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Skulduggery Pleasant Series : China Sorrows  

Her name is China Sorrows and you love her. You do not know why, but she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on, and you worship her.

Her name is China Sorrows and she likes books and artifacts, horses and tattoos, and although she doesn’t like you that much, the smile she passes your way is like a message from the heavens itself.

Her name is China Sorrows and she’s all you ever think of. Her name is written over your heart and when she looks at you, her smile is brighter than usual. Her eyes glitter and you want to kneel. But she has a purpose for you now.

“Go,” she says, and you are swift to obey.

Her name is China Sorrows and when she asks you to die for her, you will.

anonymous asked:

you uh,, got any more details abt your wizard

honestly i just made her up rn but uh. Big hair like that big poofy curly in your face hair, shes just super cool. probably got a bunch of bone shit all over her like cool artifacts. some tattoos. idk dude go nuts and ill love it