• Onigumo: What's going on?
  • Soldier: Sir!! It seems that Straw Hat Luffy and Mr. Rob Lucci from CP9 are fighting and they're completely wrecking the ship!!!
  • Onigumo: I'm sure Rob Lucci wouldn't die. Artillerymen in all ships, aim at the #4 warship. Fire at once in exactly 5 seconds.
  • Soldier: Wha... Vice Admiral, sir, you must be joking!!! There are 1000 of our soldiers on board!
  • Onigumo: How can you protect the future from brutal criminals who slipped through your fingers due to a moment of hesitation?

Italian ilustration showing artillerymen retreating in the face of an Austrian advance. Italian soldiers pitch their gun over a mountain precipice into the valley below. 1917.

Possible Gem hierarchy of Homeworld
  • White Diamond: Queen/supreme commander
  • Blue, Yellow and Pink Diamond: Royal family/Generals
  • Sapphires: Nobles/Seers/Counselors
  • High or Perfect quartzes: Royal guard/Officers/Living weapons
  • Average quartzes: Enforcers/Guards/Soldiers
  • Lapis lazulis: Low nobility/Colonizers/Resource gatherer
  • Rubies: Escorts/Guards/Cannon fodder
  • Nephrites: Pilots/Ship captains/Artillerymen
  • Bismuths: Architects/Construction workers
  • Peridots: Technicians/Workers/Pilots/Scientists
  • Pearls: Servitude/Toy dogs

Okay here’s what JP said, in order:

The library is gone, so that’s that. 

JP knows Latin. Interesting. Not surprising - that was common in his day. But this isn’t the first time Latin has come up in this season…

His memory is erased or something - somebody’s been messing with him; it’s not just the library. 


Brutus killed the person who trusted him - similar to how Carmilla killed her mother. Saint Genevieve? She was around in the fifth century, and “acted as an intermediary between the city (Paris) and its conqueror, collecting food and convincing Childeric to release his prisoners. Who do we know who makes a lot of food? Perry. Who was against taking Carmilla prisoner at first? Perry. HMMMMMMMMM…. Saint Barbara? She was “known as the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen, military engineers, miners, and others who work with explosives because of her old legend’s association with lightning.” (both quotes from wikipedia) Hmmm sounds like war or science - I’m thinking either LaFontaine or Danny. 

Again with the baking - More about Perry? Perry and LaFontaine? Idk. Maybe Perry and Laura?

She doesn’t have a face? Descending? Carmilla’s mother, perhaps? Or maybe just a prediction of bad things to come? 

Basically I don’t think J.P.’s weird speech patterns were an accident. They are foreshadowing bad things. Lots and lots of bad things.

I’m terrified. 


The Guns of Garand Part IV — The Garand Carbine

For Part I, Part II, Part III

In the late 1930’s the US Military was looking for a light rifle/carbine to serve as a personal defense weapon for, support troops, artillerymen, and other rear echelon soldiers as well as paratroopers. John Garand submitted this design in 1941, a simple blockback semi auto rifle chambered for .30 carbine.  The first model had a magazine that was top mounted at a 45 degree angle.  Magazines came in 5, 10, 20, and 50 round versions.  Weighing only 4.9 pounds, the carbine impressed officials, but they perfered a carbine with a bottom feeding magazine.  In the second trials Garand entered a new design with a bottom magazine, but it was significantly heavier and suffered functioning issues.  As a result the Garand Carbine lost out to the M1 Carbine.