artifical colors


I always forget how tiny Rewind is compared to Chromedome :’)

The items in the background are the crystal and stand Rewind got on Hedonia and the data stick Rewind recorded his message on. The text in the middle is Rewind’s entire farewell message, typed up in the only autobot alphabet I could track down- I even generated my own font for this!

Basically I’ve been reading through the comics and stuff and I’m just- so glad for quantum shenanigans??? my heart

anonymous asked:

The boys' April Fool's joke on one another

sungjoos prank:

yixuan’s prank:

seungyoun’s prank:

(he added artifical food coloring so dont worry lmao)

yibo’s prank:

and lastly wenhan’s prank (drawing this was very…interesting…and fun..)

*takes 2329472398 photos*