artifacts from the future


Invaded by the iWatch - Erotic tales from the intersection of emerging technologies and transhumanism

From the famous writer Leonard Delaney - known for Conquered by Clippy and Taken by the Tetris Blocks - comes a new deeply moving erotic short story about the Apple Watch and a passionate heroine:

Christie Aackerlund loves technology, so she is happy to try out a smartwatch prototype that mysteriously arrives at her door. When she asks the watch how it can make her less lonely, she has no idea how many sensual features are packed into the tiny device.

Discover how a forbidden sexual romance between a woman and a watch is possible. Cry out in joy at guest appearances from your favourite technology personalities. Squirm at a twist ending to the Digital Desires trilogy that will leave you uncomfortably aroused.

This 4000 word short story contains sexual encounters with technology, blow-jobs, and group sex. It’s only for super mature people who can handle it.

Truly a landmark of the genre. Just kidding. I haven’t bought it, so I’m interested in your reviews. Maybe I’ll change my mind. There’s even a “Collectors Box” called “Digital Desires Inbox”.

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Funny thing is, the Doctor using museums to keep score could easily backfire. There’s a very good likelihood of him running into artifacts from his own future and locking himself into rather nasty paradoxes. Of course, he’s the Doctor, so he just blunders in to gloat in the museums without caring about the potential consequences. The dork would probably get excited over such consequences even if they did happen.