artificial foliage

Stray notes/ observations from the latest Steven Bomb.

Connie trying to tell Steven something on the phone before he leaves.

Gem culture and society is so interesting. Holly reminded me of a rich person who volunteers at a museum as a social status thing.

Zoomans are all gorgeous! But what even becomes attractive to you when everyone around you is beautiful? Someone different looking! Someone average! (Plus Greg is a good guy and a breath of fresh air.)

If zoomans don’t know sadness, I wonder how the zoo handles death. The zoo in general is fascinating. The probably rose quartz constructed artificial geometric foliage, the little voice. The conflict between being free but suffering pain, or living painlessly and ignorantly in captivity.

Will getting rid of the choosening ruin the utopia? Knowing this show maybe not.

The way Tom Scharpling says ‘these utopias always have a catch,’ just KILLS me.

Famithyst! So much character development and backstory has gone into Amethyst that we get so much payoff from this. She was worried she’s not like them because they’re so tall and strong, but they’re all just like her! Her humor… even her moodiness! There’s other ‘deformed’ gems too! Plus she’s not alone for being made on Earth!

The song isn’t “what’s the use of feeling blue?” It’s “what’s the use of feeling, Blue?” Yellow thinks if she just destroys all memories of Pink she won’t have to process her grief.
Love Patti Lupone with all my heart. I can’t believe the layers of emotion she put in that performance.

I’m trying to figure out the timeline in my head. Were rose quartzes the old zookeepers? Did Rose fall in love with earth… before she even visited the real earth? Did she fall in love with humanity … because of the zoomans? Is this why…she likes Greg? Greg had a lot in common with them.

edit: I find the Rose falling in love with Earth because of the zoo thing so fascinating because it’s like falling in love with a foreign country because of a movie that takes place there. She’s like an earth weeaboo