OUTOFCHARACTER. This is very impromptu but I would like to give a nice shoutout to @beheadingtoujou, @crosscourt, @hazuukashi, and @hcnorcoded for their support ooc-wise! If you’re looking for roleplay blogs with characters who are ACCURATE and muns who are generous, please do think about following them!

The Cult of Nee-San ( @amheus , @mendcx , @backhandbaby , @invegold, @allegroharmony, @robotichxpe, @scftspken [breyon breyon where are you come back from the dead], @aikidofighter , @kxaito, @mxgia, @artiist ) are also roleplayers I HIGHLY suggest for you to follow for breathtaking portrayals and muns who deserve the world. They are also very close to my heart!!!

@lxckyclovers, @mxssias are also roleplayers who I admire and am thankful for. Please do consider following them as well! To YOU on my dash who I follow, I thank you generously for your amazing portrayals and allowing my time roleplaying to be as fun as it is. Personals who’ve I’ve spoken with, thank you plenty for your inquiries and interactions as well!

This is kinda like a bootleg follow-forever but not really because this doesn’t have nearly as much roleplayers as I wish for it to have on? I just hit a milestone recently minus a few set-backs so I just wanted to post this! Thank you for your time!

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i just hit 200 today, and i can say with certainty i’ve never been happier on tumblr before. i can’t thank all of you enough for thinking that i’m not only good enough to follow, but good enough to have you stick around for this long. i’ve had this blog for about a month or two now, and it’s so heartwarming to know that i’ve gotten to this point.

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