artifacts from the future

  • Me: Moana is a cool movie.
  • What I mean: Maui's fish hook from the gods reminds me more and more of a deeply advanced technological instrument from an advanced race or perhaps from future humans than a magical artifact. The fact it malfunctions when broken, the rejuvenating effects...

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Isabela and my Hawke were super super super besties with occasional benefits and when she was like “you’re the best friend I’ve ever had” I was GENUINELY REALLY TOUCHED IN ACTUAL REAL-ASS LIFE MORE THAN WHEN ACTUAL REAL-ASS LIFE PEOPLE SAY THINGS TO ME BECAUSE I AM A HIDEOUS NERD THAT IS BEYOND REDEMPTION

I think at a certain point Anders would just get used to Hawke disappearing off into the Hanged Man with Isy and then getting handed back over by the city guard in the morning, bearing strange orange, cone-shaped artifacts from the future

Funny thing is, the Doctor using museums to keep score could easily backfire. There’s a very good likelihood of him running into artifacts from his own future and locking himself into rather nasty paradoxes. Of course, he’s the Doctor, so he just blunders in to gloat in the museums without caring about the potential consequences. The dork would probably get excited over such consequences even if they did happen.