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hey there ! i'm looking for a face claim for an oc and the one i picked out has like, no resources, so i was wondering if you could help me find an alternate. she's in her late twenties, early thirties, blonde, supposed to have a naive / wary look to her. she's an artificial creation. i originally had brit marling so anyone like her would be perfect ! i'd really appreciate it, thanks !

Hey anon! Here are some suggestions but if you’re looking for people to make resources for Brit Marling we have a masterlist people willing to make things on request! -C


New gemsona time! Here is Synthetic Diamond, a rather unsettling mishap unknown to the vast majority of gem kind.

Remember when i talked about servant gems and mentioned Imitation Pearl? Anyway Synth’s origins are tied to that but who wants to read a huge giant paragraph.  Long story short: artificial gem creation by non gem creatures occurs and synth is the accidental prize gem of it all

i actually really like the symbolism in both penny’s and pyrrha’s deaths?

penny, a wonder of technology, the first artificial creation to have its own aura, skilled enough to reach the final rounds of the vytal festival, the robot girl who was told that she was going to save the world.

pyrrha, arguably the best warrior in the kingdoms, a master of her aura and semblance, ozpin and co.’s first choice to succeed the fall maiden, the girl who believed that she had a destiny.

for all of their skill, talent, and destiny, they were unable to do anything to keep cinder from victory.

the robot girl never even had the chance to save the world. the golden girl’s destiny was an arrow to the chest.

the old ways are now dead.

the theme of “a simple soul” being the true power to save the world is repeated and hinted at throughout the show, and we can see the two characters who fit that description (ruby and jaune) as the protagonist and deuteragonist, respectively. rwby, the nobody from the island of patch who built her own weapon, has the mysterious power of her silver eyes. jaune, the failure who had to fake his transcripts in order to be accepted into beacon, has an extremely powerful aura and the ability to lead.

ruby and jaune live on.

the simple souls are now the only hope for the world.


Okay, the character development on this show is unparalleled. Our little nuggets understand sacrifice now and I’m so proud I could burst. Additionally, the watermelons seem to allude to the crystal gems and the difference between them and the entire gem race.

1.) They’ve developed beyond exact copies of their kind. They aren’t interchangeable; they’ve formed unique relationships within their group.

2.) They are more self-aware– they are capable of emotion even though they were made to be thoughtlessly obedient (even vicious) artificial creations.

3.) Where once they fought on the orders of a superior, they now fight with passion. Not as much against their opponent as for each other.

4.) It’s through experiencing our world that they are capable of this depth… is there anything that’s taught better than peace and love on the planet Earth?

It’s for the best, Darcy thought as she rubbed away a stray tear from her eye. The brunette quietly shoved any clothes that was in a hand’s reach into a satchel. And when that was done, she went and grabbed her toothbrush.

“Jarvis, how is he?” Darcy called up into the ceiling, very aware of the AI present in her/Steve’s room.

“Captain Rogers is still in critical condition.” Despite the fact that Jarvis was an artificial creation born from the mind of Tony Stark, Darcy could still feel the waves of disapproval coming from him.

In her heart, Darcy knew that as the very serious girlfriend of one Steve Rogers, she should have been by the man’s bedside. Should have been damn near inconsolable and trying everything in her power to make sure that the All American Man with a Plan was comfortable.

Keyword being should. There was no doubt in her mind, that had Darcy been a normal human being she would have done that. But as it was, she wasn’t exactly normal.


The facts were these, when Darcy age 5 years, 48 minutes and 13 seconds, she had attended the funeral of her aunt whose name she didn’t remember. Young and bored, the young future intern wandered away from the mournful procession and stumbled unto a dead bird. Fascinated in a way that only the young and scientific were, Darcy moved closer to the bird. A small, cherubic hand moved closer to the bird, and her eyes were intensely focussed on the dead creature.

The young girl jumped back in surprise when the dead bird suddenly moved and chirped. She watched as the bird moved closer to her, and once again young Darcy reached out to touch the alive again bird. To her dismay, the bird went stone cold again.

It was that day, that Darcy Lewis age 5 years, 56 minutes and 40 seconds learned that she was anything but normal.


Darcy Lewis, age 29 years, 40 minutes, and 4 seconds, blankly stared at the finished Dear John letter she had wrote a scant few minutes ago. A fucking Dear John letter to literally the greatest, humblest man Darcy has ever had the pleasure to be with. The only man she has been with.

But what else could she do? Darcy was out of options. She brought her lover, who was dead on the streets of New York, back and there were consequences. One touch to bring someone back, and one touch to put them back into the dirt. 1 minute of bringing someone back and after that another body must take their place.

She had knowingly brought Steve back and had killed another person in his place. What type of woman did that?

Sighing, Darcy placed the letter on their bed, alongside her resignation letter to Jane, and grabbed her satchel. She ignored Jarvis’ calls and walked out of the Avenger’s tower and out of their lives.


Olive Snook, owner of the Intrepid Cow, hardly payed attention to the bedraggled woman slumping into her restaurant. The tiny blonde, busy with filling orders and handing new orders to her cook, didn’t even get to the young woman till after rush hour.

“Sorry, ‘bout that wait, darling.” Olive cheerfully said. Her eyes caught the woman’s wobbly smile.

“It’s okay.” The woman said, but Olive knew in fact that things weren’t ok.

“You ready to order, sweetie?” She asked, instead of prodding. After working with Ned and Chuck and learning all those secrets, the blonde knew better than trying to pry.

“I actually was trying to find the Pie Hole, but your place looked so cool.” Darcy ruefully admitted. Seriously, the places out here in Coeur d'Coeurs were so bright and color. And after listlessly wandering outside of New York, the exintern decided to visit her oldest cousin, only cousin, in this little town.

“Pie Hole? You hungry for some pie?” Olive was curious, the blonde sat down in the booth with the brunette. The Intrepid Cow was empty save for the brunette, Olive and the cook in the back.

“Nah, I’m just trying to find my cousin’s place. Heard he opened up some pie shop.” Hopefully, Ned won’t mind an extra mouth in his household.

“You’re Ned’s cousin?” Olive dropped her mouth in shock. No way! This woman was short where Ned was tall. Still where the pie maker was skittish. 

“MmmHmmm.” Darcy nodded. Huh, guess this town was small enough for everyone to know everyone.

“Well, Darling, lemme close up shop and I’ll take you there myself.” Olive promised. The blonde jumped up from the booth to do just that. 

Darcy was seriously impressed at how fast the woman closed up. So much competence wrapped up in a little package. 


“So, I had to break up with him.” Darcy concluded with a mournful look plastered on her face.

“It’s always the good-looking ones.” Olive shook her head.

Darcy had given a very heavily edited story of her relationship with Steve (not Steve Rogers just Steve). 

The two came to a stand still as they entered the building with the giant pie hanging above their heads.

“Piemaker?! You in there?” Olive hollered as they walked into the Pie Hole. 

A woman came out of the kitchen, that wasn’t Ned? Unless it was, which Darcy was totally cool with.

“Olive!” The woman’s smile was breathtaking and blinding.

“Chuck.” Olive returned the smile. 

Ok, so not Ned, Darcy thought. But since he wasn’t in the front part of the Pie Hole, he had to be in the bake. Probably baking pies.

Darcy, using the women’s greetings as a moment of opportunity, swiftly bypassed the counters and walked straight to the kitchens.

A man, a tall man, was holding a rotten strawberry in hard. And Darcy could only watch in disbelief as that strawberry turned red and full again. 

“Oh my god!” Darcy didn’t mean to startle the man, who had to be her cousin Ned, into dropping the strawberry.

“Darcy?!” Ned had a deer in the headlights look. His body tensed.

“Ned!” Darcy’s voice was full of relief which confused the Piemaker. Wasn’t she supposed to be horrified or pulling out her phone to call the police?

“You can do it too?”