artificial mountain

These renderings depict “The Berg,” a 1,000 meter artificial mountain German architect Jakob Tigges envisioned for Berlin. The mountain would take the place of the former Tempelhof Airport, and serve as both a recreational space an and a natural habitat for the area’s wildlife. Surprisingly, “The Berg” has many supporters, who want to have this eccentric plan completed, despite it’s ridiculous cost, structural improbability, and the effects on the area’s weather.


Just redid Spoops’ tank, because I got some sand for the corys to snoot around in! Then I got on Tumblr and noticed there was an aquascape competition going on. So here we go!

Category: Nature aquarium (with one artificial mountain decoration)

Tank size: 20gal long

Livestock: 1 Crowntail Betta, 2 Panda Corydoras, 3 Albino Corydoras, 2 Bronze Corydoras, 2 Assassin Snails, 1 Amano Shrimp, 3 Cherry Shrimp.

Ancalagon the Black was the first and greatest winged dragon ever to walk Middle Earth. His size and wingspan were so massive that his wing span blocked out the sun, and when he fell from the sky his impact shattered Thangorodrim, an artificial volcanic mountain range. He was considered the Father of all dragons, and led the entire host of Morgoth’s winged dragons in the war of wrath in an attack so fierce it managed to drive back The Host of the Valinor. Ancalagon was eventually slain by Earendil, aided by Thorondor and his host of eagles, who battled Ancalagon for an entire day before his defeat. Though the method in which Ancalagon is never recorded, his significance to Morgoth’s army was so great that Ancalagon’s death marked the end of Morgoth’s final resistance.

He’s the son of Icarus, haunted by warnings about all-consuming fire and falling and so he keeps his head down, turning away from the sun. He flies low, skimming the icy seas with the dappled feathers of his artificial wings. The mountain ranges of goosebumps across his skin remind him of his own mortality. He fears the heat so deeply that he’d rather his heart freeze than risk embracing the flames. When he turns his head from you, when he lowers his eyes, do not condemn him. You are too close, too warm, in a kaleidoscope of amber and ochre, and there is water in his lungs, he is drowning, from where you’ve begun to thaw his glacial heart.
—   fire or ice, pick your vice (excerpts from a book i’m trying to write #3)

rating : pg - 13

word count : 1536

characters : you x d.o

genre : fluff

You looked around the pastel coloured room, seeing your friends sound asleep despite the consecutive booms of loud thunder. You weren’t the type of person to be scared of thunder storms but the old paintings that were hanging on your friend’s bedroom wall were being illuminated by the strikes of lightning which was slightly traumatizing.

A small sigh escaped through your lips as you sat up and wrapped your blanket pitifully protectively over yourself. Your eyes traced every nook and cranny across the room as a way to calm down, but you just found more reasons to be frightened when you saw glass china and wooden Russian dolls.

Going to your friend’s cottage would’ve been way more relaxing if there hadn’t been rain storms and a huge forest where god knows what roams through. The only benefit of the sharp hisses of thunder were that it blocked out the howls of carnivorous animals that were neighbouring right by the small little house you were staying in.

You heard the guys snoring thunderously from the other room, as if the pounding rain wasn’t enough to add onto your insomnia. I’m just going to go outside and watch some TV for a bit, you thought as you stood up and quietly exited the area. You tried to close the door as quietly as you could and managed to do it with only a small click when the door met the frame.

“Can’t sleep either?” A voice rang out from behind you which made you jump and almost collapse on the floor. “Oops my bad,” the person chuckled as they saw your distress.

You whipped your heard around to see the culprit who turned out to be Kyungsoo. “Don’t scare me like that!” You laughed under your breath while slapping his arm lightly. He cowered like a small puppy jokingly, making you shake your head in amusement.  “Why are you out here anyways?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” He questioned, raising one of his thick eyebrows.

“You were out here first,” you retorted.

“Oh right, right,” Kyungsoo chuckled in realization. “I couldn’t sleep with all the thunder and the guy’s snoring,” he shrugged. “What about you?”

“Same reason,” you shrugged. That was a bit of a stretch of the truth because you weren’t bugged by the sound, but more so freaked out by lightning storms. “What were you doing out here?”

Kyungsoo pointed to the small kettle that was making squeamish noises as the water was being heated. “I was about to make some hot chocolate until I heard you come out.” He cocked his head to the side, “want some?”

You nodded while smiling in anticipation since you heard that he was pretty good at cooking compared to his friends.

He laughed and grabbed your hand, pulling you and then pushing you gently down onto the brown velvet couch. “Pick out a movie on Netflix while I get some snacks.” You nodded at him while thinking about how much he fit your ideal type. “How many marshmallows?“ Kyungsoo asked, snapping you out of your admiration of him.

"Um, as many as your having.,” you murmured. Kyungsoo grinned and nodded at your before going into the kitchen. You leaned over to grab the remote and started to flip through the movies section, coming up with old movies that you all seen before. You just shrugged and decided to wait for Kyungsoo to come back to choose a movie with you since you came up short and didn’t want to pick something that you both wouldn’t enjoy.

After a few minutes of waiting, Kyungsoo came back from the kitchen and started setting a variety of snacks down onto the glass table in front of you along with his famous hot cocoa. The mountain of artificial sweets and bagged popcorn made your eyes widen, “you guys sure have this house prepared.”

Kyungsoo snorted, “well, they have to eat something when I don’t cook for them.” He turned his head to the screen, “didn’t pick a movie yet?” He plopped down onto the couch beside you, making your bounce due to his weight pressing down on the cushion to push you up. He put his sock covered feet up on a bare spot of the table and wrapped his arm around the couch - borderline over you.

“I wanted both of us to pick since I didn’t want to put you into misery if you didn’t like the movie I chose,” you said as you handed him the remote that was settled in your hands.

Kyungsoo’s heart shaped lips curled upwards in a smile, appreciative of you consideration. “Thanks, but I’m down for anything.” He started to flip through the movies himself and would occasionally glance at you to see if your facial expression changed at each movie he stopped at. “Ah, what about this one?” He smiled when Avatar appeared on the screen. “I don’t think anyone hates this movie.”

You nodded in agreement, “yeah let’s watch it."  Kyungsoo’s bright grin widened, leaned back and pressed play before grabbing a small bag of mini Twizzlers. Your face scrunched up at his snack selection, "who eats Twizzlers?”

He glared at you playfully and turned his head down so that his stare could get to you - which it was definitely doing. “I do.” You chuckled due to his answer to your rhetorical question. “Well picky Missy, what do you want then?”

Your lip moved from side to side as you eyed the mountain of nutritional value deprived treats that was placed in front of you for your consumption. “Kisses,” you announced and picked up a few Cookies & Crème Hersey chocolates.

“Oh you want a kiss?” Kyungsoo joked suggestively at you, raising both of his eyebrows with one of his burning stares.

“Yes I do,” you laughed and scrunched your nose up to him which made you ten times cuter in his eyes ; which were currently in a crescent moon shape due to his eye smile. In a split second, he kissed the top of your forehead sweetly, making all of the blood creep up to your neck and rush into your cheeks. You froze for a few seconds before looking away from him. He might’ve said “cute” but you were too dazed to hear anything except your heart pound. “I meant the chocolates…”

“I know what I did,” Kyungsoo stated proudly while keeping his eyes on the screen to hide his embarrassment at how bold he was. As the movie started, Kyungsoo ripped his candy package open with his teeth which looked extremely attractive from his side view.

You coughed into the back of your hand to feign your admiration. Your cough was followed by a sigh when you realized that you probably wouldn’t focuse with him beside you.

When the movie was over, you two were already about to pass out. The storm had calmed a bit, still shooting a few shots of lighting but it had settled down. “I think I’m going to sleep now…” You murmured groggily as you looked over at Kyungsoo until you saw that he had already been sleeping. The living room didn’t have any heating systems so you were worried that he’d be cold. Since you didn’t want to wake him up, you grabbed the blanket that was hung over the coffee table and draped it over him.

You peered at Kyungsoo’s peaceful resting face for a second before turning away in embarrassment. You started to stand up slowly so your weight didn’t lift his body or awaken him. The attempt at trying not to wake him was unsuccessful when you jumped and bumped yourself in the metal legs of the table after a rumble of thunder surprised you.

Kyungsoo opened one of his eyes lazily while rubbing his other one. His thick brown eyebrows were furrowed as he gazed at you; not in fury but in confusion. “Scared of the thunder?”

You tried to think of a different reason other than being petrified by something that couldn’t harm you but you came up short. “Um, uh - yeah. Pretty much.”

The tired yet cheery boy chuckled at your childish fear, motioning you over to come into his arms. “C'mere.” You tilted your head to the side in thought, you would love to cuddle with him since you’ve liked him for the longest time but you didn’t want anyone catching the both of you in the act. That would only lead in teasing for you both. “I don’t bite,” he beamed at you, causing you to give in.

Kyungsoo shifted his body closer to the wall of the couch to make room for you. You placed yourself in the space he prepared and snuggled your head into his arm that was extended for you as a pillow. “Good night,” he whispered into your ear, almost pecking it.

You thought that you were going to have trouble falling asleep in his arms but his scent of fresh soap and his body heat welcomed you into a deep slumber.

The last thing you recalled was his lips on yours and his hands slipping down to your waist.

He made your heart race faster than the thunder ever did.