Each nail is handpainted using nail varnish and acrylic paints. I’ve put a layer of gel on top of the design in order to seal the tiny clockwork parts. Granted, if you’re no careful you can still cause yourself damage but not as bad as you would if the gel wasn’t there. Also, this way the tiny cogs won’t fall down unless you try really really hard. I find those nails to be the perfect finishing touch for any steampunk fan. It is worth mentioning that despite the gel layer, the nails are not that thick, they just look juicy and super glossy.

Supernatural Nail Art Handpainted by yours truly. 

What I tried to do here was to capture some important moments from my beloved show.

On one hand we have the Anti-Possession symbol, our favorite weapons of choice are next, then we have Dean’s hands wrapped around Cas’ while trying to save him (this is inspired by a picture I saw on here, if you know the author let me know so I can give proper credit), then Bobby’s flask  burning in the fire and we finish with the most important object in the entire universe.

On the other we have the Devil’s Trap (a classic), then Dean in his typical leather jacket, Sam in the clothes he was wearing when he beat the Devil, Cas doesn’t need explanation I believe and then the Angel Banishing sigil.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while making them.