with all the freaking time.  But sometimes you gotta stop thinking about how chubs your arms are, or how that dress hugs your belly, or your butt and just go outside!

Once it’s no longer three degrees outside, I’m gonna try and wear  dresses/skirts more often.



Thank you so much to all the artists who participated and all the standby artists who offered to help! I couldn’t have done this without you! Hope you like it!

Ann Macarayan Pins Up Ramona Flowers And Sends Pokémon To Gravity Falls

By Lauren Davis

One of the things I particularly enjoy about looking at art school students’ work is that, while the students have their own unique visual flourishes, they’re also in a period of intense experimentation. Looking over Minneapolis College of Art and Design student Ann Macarayan’s work, I can see details that could very well come to typify her style: little marks that add emotion to the faces, red and blue noses that make her characters a tad more cartoony, careful attention to the fit and wear of her clothing. But she’s constantly testing out new styles and media as she learns and grows as an artist. READ MORE

Second part of my illustrations for digital illustration.  Since I made that quartz queen, I wanted to keep on that theme of crystals and gems.  Along side a character portrait, we had also had to develop an environment or scene, which is something I NEVER draw (I hate drawing backgrounds you guys).  So this was a fun experiment, and I’m actually really happy with how it came out!

Christmas Card
  • Christmas Card
  • Joyce Manor
  • Never Hungover Again

Looking at your face in the dark
You don’t even look that smart
Could never make it past that part
And now I guess we never will
Looking for the keys to the truck
Your body’s saying isn’t that enough?
Your brain is going I don’t give a fuck 
You treat it like a game of skill

But it’s more like a work of art
Or money in a Christmas card
You think about it way too hard
I’m gonna stay with you until

You disappear into the crowd
I don’t know what you tried to tell me
You know I think about it still

Looking at your face in the dark
You don’t even look that smart
I don’t know what you tried to tell me
Disappear into the clouds
I don’t know what you tried to tell me
You know I think about it still

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While I was watching Insurrecction I was thinking about Data and how good he is with kids. I mean:

First with Sarjenka (Pen Pals):

Then with Timothy (Hero Workship):

And also with Artim (ST: Insurrection):

We can also include Lal (The Offspring):

Maybe he’s good with kids because he understand them in some ways. The innocence, the pureness, the curiosity of discovering things for the first time…

I’ll stop now because I’m getting emotional.

Did Warner Bros. Tease The Possible Return Of The "YOUNG JUSTICE" Animated Series?

Yesterday Warner Bros. released there full schedule for Comic Con San-Diego this year. It was announced that on the last day of the convention, that Sunday, Warner Brothers would be hosting a Batman for All Seasons”  panel, detailing and discussing the many different versions of Batman to appear on screen, including his animated versions. But this specific quote that appears in the panel description though that shows up that has everyone talking. 

Attendees who stick around to the end will be privy to a special WAC announcement that will excite fans both “YOUNG” and old.

With "Young” being both capitalized, and in quotation marks, could Warner Brothers be teasing an announcement regarding Young Justice, or even the possible return? Find out more from the source of this article.

“Thought and Memory” - #watercolor on wood panel. Original will be available from @axispioneersquare . Inquire if interested. Prints here:

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Check out the video and tell me what you think!

So far, the list of Comic Conventions we will be attending for 2015 are:

ECCC:  Seattle, WA - March 27-29
Megacon:  Orlando, FL - April 10-12
Awesome Con:  Washington D.C. - May 29-31
Heroes Con:  Charlotte, NC - June 19-21
Boston Comic Con:  Boston MA - July 31 - August 2

Hopefully I can get enough artists to complete this project!

If you know any artists attending the comic conventions listed above, it would be great if you shared this video with them, so they will be aware of my project if/when I approach them.  And if you ARE an artist who will be attending any of the cons, and want to participate, please tell me which con you are attending and what your table number is so I can come find you!  And thank you ahead of time!  :)

I will be posting videos of my progress on YouTube, and I will be posting photos of my progress on my social media sites:


If you are interested in the BAND comic, we can be found at:

Keep your fingers crossed, folks!  I can’t wait to see how this turns out!



You can order your copy here!

Participating artists (Twitters are listed here):

@shonocondo | Addy!/@stillnotblinkin | Adzusai/@AdzusaiArt | Aeth/@aethorable/aldacu | aradied/@pomatoman | ava / @justicecaballin | brett / @robodumpling | Rodi / bubblebrow | chakkun/@smashingbamboom } chan/@aluhnim | Cosu/guessibetter | Gu/@guzhenn | HUIYA/@goodbyeidiot | may / mayhugs | Jax/@veloursrose | Jen/@creylune | jez /@noctilin | jou/@joutp | Karen K/@lestatuskuo | kat ! @sruoh | Kata @coughdrops | Kiyo / @kiyowoah | Lucy/@lucyisok | Maiko/Maizilla | MED/@daikonhime | mille/@jigokuro | Myku/@mykuz | namnami@ji_namnami | Peachy/@moarmint | rai/@rai_izumi | ranya ni @ranya_ni | remy/@remypost | Ruki @rukiland | Rysk @rysk_art | sain/@insanityfallsup | sally/borketto | Shiki @shikimatsuri | Shoua (pk-buttcheeks on tumblr / pkbuttcheeks on twitter) | Shy/ ribboneels | susie / @deadwitt | tuna/@eelbeats | Waffles/@hitowaffles | wrabbit/ @graywrabbit | marimo/shibashibamo | tartime / @t_artime | xen/xenvita

Thank you for any reblogs/support!

“Entangle” - original is available and will be showing at @krabjabstudio in February in group show #ArborealDreams
Contact if interested.

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You asked how long and how strechy the luna and Artimes tights can be wear…since we do  not have taller girl here(★'A`!)…

  • Our warehouse boy David has to show his talent!(*☉౪⊙*)  and to complete this look, we dress him up (@゜▽゜@)ノ~~~
  • Da Da! Magicial Boy David is here!  It was a lot of fun and the result make us surprise, the tights can be wear to his height!  (●⌒∀⌒●)
  • Just a little warm tips here, David said it’s tight to him, so maybe up to 170cm(5’ 7) is more comfy to wear!(・ω・。)

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